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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Dying to be Me. Incredible!
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The universe works in mysterious ways. 

Last week I was out and about with my wife in the IFC Mall, one of Hong Kong's more pricey shopping establishments. Walking around on the third floor, I stumbled across a book shop and went in. There, right on top of a pile of books on a table near the front of the bookshop was a certain volume which caught my eye: Dying to be Me, by Anita Moorjani. I picked it up and did what I always do when deciding whether or not to buy a book: I stilled myself, bringing my mind fully present, then felt the book. My intuition told me that the book was for me, so I went straight to the counter and bought it.

I wasn't disappointed. The author, I found out, is a Hong Kong woman of Indian decent. Several years ago she was diagnosed with cancer. The book details her experience with the disease, and her remarkable visit to death's door. To cut a long story short, Anita describes how her condition gradually deteriorated, until she was admitted to hospital in a coma. Her doctor's had basically given up on her, and her organs had begun to shut down. One of the doctor's wrote down that her family should be informed of her true condition, meaning that he was convinced that she was about to die.

The author then describes the miracle that happened next. She had a classic near death experience where she was able to hear not only what was being said by doctors who were treating her, but she could also see into the minds of her close relatives, including a brother who was on  plane, rushing to see her. She saw her current life in a grand spiritual context, witnessed her past lives, and experienced an expanded state of mind which transcended time and space. This is mental state is what I call a classic experience of Integrated Intelligence (INI), as I outline in my book Discover Your Soul Template, INI is the experience of mind which extends out from the body and interacts with other people, places and even other times.

Anita Moorjani shares her wonderful spiritual insights with the reader. The message is clear. We spend too much of our lives denying our own magnificence, living for some future goal, or just believing that we are inadequate. It is these beliefs and attitudes that the author sees as being central to her becoming sick. Her cancer was an expression of a greater dis-ease in her mind. The genuine miracle occurred when Anita awakened from her coma. Within two weeks her cancers had reduced dramatically in size, and soon they had vanished from her body without a trace.

I love the book. In fact, as I read it I realised that I had a strong connection with its message. Although I have never had a near death experience, I have experienced many non-ordinary states of consciousness and had many spiritual experiences where I received insights that mirror those of Anita Moorjani.

As I was reading the book, I texted one of my good friends in the consciousnesses movement here in Hong Kong, transpersonal psychologist Doug Seiddon, and told him he should read the book. He texted me back saying that he had met Anita two years previously at the Hong Kong Consciousness Festival. He said she was a very nice woman. I felt rather envious.

What I will relate next is actually true, even though it may seem rather incredulous. I was seriously considering contacting the author, as we live in the same city. A scenario kept popping into my head during the first few days after I purchased the book. 

I am sitting in a public space. Suddenly I realise that Anita Moorjani is sitting right beside me. I walk over to her and say "Are you Anita Moorjani?" I point to her book, which I am holding.

In fact this scenario came to me just yesterday when I was travelling on public transport. It was as if I could feel Anita very close to my physically. There definitely felt like a connection.

So today, Sunday, I went out in the afternoon to the Pacific Coffee place in Discovery Bay, not far from my apartment. I sat down and began to do a little writing on my computer. Suddenly a woman's voice caught my attention. I looked up to see three people of Indian heritage sitting just a metre away from me at the next table. The woman, who was turned away from me, was talking about her publicist. I realised that she must be a writer. The idea immediately came to me that this woman was Anita Moorjani. I couldn't see her face clearly, but I could see a distinguishing facial feature on her right cheek. So I opened my copy of Dying to Be Me (which I had on the table) and turned to the author page. Sure enough, the woman sitting a metre away from me had the same feature in exactly the same spot on her face. I checked her energy intuitively, and saw that she had a soft and very feminine energy, and was very relaxed in her body. It was a perfect match!

I was just thinking about how I might interrupt their conversation (as I am not a natural extrovert) when suddenly the Indian man chatting to the woman got up and walked over to me. "Is that book any good?" he asked. He was smiling. 

"Yes! Is this Anita?" I asked indicating to the woman. They were all smiling.

