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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The WikiLeaks Rebellion

Julian Assagne: Saviour or anti-Christ?

As I write this, I am sitting in Starbucks in Shekou, a satellite city of Shenzhen in southern China, near Hong Kong. Shenzhen is one of the biggest cities in the world. This is interesting for a number of reasons. Firstly, if you are not in China, nor a China watcher, you may have never have of Shenzhen. Shenzhen is actually the richest city in China, which is now effectively the centre of the world’s economy. Think about that: a city as big as London and New York combined, yet few westerners have ever heard of it. The world is changing, and fast.

Yet I am sitting in an American outpost, am I not? Starbucks is the epitome of American economic and cultural influence (some might say hegemony). The d├ęcor is that same laid back style as Starbucks everywhere, and there is some unidentifiable old-style jazz playing through the sound system. The Chinese staff can speak English, albeit rather basic. You can even get that great leveler of worlds and arguably worldviews here - the Internet. With a click I am online and am able to surf the net. But there is something slightly discomforting. My own blog (this blog) will not open. The Chinese government doesn’t like blogs. They don’t like free thought, it must be said. For example, I can’t access much information about the Nobel Peace Prize ceremony (yesterday) awarded to Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo  – although some stuff does show up. For those not in the know, the Chinese government has also generously granted Liu 11 years of free higher education – state funded re-education, that is – for suggesting that accountability might make a nice change around here.

I have no problem though, accessing information on the WikiLeaks saga, and there are certain eerie parallels between the way China has handled Liu Xiaobo, and the way Julian Assagne is being treated in the west. Both dissidents are currently detained by the authorities. Just how free are we really?

What are we to make of the Wikileaks saga? What does it mean for the future? What does it mean for those of us who have a commitment to a more conscious or spiritual path in life? (and many of you reading my blog have such a worldview).

Predictably, governments have been deeply disturbed by the breaches in security. Obama has called Assagne’s actions “deplorable.” Sarah Palin has called them “un-American” – which is one of her more factually accurate statements, given that Assagne is actually Australian.

Others see Assagne as a disciple of free speech, a neo-Neo (pardon the pun), a super-cool geek refusing to swallow the blue pill and be inserted back into the Matrix... Suelette Dreyfus, a journalist who co-wrote the book Underground with Assagne (about hackers in Australia), is a typical example of supporters.

…WikiLeaks is changing the balance of power between average citizens and their governments like nothing else has this century. For the past decade the pendulum has swung towards government. WikiLeaks is pulling the pendulum back towards the citizens.

My view of the future is informed by an approach I call Deep Futures, and it incorporates a commitment to a more responsible, embodied and spiritually whole expression of the human being. After all, I am an intuitive, a person who writes and teaches about the deeper thread of subtle information which runs just behind most, if not all human interactions, and indeed all events on the planet, large and small.

There are deeper threads of data and meaning which underpin the actions of Julian Assagne, just as there are psychic strems of information which surround world leaders like Obama and China’s Hu Jintau.

So it is that I have been doing a little bit of “hacking” myself of late - as in hacking the consciousness fields that underpin the observable behaviours and actions of the individuals and groups involved in the WikiLeaks story. I have occasionally done the same in the past with other articles and posts (such as when I looked at the Han Chinese Uigur Muslim clash in China ), and now seems like a perfect time to connect with the consciousness fields surrounding WikiLeaks, information control and the future. In a sense I will be doing what Assagne has done, only tapping into the system via Integrated Intelligence. Fortunately for me, Integrated Intelligence is not taken seriously by the authorities (both East and West), so I am in no personal danger. I will simply be ignored, or at worst written off as another nutcase – a title which has a nice ring to it. So, I should be able to make it back across the border to Hong Kong this afternoon. Touch wood.

Given all this, over the next few days I will be writing a series of blog articles here on 22C+ about the WikiLeaks phenomenon, and related topics. They will look something like this:

Wikileaks and the Future: What exactly does the WikiLeaks saga mean for the future of humankind? The Internet? Of information, and of ways of knowing?

WikiLeaks’ and the Matrix: Neo goes to jail: Behind all life stories there are deeper narratives which exist at a psychic level. This blog entry will look at the psychic issues which underpin the action of Assagne, in particular the soul issues which he is facing in this lifetime, including the karmic situations behind them. This is important, because, in a deeper sense, the whole WikiLeaks saga is a soul drama he has created out of unresolved issues within his psyche. There’s much we can learn here about appropriate and inappropriate expression of the rebel energy.

Short Memories: Wikileaks, China, and The West. Western civilisation is in no position to lecture China on human rights, given its own history of such abuses. The human rights issue has become a psychic drama, a projection of unresolved karmic issues which lie at the heart of western nations. The WikiLeaks saga sheds important light on this issue, as some commentators are already hinting at. In this article I will outline the way this projection occurs, and how we can pull out of it, as individuals, and as a collective, and move towards more peaceful and stable futures.

WikiLeaks, Integrated Intelligence and Personal Power. The entire phenomenon of hacking emerges from power and control issues within the individual, not merely from the relationship of the individual and the system/state. In this article I will examine those power issues, and outline how developing Integrated Intelligence can work around many of the problems associated with the individual/system relationship.

Why am I doing these articles? Essentially it is because I have been given the impetus to do so at a spiritual level. I have been waiting around for a few weeks to see what will become of things after my recent contribution to the Hong Kong Consciousness Festival. I haven’t been doing too much writing here of late, simply because there wasn’t much energy on it. Now it feels like there is a shift towards a more direct socio-political thrust to my writing. As I have written many times in my books and articles, I allow myself to be drawn into actions, decisions and paths, according to where the energy calls me.

Life will do that, if you relax, sit back and allow the light to illuminate the way.

Stay tuned.



  1. Marcus -

    You're not suggesting, I hope, that Liu Xiaobo was also expressing "inappropriate rebel energy" (even if Assange's was). Although he must have known what would probably happen to him, what Liu did is after formally allowed by China's constitution. It's hard not to see him as something of a hero - speaking the truth rather than just sticking his snout in the trough and acquiring cars and apartments like so many ex-Tienanmen protesters.

  2. No, Simon, I have not yet looked at Liu's energy, to be honest. Actually, I wasn't going to, but now that you have mentioned it... ;-)I should mention that there is shadow energy behind most strong emotional reactions that we have, including my own reactions to stuff in China. So what I am NOT going to do is pass judgment on anyone, simply point out the way energy and hidden information can influence individual and collective behaviour (though I won't shy at making clear where intention is ego-based and/or destructive). As for Assagne, as soon as I looked at his consciousness field, I picked up some very strong stuff.