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Thursday, December 16, 2010

WikiLeaks & The Matrix: Neo Goes to Jail

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For more recent insight into WikiLeaks, Julian Assange and his feud with Daniel Domscheit-Berg, click here; where I have written an intuitive review on Domscheit-Berg's book, Inside WikiLeaks.

My last blog post was a relatively mundane comment on the implications of the WikiLeaks story for anyone who writes personal stuff on the internet, whether using their real identify or their pseudonym (which probably means several hundred million people!). This time I’m going to move into a rather ‘deeper’ level of the whole saga.

Most discussions in the mainstream media, including the blogosphere, examine issues at a fairly superficial level. They probe the surface level, the facts and arguments which define the appearance of a problem.  They will sometimes also explore the systems level of the problem, attempting to uncover hidden determinants which lie behind the scenes. Even the most radical of these, such as conspiracy theories, still tend to remain at a fairly superficial level of analysis. Someone is pulling the strings: the oil companies, the Chinese, the Illuminati, the aliens, whomever. The problem is that such examinations simply shift focus from one part of a system to another, regardless of how “hidden” that part may be.

I suppose you could say my “expertise” lies at another level beyond the systems - the consciousness domain. This is where mostly unconscious drivers and energies are influencing the problem.

The most popular version of the WikiLeaks story sees defenders and attackers lining up on two sides of a divide, ready to save or condemn Julian Assange. He is either a defender of free speech and accountability (the majority), or a criminal threat to social and political stability (governments and minority of the general public).  Defenders say we have the right to know what the government is saying and thinking. Attackers say he is dangerously destabilising the system.

Let’s move to the next level.

Behind all life stories there are deeper narratives which exist at a psychic level. Here I am going to examine some of the psycho-spiritual issues which underpin the actions of Julian Assange, in particular the soul issues which he is facing in this lifetime, including the karmic situations behind them.
This is important, because, in a deeper sense, the whole WikiLeaks saga is a soul drama he has created out of unresolved issues within his psyche, and the machinations of the fragmented (separated) ego state.

This is somewhat tricky to relate. My purpose is not to condemn Assange. Much of the “masculine”-dominated behavior on the planet emerges from projections of the ego. In this respect Assange is very “normal”.

Further, I will here only detail the consciousness in a general level, and will avoid reference to any details which might be too “personal”. There are some things which simply should not be made public.

At an archetypal level Julian Assange is “the rebel”, and there’s much we can learn here about appropriate and inappropriate expression of rebel energy. We can also see the events surrounding Julian Assange and WikiLeaks as a step in the evolution of human consciousness, a moment in time when we are processing certain collective issues of the human oversoul. I am going to outline what those are, right here.

When writing about these matters, language is a problem. Most popular terminology used to describe the things I am talking about, and the kinds of perception I employ to perceive the deeper layers of mind involved, comes with heavy baggage. The adjective “psychic”, for example, is one I avoid if possible. It immediately brings down the blinkers for not only die-hard skeptics, but for large portions of the general public. It’s virtually a synonym for “bullshit” in many quarters. Other terms which I do like to use, such as (psychic) “energy” and “consciousness fields” are better, but are still scientifically imprecise. The truth is that at a scientific level the exact mechanisms behind Integrated Intelligence remain unclear. Even the term “mechanism” betrays certain semantic difficulties, as it suggests that there is a “mechanistic” process behind Integrated Intelligence. It emerges from dominant science’s mechanistic paradigm, and its self-restrictive linguistic, cognitive and historical baggage.

Given this, as I write about WikiLeaks in the following days, I use the following terms (I will put this in smaller font. For those who prefer, you can skip it and go onto the further discussion about WikiLeaks, which follows.

“consciousness field”. This is information contained within or around a person, thing or group of people. Such data is not usually perceptible via normal waking states of conscious, at least not for most people. However it can be sensed by many people in non-ordinary states of consciousness (e.g. when sleeping, or in a drowsy/trance state). Many people can perceive it with the right training (which what I actually teach people in some of my workshops).

“psycho-spiritual”. This descriptor relates to mental processes which may transcend the physical brain, and connect with information beyond mundane representations of space and time. The term usually involves something to do with the relationship between the person and ‘Spirit’. Therefore it is almost a synonym for “psychological”, except that it may include spiritual dimensions.

“Spirit”. This is greater wisdom and guidance of the higher self and the cosmos (the latter having a guiding overall intelligence). You can think of it as “God”, if you like, but I personally don’t see it as a personality, more a disembodied wisdom.

“energy”. I use this as a noun to express the information with a consciousness field. When sensed via Integrated Intelligence, it does have a certain “physical” aspect, as well as a strong emotive feeling. For example, if someone is angry at you, they can project “energy” at another person unconsciously, and if that person is “sensitive”, they can actually feel that energy.

As you will realise if you are a regular reader of this blog or any of my books, I hold a spiritual worldview. One of the great advantages of having a well developed Integrated Intelligence is that it is relatively easy to tell when someone is lying, or is deceiving themselves (though it doesn’t make you immune from being deceived, nor in engaging in self-deception). All information related by human beings – whether it written or spoken - has subtle information encoded within it. People often attempt to deceive others, and even themselves.

