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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A Noble Life, A Noble Death

This is the shortest post I am ever going to make, but this is truly worth sharing. It's a video made by an 18 year old boy named Ben Breedlove. Ben died on Christmas Day from a chronic heart condition. This is a video he made before he died. It's something really worth watching, and sharing. No need to write more, as Ben says it all. (Part one is at the bottom, part two appears first).

Many blesssings for the New Year.



  1. Great video Marcus.
    Interestingly enough I find the mirror theme one of great interest at the moment.I'm almost compelled to dissect the movie and Who album "Tommy" just on the mirror smashing scene alone.
    But the whole movie has come to my attention lately.Not only that but by a "coincidence" I've got a ticket to see Roger Daltrey perform the whole soundtrack of Tommy at the
    "Byron Bay Bluesfest" on Easter Monday 2012.
    How freaky is that?
    I would like it if you could do one of your reviews on either the movie or the album or both.Just to hear your opinion.As for some reason this all seems subconsciously important,but I don't mean for the obvious storyline that the movie implies.
    And to answer Ben's question.
    Yes,I believe in something like angels,but I'm reluctant to call them angels,as it tends to imply a belief in the organized religions of this world,which I'm not a big fan of because they are tainted in my opinion.There is a baby in their bathwater,but the bathwater needs draining in order to find the baby.
    I'm not against church goers,I think in someways it's a good long as they are willing to seek the truth and not be lead by blind faith alone.

  2. Hi Daz,

    I'm afarid I will have to say no to your request regarding Tommy. I haven't seen the movie, and I don't feel a pull in that direction at the moment. I hope you understand. Sansego also asked me to do one for Dick Cheney, but the energu just isn't there for me, I'm afraid.

    As for angels, there are spiritual beings with a very high vibation, or degree of light. but you are right religious conceptions can distort our perception of them. I have only ever had one encounter with one in a meditation. "He" had eyes that were the most brilliant laser-light blue imaginable. It scared the hell out of me, to tell you the truth!

  3. That's cool Marcus.
    I just thought you would be familiar with either the album or the movie.
    I know what you mean by
    "I don't feel a pull in that direction at the moment".
    You have to go with the flow.I fully understand.
    As for Dick Cheney...what a wonderful human being he would turn out to be...I'm sure.
    He would be an angel of the highest realm for sure.-)

    And "brilliant laser-light blue eyes"...that's interesting.