Sure enough it was her. I kindly invited myself over for a chat with them! The man was Danny, Anita's amiable husband. We chatted for about twenty minutes or so, and I was delighted to discover that Anita was as genuine as her book suggests. But the synchronicity didn't end there. I discovered that the couple live in Discovery Bay too. But even more incredibly, we found out that we had both lived in the same tiny village of a few hundred people in Hong Kong's New Territories at the same time (2008) - at opposite ends of the village. They knew several of my friends in the village. The odds of that must be astronomical. I honestly can't remember seeing Anita or Danny there, but I must have seen them at some time, because the village is quite isolated, with only one mini-bus which takes about 25 minutes to get to the nearest train station.
Anita and Danny

What a wonderful series of synchronicities! 

Even better, if you go to you'll see Anita's book has become an instant best seller. I have to be honest and say I have read some spiritual best sellers which I would describe as simply awful - where I intuitively sensed that the author was not capable of walking the talk. Happily with Dying to be Me, this is not the case. I give it five stars out of five.

(* I have written a little more about the aftermath to this incident and a profound vision I had the next day in the following blog post)




  1. Great synchros, Marcus! Loved that story. Just an incredible set of awesome circumstances, the inner and the outer coming together outside of cause and effect.

    But as I finished it, I couldn't help thinking what the skeptics would say. Rather than marveling at the amazing story, they would tell you to think about all the books you've read where you didn't meet the author afterwards. You were bound to eventually read a book and meet the author just as a monkey with a keyboard will eventually write a novel. Right. Still waiting for that monkey novel.

    Again, great story and thank you for the opportunity to spread it to others through our synchro blog. Rob

    1. Whenever an atheist dismisses synchronicity or coincidences, I simply respond, "monkeys on a typewriter!" The last time I tried it, the hardcore atheist responded, "WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!?" He didn't get it.

      I LOVED reading about this coincidence and synchronicity. It all seems to fall under the Universal Law of Attraction. You had a near-instant manifestation! Great job. Thanks for recommending the book. I plan to get it and look forward to reading it.

  2. Dying To Be Me is one of the most important books I've read. Love the book! Love Anita!

  3. I'm glad you guys liked the book!

    Rob, as I wrote on your synchrosecrets blog, I think it best not to be overly concerned with unbalanced skepticism. Such people only form a small percentage of the population at any rate. With the synchronicity at play with Anita Moorjani, it played out such an uncannily similar way to the scenario that had been playing in my mind. It really was surreal! There is some mystical connection between mind and cosmos. I can assure you that this is true beyond any doubt. Early this morning I had a vision, for example. I saw a friend of mine standing before a huge computer screen - Doug Seiddon, the transpersonal psychologist - there was a white bar of 'energy' on the screen and it began to expand. The screen looked like the image at the top of this blog - the guy standing in front of the earth (in this case the man was Doug).I knew it represented traffic on a web site - this blog. Doug said "It is because of something you wrote." I knew that in the dream that Doug represented the mystical side of the cosmos. Well, just now I checked and saw that rather than the 10-20 hits I normally get for a blog post within the first 24 hours, this blog post has received 400 odd hits in about half a day. I no longer need to doubt this stuff. It happens all the time.

  4. Anita is beyond inspirational. I don't know if the world is ready to truly GET her message ... but I sure hope it is! She possesses a sweetness, a genuine humility and innocence that I find to be magnetic. I hugged her this year in Atlanta (Danny, too). I think she is an angel. Her sharing is so personally resounding in me ... so simple, yet so very, very core. Be. Just be. You are enough. You need do nothing. You are more than magnificent; you are magnificence! You are more than loving; you are love. Relax. Breathe. Be. All is well. All is well. ... When her message sinks in, such peace follows. Once you see, you cannot un-see again. Once the fear is lifted, you are free! Free to be.

  5. Great story, Marcus, and a wonderful example of how clearly things can flow when we get our egos and our anxieties out of the way. Inspiring. I'm going to read her book too

  6. The mind is so powerful, more then we will ever know. I have had my own experiences of focusing on and feeling something so much that I believed the situation into existence. What is we could all do this to end world suffering…..what a glorious thing that would be.

