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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Choose My New Book Title and Win!

I have been writing my latest book for a year now, and it is all but complete. One thing I am not entirely happy with is the title: Light. Perhaps it's a little bland (click here to read or download the first part of the book). So I'd like to get a little help from you with choosing the final title. 

This is a competition! Everyone who enters will get a free e-copy of the book (in two weeks). The winner will also get a hard copy of the book, plus one hard copy of my other books of choice (Discover Your Soul Template, Extraordinary Mind or Integrated Intelligence). Plus, they will get a credit in the book if you suggest a better title than the ones I've given.

To enter, all you have to say which one of the suggested titles is best OR suggest a better title.The winner will be either 1) The best new title 2) ONE of the people who choose the most commonly selected title of the one's recommended below. In the second scenario, I will just draw the names out of a hat.

Don't forget to either send me your email address, or if you don't want to do that, check here on 22C+ within the next two weeks to see if you have won (mindfutures - at - gmail dot com). There will be a new post on this site to announce the winner, but I'll also announce it in the comments section below, so you should receive an email saying there is a new comment on this post at that time.

The title has to match the theme and style of the novel. You can see a brief introduction to the story below the suggested titles. It is about a university student, Greg Marks, who learns to channel consciousness and read minds. The upside it that he becomes a lot 'brighter' - including academically - and develops incredible intuitive abilities. The key conflict emerges when he is confronted by some very dark 'energy', which is effectively trying to destroy him. He also has a hard time trying to reconcile his newfound abilities with what he is being taught at university. This is why my suggested titles are mostly centred on the idea of an interplay between light and darkness. Clearly, the book is about a spiritual journey.

The book is semi-autobiographical - 20 years of my life condensed into one. Most of the 'paranormal' events described really did happen to me.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Leave them in the comments section, below.


Suggested Titles
  1. Light
  2. The Light of Shadows
  3. Shadows at the Edge of Light
  4. Shadows of the Light 
  5. The Light of Darkness
  6. The Mind Reader
  7. A Darkness Beautiful
 About the book
Something awakens...

There is a doorway between this world and another more mysterious domain. Greg Marks is about to stumble upon the key, and open the door. Unbeknown to him, he is about to discover something wonderful; something terrifying...


      "How much do you really want to know? How deep do you want to go? If you stuck a camera in someone’s eye that could record everything he said and did, how interested would you be in seeing what the camera reveals? What if that little device could also record the thoughts of that guy? Would that turn you on?
     Or would you turn it off?
   Imagine that you were able to peer right into the guy’s soul, into the dark country within him that even he has never dared venture?
      I am the man who discovered the camera. I just didn't realise that it would cut right into the heart of the universe itself, and flay wide and broad the secrets of the cosmos. All those secrets. 
     Before you call me mad, I have a story to tell."  

Light is a semi-autobiographical novel which dares to venture into the frontiers of mind and cosmos, detailing many events and experiences which actually happened to the author.


  1. "life is always greener on the sunny side of the septic tank" comes to mind from a story many years ago in high school

  2. I think that one's already ben taken, Wayne. ;-)

  3. Personally I'd go for 'The Mind Reader' - as that gives a clue to the contents

  4. Maybe that is the most salable of the titles, Simon. It's also the least poetic! The book is also a lot deeper than that title suggests: it sounds like a Jim Carey movie! But maybe we need to get the fish biting before feeding them something good for them!

  5. The Calling
    then subtitle... and a door between the worlds opened....

    just off the top of my keep the ball rolling as it were...

  6. I vote for The Light of Darkness and was about to suggest something very close - Light on Darkness - when I saw it was already on your list. Also, enjoyed your TEDx talk video and will post it on the blog later this month. Rob

  7. I prefer "The light of shadows"!