This subtle information was sometimes called “the lie” by my spiritual teachers. A more accurate term might be “the truth”, or perhaps “the agenda”.

Governments and corporations are notorious for spinning lies and attempting to manipulate public perception. It is therefore handy to have a well developed intuitive mind. It makes it a lot easier to cut through the bullshit served up to us on a daily basis.

So let’s turn our attention to Julian Assange. 

Assange’s father notes that as a child Assange was always quick to stand up for others who he felt were wronged, and when he grew into adulthood that attitude stuck. In the mid-1990s he was arrested for hacking into government computer systems in Australia. It is notable, however, that he had rules – ethics no less – one should not remove or change any of the information within systems. This is not a nihilist, but a man with a mission.

Having said this, Assange is the archetypal rebel. The thrust of his consciousness is directed against systems. This thrust in turn emerges from a deep anger and sense of injustice within him. These are the core of his soul issues. For an intuitive like me, these are relatively easy to read, as they are burnt into his soul like scar from a brandishing iron. Interestingly, many of his soul issues mirror my own, which is probably why I have been drawn to research and write about him.

Looking a little deeper into the karmic level, the one metaphor which stands out is “chains”. Assange is locked up, unable to move, a metal chain tied around his midsection like a metal lasso. He is struggling to get free, to speak, to express his anger at humanity, at the system. There is a searing rage at the injustice of it all. It appears that in a previous lifetime he was in a similar position. He was personally aggrieved at an injustice vetted out a female friend, and wanted to see justice was done. Instead he was persecuted and tortured himself. 

There are a number of related soul issues for Assange. His anger creates a deep seated desire for revenge, to get even. As with my own life, this lies mostly within the shadow side of his psyche. It should be noted that such rage is not necessarily “bad”, and Assange is not a persecutor as such. The dark rage lies more in his “shadow”, meaning that it’s expression is mostly as a projection of consciousness, but may burst out at unexpected times

A key result is that Assange finds it difficult to trust people, and fear of betrayal is another central soul issue.

Finally, it has to be said that there is a rather highly developed ego in Julian Assagne, with a great sense of intellectual and moral superiority. This is really what gets him into most trouble. Here we see a second archetype: The God-man. One of the essential delusions of humankind in the current level of psycho-spiritual development is that we are in control, that we can impose ourselves and find “empowerment” through that control. When I look into the consciousness field of Assange, one overriding ‘story’ I see is that from the movie The Matrix. This appears to have had a strong influence on Julian Assange, as it comes through strongly. He thus sees himself as a neo-Neo, fighting the Matrix (the system). In that movie Neo (Keanu Reeve’s character) is himself a Christ figure. Notably though, while enlightenment in the Eastern traditions involves surrendering the ego to become “as one” (the dissolution of the ego state), in The Matrix, Neo becomes “The One”. In other words Neo is yet another expression of The Superman. Neo even takes off and starts flying like Superman when he has found enlightenment at the end of the movie (the part where he starts seeing “code” instead of a real world). The movie’s writer-producers, the Wachowski brothers, quite deliberately created Neo as a modern day Christ. However they unconsciously  distorted the mythology by having the central character concretize the ego state instead of transcending it. And this delusion is preciously what Julian Assange has taken from the mythology.

Notably, Julian Assange describes himself as an atheist. In many ways his story describes the limits of the ego state as it attempts to control and dominate the system, but without a deeper awareness of Spirit. This is the wall that all egos hit, as they attempt to “rule the world”.

Ultimately the Rebel and the God-man combine to express some of the dominant psycho-spiritual projections of our age.

Destroy the system!
Fuck you!
They are morons!
I am smarter than them all!
I know all.
I am in control.

Whereas the rebels of earlier times took up arms and used their testosterone to rage against the system, the modern day rebel-as-computer-hacker employs his intellect to “crash” the system.

In the end the rebel exhausts himself, regardless of what domain he chooses to express himself via. There is no fight, no battle which can tame his demons. Eventually he is forced to go within and seek peace. He must let go – or he self-destructs. Self-liberation is Assange’s destiny too, although he is unconscious of it at this point in time. To get the “lesson”, he must learn to forgive. He has to forgive those who hurt him, who abandoned him. He has to forgive the system, and he has to forgive humanity and to release the burning rage within himself. The power has to first come from within before there is empowerment from without.

These are not small issues. Julian Assange is the Neo of 2010. His story lies at the heart of the human dilemma at the beginning of the twenty-first century.

If you have read this far, you can probably see something of the story within yourself.


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  1. I am glad to read your take on Assange, as I do not know what to think of him. When I first learned about him a few weeks ago, the impression that came immediately to my mind is the "V" character in "V for Vendetta". I don't know if he is "good" or "bad." I like that the truth about things are coming to light and that he has governments and corporations running scared, but until I read your post, he has been an enigma that I am hesitant to embrace.

    I love reading your insights and seeing how they might apply to my own life. You are absolutely correct that forgiveness is the best path to take.