  7. I believe that the world is waking up to this truth about our magnificence and the power we ALL hold in our minds and hearts. I too have willed necessary situations into my reality and when I focused intensely on the situation, we all have that power. this is a good time to be on the planet, many changes for the good are about to happen. We are ONE and once we ALL get it the suffering will end.

  8. I was very touched with Anita's story. Her interview moved something inside of me .. a memory of a similar situation i had in 1997. I was in the ocean in Brazil.. suddenly i realised that a under current was pulling me out to sea ... I struggled so hard to reach the beach, but failed. Suddenly my my spirit left my body and i could see myself drowning ... I was in such a peaceful state, complete bliss and like Anita i was encompassed in the incredible unconditional love ... everything was perfect ... I felt connected to everyone and everything. I was given the choice to pass over or return. i wanted to stay in this state of bliss, but I was told that if I pass over then my physical absence would deny my family and friends etc ... all the love that i have for them. I then realised that my presence on the earth was of great importance ..... I didn't want to deny anyone my love. Within a second or so it seemed my spirit was shot back into my physical body .. when i arrived at the surface there was a surfer nearby that took me to the shore!

    This was such a profound experience that changed my life. Unfortunately as the years passed i forgot all about it and like most people got caught up in life .. forgetting that gift that i was given. Anita's story brought that memory back with such vividness and humbleness ... since then I've held on the the memory and everyday remind myself of my importance .. our importance in this world! Thank you so much Anita ... you really spoke from your heart and in my heart received it so ..xx Patrick Friel (

  9. I`m just reading the last pages of her book which i received in Cluj, Romania from the States a few days ago :-) Love it!

  10. Beautiful synchronicities. I found Anita's story on an NDE website and listened to all the video interviews posted there after reading her story. I believe she will have a profound impact on the world. There is something so soothing and calming about her. I put in a request to our library to purchase the book and they have it scheduled to order, but I don't think I can wait. I will probably make a trip to a shopping center close by to purchase soon.

  11. I'm so happy that so many people have been moved by Anita's story. It is truly transformative. It's obvious to me that she 'came back' to help spread the light - or, 'the truth' might be a better word. It's a wonderful story.

  12. Dear Patrick Friel,

    That is a wonderful tale. And glad you made it back! Yes, it's easy to forget spiritual experiences, and get lost in the 'busyness' of life. The key is being able to bring the 'message' into our everyday lives - and loves. That is what Anita's story is helping to do!



  13. I love to hear stories about synchronicities. Marcus, thank you for sharing your story about meeting Anita in person. I agree with your description of her book and about her walking the talk. Her post on facebook led me to your blog and now I am interested in reading your books, too. Jan, Belleville, IL

  14. I've never felt so alive after reading her book. I'm enjoying it even more the second time around! Never have I heard such truth that resonated so deeply!!

  15. Re:
    " I no longer need to doubt this stuff. It happens all the time. "

    I agree with you wholeheartedly on this Marcus.
    As you know,I ran into you at the Byron Bay Writer's Festival last year.I was just about to leave and you had just got there.I recognized you from your blog photo when I saw you sitting up the front of the last talk I was attending for the day.
    I am not a natural extrovert,either and I almost wasn't going to introduce's not like you were attending the festival as an author...but I felt compelled in a way to do I did.
    I couldn't help thinking "What are the odds?" after that meeting,too.
    But I say it all the time now with the syncs that hit me on a daily basis.The ride has picked up lots of speed since last year.
    As Jake Kotze would say,
    "Sync,Don't Swim".

    1. Oh...and I will be buying a copy of this book for sure.

  16. I'll be buying this one, too. Fascinating set of synchros, Marcus.

  17. Daz, I love that phrase "sync, don't swim". Could be a book in there somewhere...

    Trish, I think you'll love the book!

  18. Talking about great reads on this subject,Lizzy Miles

    has a wonderful little book called ;
    "Somewhere In Between: The Hokey Pokey, Chocolate Cake and The Shared Death Experience."
    which can be purchased on kindle for 99c at Amazon.

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