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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Daily Insight: The Importance of Forgiveness

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Forgive your brother seventy times seven, Jesus said. But forgiveness, at its deepest level, is more than just an intellectual decision. This is because the deepest levels of blame and hatred are founded in personal trauma and the fear that surrounds it. To take an extreme example, a rape victim would most likely find it quite difficult to truly forgive the man who raped her.

I believe that there can be no genuine forgiveness before healing occurs.

One thing I realised when I learned how to read and feel consciousness projections (the energy of people’s thoughts), was that I had not forgiven certain people who had hurt me in my past. I knew this because I was still projecting anger at them, and they were ‘responding’ by continuing to project destructive energy at me. In other words, I was repeating the same drama over and over again at a psychic level. This happens to all of us until we ‘get’ the lesson, and we experience healing.

To some extent healing is out of our control. To twist a common saying, you can lead the wounded child to Lourdes, but you can’t make him jump in the water! Healing is in part an act of Grace, and I have been conscious that at times in my life I have received healing energy from spiritual sources.

Which gets me to the daily insight. This last week I have been experiencing a lot of destructive energy interactions with some male relatives. In particular, I was having problems with an older man, who I shall call Shane. To put it as simply as I can, I was being badly psychically attacked by these males, and it was greatly affecting my level of well-being. Psychic attacks have a strong effect on people’s energy fields – headaches, drowsiness, nightmares, a sense of dislocation or disembodiment are typical symptoms. What I do when I find myself in such exchanges - as I have pointed out in my book Discover Your Soul Template - is connect with my inner child, and allow that part of myself to express how it feels. Usually find that it is experiencing a combination of anger, blame, shame, sadness and fear.

The energy was so bad this past week that I was doing two sessions a day on it, one before and one after work. But the energy just didn’t shift. Yet two days ago I tried a new process which had immediate impact. After channeling my own anger and blame, I felt my own consciousness field and saw right away that the dark energy was still the same. I’d been working tirelessly on the issue for a week, and I knew that I had to stop struggling. So I prayed to God and made a confession that I did not understand what was happening, and that I needed help. But I did not demand help. I simply surrendered to God’s will, and let go. As always happens, I immediately relaxed, and felt a sense of gratitude and love.

I then energetically connected with the two male energies (they are brothers - Shane is still living, the other passed on), by bringing them into my mind’s eye. I was having trouble feeling any sense of compassion for them, and part of this was that I was actually scared of them. When we are scared of others, we naturally turn ourselves away from them energetically. In fact when there is great fear, we turn and run! (When this happens, you might find yourself having nightmares of running away from a threatening person or monster).

Somehow the idea came to me to connect with Shane’s inner child, and straight away I found myself looking at him as a child. I found myself gazing at a little freckle-faced boy, and I saw his own father standing behind him. There was a strong sense of how he had been bullied by the father (The bullied had become the bully). As I looked at that child I immediately relaxed further, and was able to connect with him. I felt genuine compassion, and words spontaneously came from within me, “I love you, I forgive you.” There was no need to force them, as the feelings were genuine. I put my hand out in front of me and channeled healing energy towards him. Whenever I opened my eyes I could see blue light around my hands. I prayed for Shane to find healing, asking God for help. I stayed in that energy for five minutes or so. It was very peaceful, and the connection was strong.

When we are scared of psychic bullies, and we turn and run away, it grants them power over us. It is only when we can turn and face them energetically that we can really stand in our power. By connecting with Shane’s inner child I was able to distil my own fear, and face him. After the session, the energy (the drama) had dissipated, and it has not returned.

So there is my little insight for the day. If you are having trouble forgiving someone, try seeing their inner child, and even praying for them. In this way you may find it easier to forgive them, and healing will naturally follow.


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