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Saturday, November 19, 2011

"Light", Chapter 25: FF

Light, Chapter 25: FF
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Professor Forsen picked up the creased piece of paper from the manilla folder, and put on his reading glasses.
    “I note that you failed the Philosophy 3A exam, where you attempted to answer only one question, and even in that you were awarded a zero grade by the marker. You wrote – and, um, I do quote here: “Western science is a deluded mishmash of forced extrapolations violently extracted from a cosmos that it does not understand, let alone feel. Newtonian science is the violent, rapacious organ of patriarchy, pillaging and violating all that stands before it. Universities have prostituted themselves, selling their souls to the phallus of dissociated patriarchy. Any academic moron who had done the slightest amount of introspection would know this.”
    He removed the glasses, and sat there looking at me.
    “Oh, and one of your blank answer sheets was folded into the shape of a jet aeroplane.”
    “Yes, I believe that is correct, Sir.”

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