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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Intuitive Review of Strieber's "The Key" (2): Are the Aliens Here? And Why?

In my last post I gave my intuitive overview of how Whitley Strieber’s psyche has influenced the knowledge presented in his book The Key. Now I am going to turn to some of the specific knowledge claims in the book. When I decided to do this review of The Key, I thought I’d write just a thousand words or so. Well, it turns out that there are so many fascinating ideas and concepts in the book, that this little project has become much bigger. I did plan to write about the specific truth claims in the book in a single post, but I am now breaking it up into several posts. Nobody reads blog posts over a thousand words, so that’s why I am doing this. I know that some of Whitley Strieber’s fans will read at least some of these posts, as Whitley has kindly placed a link on his own site leading to my previous post. 

There are lots of ideas in The Key that I am not going to write about, and mostly those are the things that I don’t have direct experience with, nor sufficient knowledge of. In this post I am going to deal with a single passage from the book which is rich with important information. In the posts that follow, I will probably discuss several ideas at a time. Now let’s take a look at the relevant passage.

At one point in his encounter with The Master of the Key, Whitley Strieber is told that:

The body of man is being altered so that the barrier that presently prevents you from knowing one another‘s thoughts will fall. You are being put under pressure in order to increase the speed of your evolution. An attempt is being made to induce an evolutionary leap. Only desperation will do this. There will come a time when your planet is dying and you are dying, and you will see these aliens all around you. But they will not help you, no matter how hard you beg… Their inaction, however, is their help… they do it out of compassion, for without it you will not succeed in the mission of this age, which is to open the elemental body to ecstasy. Mankind, over the next two thousand years, is destined either to go extinct or ascend. The elemental body will become transparent to the radiant body, which will shine with the light of God. (37% on Kindle version)

I find this passage to be a fascinating one, and I have some reasons to think that part or all of it may be true. Before you read on, do consider that there may be multiple "alien" and etheric influences on humanity at this time in our history, and I make no claims to know about all of them.

Firstly, I have little doubt that there are “alien” influences upon the human collective mind at this time. I have had my own close encounter of the second kind (sightings) with UFOs, as I have written elsewhere, when I witnessed two completely different kinds of UFOs within an hour of each other on a single night, on the East coast of Australia in 1993. Perhaps the most amazing part of that story was that a clairvoyant friend of mine had told me to go out at 2.00 am that night because there would be UFOs about – and she was right! The first UFO was a large ball of glowing white light, while the second was a formation of read circles which flew right over my head, in a “V” formation. This experience was what really kicked off my interest in exploring the frontiers of human intelligence.

I have also had numerous experiences with what appear to be “alien” forms of life in the etheric realms. I have written about a few of these here and there on my blog, and in my book Extraordinary Mind.

Perhaps the most notable experience occurred during sleep, when I was taken out of my body in late 1999, while living in Taiwan. Not long after going to bed I found myself being extracted from my body on what appeared to be some kind of energetic beam (which I wrote about here). This was somewhat unsettling to say the least, but I used my intuition to sense whether the event was benign or hostile. I sensed that it was OK, so I let go and allowed things to take their natural course. I was then transported into a “room” where I found myself lying down on a table, with about five figures standing over me, performing some kind of procedure on my body. In this etheric state, they looked to be Asian men, but I don’t think this was their literal form. I think this is just the way my psyche represented them. I asked them what they were doing, and I was told that they were reversing the polarity of the atoms in my body. I relaxed and lost all awareness, to awaken later in my bed.

At the time I was going through a type of rebirthing process, and my sense was that these “alien” intelligences were assisting me. However I cannot say whether they were spiritual beings (as in spirit guides) or beings from another dimension or planet. But I chose to trust them on that occasion, based on pure gut feeling. If I had not trusted them, I would have pulled away from the experience. Also during this time I became aware one night that someone, or something was operating on my brain as I slept. Again, my intuitive sense that I was being helped to adjust to a new vibration of reality, or literally helping me to develop my intuitive abilities. Of course some skeptics might suggest that I should ask for my money back, given what I now write in my books and on this blog.

