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Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Not Knowing Crap

My second last post was about NOT knowing. Not knowing is very freeing. The ego always wants to know. It wants closure, certainty, definitive answers. Those of you who have used spiritual guidance, have you ever noticed that the 'answers' from Spirit are often ambiguous?

The truth is that in many ways Spirit prefers that we do not know the answers, as opposed to knowing what's going to happen.

There's a certain state of being that Bashar calls the limbo state (check out the YouTube videos). This is basically where you are hanging in space, waiting to connect with whatever unfolds next. Maybe you have made a commitment to a project, or taken certain actions, and then you are waiting for the next thing to unfold. The ego wants to know what's going down. It wants a guarantee. But really, what do you know? I mean, really know? The answer is "not much."

After the recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan, a certain mystic, much more famous and successful than I, came out and boasted "I told you so!" He had, at some point in the last decade or so, made a prediction about an earthquake in Japan.  Apparently he had seen it in a vision, God knows how many years ago. 

Why do mystics always want to predict the future? It seems they want validation of their mystical powers at the level of ego. Here, I predicted the drought in Australia! Look, there were tornadoes in the mid west! A world leader died! There was an earthquake in Japan, look how damn brilliant I am!

Why do I mention this? A few weeks ago I heard about a job going at an Australian university. Immediately I got the strongest intuition that this job was meant for me. I applied, and after I submitted my CV, I had the strongest conviction that the energy was 100% open. This was meant to be.

Guess what happened? Well, I got an interview, just as expected. The online interview was fine (although I think I could have done better). After the interview I was told that they were interviewing all the following week, so it would be at least a week before I heard anything from them.

It's now a week later. It's Saturday evening, and all things being equal, I will know the result on Monday or Tuesday (I get that it will be Tuesday, from my reading of the energy). 

But what do I know about the outcome? At the level of ego, I simply do not know. And that is exactly how it always will be. I have had very positive guidance on this one. My gut feelings say "yes" (My fear says it will never happen. They will never employ someone like me. Look at how many rejections I have had over the years!)

As I write in my book Discover your Soul Template, whenever we reach forward to create something which takes us beyond our comfort zone, the entire process inevitably triggers the unresolved issues that lie dormant within our psyches. This in turn will activate psychic dramas with those indviduals, living or dead, who were involved in the creation of those issues. This means that your consciousness field will be exchanging 'energy' with those individuals. The drama is actually an opportunity for healing, and a step 'forward' in terms of your spiritual evolution. The thing is bringing awareness to what is going down; being able to assume responsibility for your part in the drama; and especially being able to witness the drama without judgment. The latter point is crucial, as there is nothing more important to the development of spiritual maturity than being able to maintain mindfulness during difficult times. True healing requires bringing the parts of the mind which are attached to the past (including its traumas) fully into presence.

The whole situation with my job interview has pushed certain of my buttons. Unresolved spiritual issues about worthiness and fairness have arisen. They are biographical (childhood) and karmic(past lives). I have allowed the feelings and energy from those issues to surface. This means allowing the feelings of inadequacy and shame to surface, and the anger and blame that goes with them. But after all is said and done, in the end there is simply the knowing that...

... to be human is to be vulnerable.

We do not know what the next year, week, day or moment will bring. It takes great courage to accept that.

Interestingly, on a somewhat related note, I had a vision a month ago. I saw a newspaper headline which said "Katich sacked." Simon Katich is a very good Australian cricketer. He has been Australia's most consistent batsman over the last year. Interestingly as I looked at the headline, the name "Katich" kept morphing into "Hilditch" - the surname of the Chairman of the selection committee of the Australian cricket team. When I awoke from the dream, I felt both these guys were going to get the axe. Then two days ago I opened a newspaper to see that Simon Katich has indeed been dropped from the team. It has created a media storm in Australia and internationally in cricket circles. Many are incensed that one of Australia's best performing cricketers has been fired. Some are calling for heads to roll - especially that of the Chairman of Selectors, Andrew Hilditch.

Of course, when it happens, I won't say "I told you so." That would be far too arrogant.


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  1. Beautiful post, Marcus, and a super-important point (another of the many things they don't tell you in 'The Secret'!)

    If we bring these unresolved issues into all new experiences in life (especially work and relationships), we swap pseudo-certainty for real engagement with the unfolding process of Spirit, and end up disappointed, bruised, and wounded.

    You're showing that there is another way, and there are strategies for following it.

    Having said that, I still hope you get the job!