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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mark Osborne's haunting short film, "More"

Deep Futures are about deep meaning, and this academy-award nominated short film is a perfect comment on futures that have lost all depth. Although the film shows an industrial work setting, the essence of the society remains the same for the so-called knowledge economy. In seeking to push for more "Bliss", we can lose touch with the child within, and the simple joy of being present.

More reminds me greatly of my resident city of Hong Kong, where ordinary people have become increasingly left behind amidst the relentless drive for growth at all costs. GDP is nothing to be proud of when the soul of humanity has been sucked dry in its endless pursuit of cash and "prestige/status/face".


  1. i like this line 'we can lose touch with the child within, and the simple joy of being present' very true

  2. do you think perhaps the light is a symbol of materialism at the end? that as he is first attracted to the light, it is contrasted with the children as he gazes past them to focus to the light?

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