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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Death of a Futurist

What a whirlwind month I have had! As I write this I am sitting in a small café in the tiny town of Morwell in rural Victoria, Australia, about two hours from Melbourne by car or train. I arrived here just yesterday after flying back from Hong Kong. Prior to that I spent three days in China and a month in Thailand.

So what am I doing here? The short answer is that I am staying with my younger brother till I get settled. And getting settled may take some time! There are no more than 5000 people in this town, I’d estimate. It makes a huge contrast to the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, where I lived for the past eight years.

My plan is to stay in Australia. Maybe. It depends on what opportunities open up – here or elsewhere.

Inevitably during big changes in life, many things change. Much has to pass away in order for the new to arrive. And a few things you just have to kill off!

So now is the time to announce that I will be killing off this blog (and parts of the old me), and also my website Looking at that site, it appears to be what a futurist’s site would have looked like 15 years ago – the blog of a futurist stuck in the past! The other problem is that I have too many sites and my stuff is scattered all over the net on about seven different domains. So…

I am opening a new all-inclusive site - - where everything will come together in one convenient and exciting place. The new site will include a blog very similar to this one. It should be up by the end of the week. will use a wordpress theme, so it will be far more interactive and dynamic than my old site and this blog. It will be able to support a much greater range of media, including video and audio.

I wear a few different hats: futurist, mystic, academic, writer, educator... So there will be different parts of the new site for all these things. I am also going to include a “news” section, where I will post links to news and media stories related to Deep Futures – all the things that I am interested in. Of course I am hoping that it will appeal to a wider audience than this blog’s, and especially to my old mindfutures site, which was really just a place where I put up all my research papers.

I look forward to seeing everyone on!




  1. This is a good move, I clicked on the first link and it took me to a nice first glance experience. (The other links didn't work the same.)
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    is to integrate your online presence into one primary link, one primary message or theme, that can be used everywhere. Technology doesn't always cooperate so make sure and update your profiles to include that one primary website.

    Test it out on someone else's computer and internet connection to see what your audience will see. Good luck!

  2. Hi Terri. will be up in a day or two, if you were referring to that link.