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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Champion of the Soul workshop, Jul 10

Champion of the Soul 
Workshops in personal empowerment

with Dr. Marcus T. Anthony

Visionary, and author of Sage of Synchronicity

Note: Workshop is limited to 12 participants, so book early!

What does it mean to be empowered in the 21st century?
Empowerment is being able to get what you need, when you need it. Yet most people confuse needs of the ego with the needs of the spirit. In the consumer society we are disempowered by messages that we must have things that we don’t need. The deeper voice of the soul is drowned out. In Champion of the Soul workshops, you will learn to reconnect with your spirit, find out what you really need, and discover ways to get it.

Another essential part of spiritual empowerment is being able to stand in your power as a man or woman. The requirement is that you learn how to assume greater levels of responsibility for your life and your emotional energy in a world where most people relate to others by giving their power away, or by manipulating and dominating.

Champion of the Soul is an inspirational workshop for those wishing to truly commit to a greater spiritual consciousness. In doing so, you will become part of a greater groundswell of humanity moving us towards the greater spiritual evolution of our world.

What will you discover in the Champion of the Soul workshops?

In Champion of the Soul (Level 1) you will learn:

• How to connect with your inner champion, your courageous and ennobled higher self.
• How to recognise the way you give your power away to others and to the system, and how to break this cycle of disempowerment.
• How to recognise how you came to develop the patterns of disempowerment (soul issues) that you have developed in early childhood.
• How to use power wisely and responsibly, for the greater good of all and for the spiritual evolution of our species.
• How to connect with your deep emotional energy and assume responsibility for it. This includes reclaiming and healing your inner child.
• How to develop your intuitive intelligence, including the thoughts and emotional energies of others.
• Identifying your true intentions in relationships, and your partner’s.

Marcus has the ability to read and channel the consciousness fields of individuals and groups. This is something he has learned from spiritual teachers, and through committed dedication to the process over several decades. In Champion of the Soul, you will be taught how to do this too, and the way to use this intuitive ability to empower your life.

The workshop will be particularly useful for people who have faced significant spiritual issues, such as shyness, lack of confidence, a history of abuse, and childhood problems. Those with ongoing relationship problems will be assisted in finding the deeper spiritual causes, as well as healing. Individuals with a more confident and empowered personality will also benefit greatly, as the process enables the development of advanced perception. This includes both insight into our own deeper nature, and an awareness of the consciousness fields of our relationships. The Champion of the Soul workshop enables the responsible expression of personal power in a way that enhances the spiritual evolution of humankind.

Champion of the Soul is potentially transformational, and so requires a high degree of personal commitment, and intention. The process may require some exploration of the deeper workings of your ego (the shadow), and may possibly bring forth the emotional energy of the wounded child. This requires courage and a commitment to seeing the truth. If you feel that you are ready to take the next step in your life and be a part of the long-term spiritual transformation of humanity, then Champion of the Soul is for you. 

For those wishing to attend, please also read: What is a Champion of the Soul?

The next Champion of the Soul workshop (Level 1) will be held on:

When: Saturday July 10th, 2010.

Time: 2.30 p.m. to 6.30 p.m.

Place: Reflections Bookshop, 19/F, Jing Long Commercial Building,
52 Tang Lung Street, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

Price: HK$500 ($400 for True Purpose members – join @ ) 

What to bring: A note book or lecture pad and pen. A small soft, child's toy, such as a teddy bear or doll - for inner child work.

For more information: Email: Marcus: or Ruby Phone: (852) 6674 5908.

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