Perhaps these are the same beings who Whitley Strieber has experienced meeting in his abduction experiences. I don’t know.

What I have written seems to contradict The Master’s claim that we will not be helped by them, but I suspect we are referring to different contexts. The Master’s take on being helped is perfectly consistent with my understanding of the way Spirit works (and there is good reason to lump all these encounters under the term “Spirit”, although this is something that is open to questioning). Generally, they will not intervene in specific events, except on special occasions. They are more likely to lead you into a challenging situation than to then try to rescue you from it. It’s a bit like the mother bird pushing the newborn out of the nest. Its fly or die. I understand perfectly the confusion and anger at this seeming cold indifference, but I also understand that it is for the highest good of our spiritual evolution. We can seek spiritual guidance through prayer and meditation, and will often be given information. But rarely will we be told precisely what we should do or how to do it. We are given hints, and we have to develop our innate intelligence and wisdom well enough to find solutions to the problems we have created.

The final part of the passage above, where it talks about the coming “transparency of the elemental body”, also makes sense to me. Presently humanity walks in darkness, blind to its radiant self. We turn away from ourselves and create “the shadow”, by hiding from our light. We lie to ourselves and deceive ourselves almost completely. The way to become “transparent” is to turn ourselves inside out, to expose ourselves completely to the light, to the truth. It is guilt and shame, and the trapped pain of the emotional body that prevent this opening. At another level, societal and cultural mass delusion, along with government and organisational cover ups, work against the opening to truth. Most people are too busy fiddling with gadgets and making money to look within, or listen to Spirit.

There is a bit of an irony here, isn’t there? When Whitley Strieber transcribed the passage above he didn’t think there’d be a guy peering into his soul a few years later and writing it up on his blog as if he was indeed transparent!

Yet the truth is that most of us are not ready to be transparent. It is too much for the ego to handle all in one go. How would you feel if you walked into a room and everybody there could see right into your soul and know everything about you? I have been there and done that. There are people on this Earth that can see straight into the soul, and they taught me how to do the same. You might think that this would be cool, but let me tell you the reality of what happens when you are surrounded by people like this. The ego becomes terrified, because it is placed under pressure to reveal itself fully. But the real problem is that transparency exposes pain. Once the delusions of the ego fall, one is left without a game to play to attempt to avoid feeling one’s trapped emotional trauma. A great deal of the thinking that we do in life is actually an attempt by the ego to control pain, and stop it from rising through the body. Once the games are exposed, the ego tends to panic. Because the pain is simply too much to deal with in one go, the ego attempts to create dramas with others as distractions – blame and guilt trips, control and power games – to avoid feeling. This effectively creates chaos in the energy field of the individual, and it stirs up enormous amounts of dark energy. Chaos reigns.

So, we have to take baby steps towards the light. I can say this with absolute authority because I have probably done more work with the human shadow than all but a handful of people on the planet. I can tell you that it is demanding work which requires great courage and commitment. If spiritual and “alien” forces were to make themselves known today and bring forth the transparency that the Light of God necessitates, we would self destruct. I suspect that this is why the work they do is slow and subtle. Nonetheless, the Master of the Key suggests that we are being given the hurry up. We cannot afford to get lost in distractions.

In my next post (click here) I will look at several other claims from Whitley Strieber’s The Key, including life after death, the nature of God, and the relationship between light and darkness. 



  1. Good point about the shadow, we're not programmed to think much about the negative space and the subtleties of its effects. Excellent review on an important book a courageous man, thanks.

  2. Loved that story of your sighting, Marcus. We used it in 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. I'm enjoying these in depth reviews of The Key!
    - Trish

  3. Glad you lked the review, CT and Trish! Therw will be more coming about other books, movies etc. Marcus