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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Is This the Real ET? - Test Your Integrated Intelligence!

Real or fake? Can you feel it?

Is this the evidence that we have been waiting for? Is this really ET? You may have heard the story and sent the video already, as it appeared on YouTube today. The YouTube video, below has already been viewed several million times. It’s gone viral as they say. You can see  the video here:

How can we work out if it is really an ET who didn’t quite phone home fast enough, or a fake (for the sake of convenience let’s exclude other theoretical possibilities, such as that it may be some human mutation, a prehistoric creature and so on)?

My purpose here today to compare and contrast an analytical approach to the problem, with an intuitive one, using what I call Integrated Intelligence (INI). You might like to try the exercise below, which will test your ability at INI, and help you improve it.

Standard interpretations of the Siberian ET will take the observable data, and analyse it. The problem with analysis, like all logical deduction, is that there are always implicit assumptions which underpin the way the data is analysed. Let’s take a few examples.

A standard dismissal of the possibility that this is a genuine ET is that there’s no way that an alien could possibly travel the vast distances between stars, given the laws of physics. Yet how much do we really know about the laws of physics? Our science is barely 500 years old, as John Maddox, the late editor of Nature journal once commented. At the turn of the 20th century a noted physicist stated that there was no way that human beings would ever travel round the world in 24 hours or less. His rationale? There was no way a ship could cut through water that fast, given the laws of physics. I think you get where I’m coming from.

Another obvious reason to dismiss the Russian ET is that it is essentially humanoid. The argument here is that evolution on distant planets would be very unlikely to produce anything remotely human looking. Our DNA is unique to Earth, as are our planetary conditions and history, which are crucial to natural selection and evolution. In fact alien life might be so radically different from us, that we might not even recognise it as life if we did stumble across it.

This is a reasonable argument, but again there are fundamental presuppositions which underpin the analysis. Firstly, it presupposes that there is no connection between Earth and other star systems. This might not be so, even at a physical level. Ironically, it is one of the two men credited with first describing the DNA double helix back in 1951, Francis Crick, who later argued that it was possible that the amino acids which are the foundation of life on Earth may have arrived here on comets. Some recent evidence makes his claim more credible, as apparently amino acids have been confirmed to be existent in some comets.

Given this, there may be some property of our DNA that is shared with other star systems, which lends itself to forming life structures such as we see on earth. Yes, it’s a stretch.

The other physical connection could be the aliens themselves. A common hypothesis in New Age circles is that aliens themselves may have “seeded” the earth. In that case, evolution is not a purely random process.

Evolution may also not be as random as we think if there is an active intelligence behind it. This is commonly ridiculed in mainstream science, and I won’t go into the arguments for intelligent design here. Let me just refer to one rather radical possibility. There are many anecdotal reports of people seeing nature spirits, or something akin to them. These are supposed to be “assigned” roles to nurture particular species of plants and animals. These would the equivalent of spirit guides, only not for humans. Elizabeth Kubler-Ross, the late thanatologist, claimed to be a regular communicator with “fairies”. Of course nobody in mainstream science is going to touch this with a 40 foot pole, but I personally would not dismiss the possibility entirely. The reason is that I once had an eerie experience which makes me take the idea seriously.

When I was about 14 years old, I awoke in the middle of the night with a spooky sense that there was something outside my window. My bedhead was directly below an open window, and there was the edge of a garden outside. That night, I gingerly sat up, and looked outside the window, and into the garden directly below. To put it bluntly, what I saw scared the shit out of me. Right below the window, about four feet away from my head was a ball of glowing white light sitting in the garden, almost touching the outside wall of the house. It was about 2/3 the size of a soccer ball. I blinked a few times, then pulled my head in real fast – and right under the blankets. I was totally terrified. The next morning I got up and went outside, and there was nothing there. I had no frame of reference to process the event, so I told myself that it must have been a very fluffy rabbit – although I knew it didn’t look much like a rabbit at all. I put the experience out of my mind for over a decade, until some other “paranormal” experiences made me question once more what I’d seen that days as a teenager. One of those experiences was witnessing a huge ball of glowing white light flying through the night sky, as well as another UFO formation on the same night. (You can read it on page 44 of my book Extraordinary Mind - you can download the first 50 pages for free here if you want).

I could go on and address some other limitations of rational ways of knowing, but let’s just leave that there for the time being. All I am saying is that, despite its wonderful capacity to assist human cognition, rationality as defined in modern western cultures is somewhat self-limiting.

One of the prime differences between INI and rational ways of knowing, is that the former works through a collapse of the gap between knower and known. Western rationalism operates with the insistence of the separation between observer and subject. In fact it is a prime presupposition of Western rationalism that the gap between knower and known cannot be bridged. I, and many mystics and the Romantics of Western lore, believe that this is a false assumption. INI works with the presupposition that consciousness contains non-local properties, and that the universe features an essential, indivisible holism, as well as distinct parts.

OK, enough of the philosophy. Would you like to give Integrated Intelligence a try with the Russian ET? Here’s an activity which combines two INI Tools: The Light Trance State, and the Feeling Sense, as described in my book Discover Your Soul Template. The former is a state of deep relation which allows you to access a non-ordinary way of knowing, and the latter describes a deep intuitive feeling which comes to you as you permit intuition to operate. Here’s what to do.

Watch the video of the Russian incident on YouTube. Try not to make any judgments, just take careful note of the “ET” in the ice. Now, move away from the computer, and sit somewhere quiet where you can relax, away from any noise or distractions. Begin by closing your eyes and focusing upon your breath. Just feel yourself relaxing deeply as your breath moves in and out. Note any tension in the body, and just let it go. As thoughts come into your mind, just acknowledge them, and imagine them floating away in balloons (or just let them go). Return your attention gently to your breathing each time.

After two or three minutes, allow yourself to bring the image of the Russian ET into your mind. See yourself standing over the ice where it lays. Next, imagine your feelings moving out from your chest, and merging with the ET. Just imagine pulling it into you (if you like). What does it feel like? What does it feel like it is made of? Is it organic or non-organic? You might like to imagine yourself touching the surface of the ET with your hand? Go ahead, smell it! Is there any odor? Trust whatever feeling and impressions come to you. This should only take a minute or so. Then imagine yourself moving away from the scene, return your attention to your breathing, and open your eyes.

Ideally, when you do something like this, write down your impressions immediately in an Intuitive Diary. That’s one of the INI Tools I recommend in Discover Your Soul Template. If you can learn to trust your Feeling Sense, it is a very wonderful tool to have at your disposal.

I would love to hear of your impressions. I will tell you mine in a day or two. I don‘t want to “lead” you in any particular direction here.


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  1. I find your techniques fascinating, Marcus, and am going to try it with this video. I'd run across it several days ago on strieber's site, watched it, immediately dismissed it as contrived- and I'm not sure why. At any rte, thanks for this post!

    Wow, you've already posted chapter 5. I've got to catch up!