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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I Don't Dislike Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde

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Thought I might just share a little something I wrote on another website today. The thread is called "Why I don't like Stuart Wilde." Stuart Wilde is a long-time spiritual teacher and mystics, and he wrote such classics as The Force and Miracles. Some people think Stuart is a spiritual genius, others think he's a scammer extraordinaire. The discussion is quite enlightening, because many of the posters writing on the thread fall into the trap that they accuse Stuart Wilde of. It's worth perusing, not so much for facts about Stuart Wilde, but for the enlightening nature of the comments there. But don't buy the judgments - or you'll be playing the game too!
Here's the link, to page 8 of the 'discussion', where I wrote under the name Nowbeing. I also cut and paste my contribution below.

Yes, there are 'issues' with Stuart Wilde. But you don't need spirit guides or masters to tell you that. It's important that you develop the capacity to 'see' this for yourself. In the end the psychic world is a spiritual trap. It can be a bit of assistance, but it has to be left behind for the real world - what is here and now. Just as no teacher can enlighten you, no spirit guides or visions can either. If you rely on spirit guides to tell you what's going down, you are giving your power away, and you are probably addicted to the psychic.
Having said this, there is much truth to what Stuart says about the darkness, ghouls, mobile phones, computers etc. All electrical devices can affect the human consciousness field negatively, and expose you to dark energy. You need to minimise exposure to electro-magnetic fields. I’m just writing this for the benefit of the person who said they’d decided to ‘leave’ all talk of negative entities behind. They do exist, but generally speaking if you ground your energy in the present, develop the right relationship with your ego (including judgments), and deal with the wounds of the inner child, they have little power over you.

By allowing the shadow to speak (going to 'hell') you can lessen the power of the darkness over you. Ultimately all such low density consciousness fields are connected to the ego's lust for control and power, so the key is to channel the ego and its connection to the darkness. Although I can’t explain that here, this really isn't that difficult. It will teach you more than a million visions from the aluna, the morph or whatever you want to call it.
I'm very psychic myself, but have learned to tone it down and live in presence. As soon as you go into the psychic, it is all too easy get lost in the mind and ego.
My final take on all this. What ultimately drags us into the darkness and ego - whether it be Stuart Wilde's darkness, my darkness, or anyone else's - is judgment. So, the chap who said Stuart Wild's darkness is our darkness is correct, in a sense. As soon as we try to elevate ourselves above him via moralisation and ego judgment (rather than neutral discernment which has no emotional attachment), we are in ego.
Ultimately all judgment is an attempt to annihilate and destroy the object of judgment.
There’s an easy way to know if your ‘negative’ perception of Stuart Wild is a judgment or a discernment. As you bring your perception or image of Stuart to mind, how to you feel? If you feel a kind of anger, contempt, or derision, its judgment. If the perception feels neutral, as if the negative perceptions have no intrinsic emotionality, then it is discernment.

Given this, almost all of what is written on this thread is ego-based.

Of course I have no judgment about that. ;-)



  1. It looks like your post was deleted from GLP...interesting

  2. Also, you can see post by Red-Pill-Will here:

  3. Yes, I was blocked from the site, and the post above is the only one I made there. I wrote an email to tham asking why I had been banned, and asking for reinstatement, and I got a reply saying my request had been denied.

    Godlikeproductions is a perfect example of ego projection. Whoever is running the show is projecting anger and judgment out into the world, blaming invisible forces (conspiracies) for their "misery" (and you have to be pretty miserable to be doing that!). You can see how such a paranoid worldview becomes a self-reinforcing reality. When perfectly reasonable people like me come along there to comment, they take unnecessarily aggressive and quite frankly irrational actions like banning them for nothing. I'm sure they must have a long list of angry former site surfers who aren't quite as responsible as I am. i.e. they'd have trolls and hackers going for them bigtime - thus confirming that the world is a dark and terrible place. And "Trust nobody!", as that guy in the X Files said ;-)

  4. I've only just come across your blog, Marcus. I think you have it just right on Stuart Wilde and our reactions to him. But I'm surprised that your comment was pulled from GLP - it was/is such a balanced view.

  5. Thanks, "Anon" :-) None of us is perfect, so I'm not in the business of condemning other people. I have no idea why that site pulled my comment, and then banned me from the site. The text I quoted above is 100% the same as what I wrote there.

    P.S. My new blog is at