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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Love is Blindness


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A few days ago I awoke during the early morning hearing a particular song in my head. As I’ve mentioned before, this is one of the most common means by which I am given spiritual guidance, so I always listen carefully for the message. Here is the song that I heard: U2s Love is Blindness. If you heard this song as a message from Spirit, what would you make if it? Watch the video before you read any further:

And here are the lyrics:

U2: Love is Blindness

Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my heart
Love is blindness

In a parked car
In a crowded street
You see your love
Made complete
Thread is ripping
The knot is slipping
Love is blindness

Love is clockworks
And cold steel
Fingers too numb to feel
Squeeze the handle
Blow out the candle
Love is blindness

Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my love

A little death
Without mourning
No call
And no warning
Baby...a dangerous idea
That almost makes sense

Love is drowning
In a deep well
All the secrets
And no one to tell
Take the money

Love is blindness
I don't want to see
Won't you wrap the night
Around me
Oh my love

What did you make of it? Of course, this kind of spiritual guidance is typically ambiguous, and for good reason. Genuine insight and the development of wisdom, is internal. Nobody can tell you “how it is”, especially when it comes to the profound and deep lessons that we are here on Earth to learn. As has been noted, “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” The ego is typically too stubborn to listen when it is criticised by another. All psychological therapists know this well. A good counselor will allow clients to come to their own understanding, regardless of how easy it is for the therapist to see the isue.

Love is Blindness is a controversial song. It was written during the time that U2 guitarist Edge was going through a divorce. That would appear to be the obvious meaning of the song – the pain and suffering of love gone wrong. The repeated images are of the desire to kill, and to annihilate oneself (suicide).

Yet there is another commonly cited meaning to the song, and that is the one I want to write about, briefly, today. There is some claim that this tune is about blind nationalism, and in particular the IRA bombings which occurred during the conflict in Northern Ireland.

It is easy enough to see that nationalism is on the rise in many countries today, and even easier to see that nationalism, like love, is often blind. And this is a problem as far as our personal and collective futures go.

Nationalism is a group phenomenon, by definition, and as soon as you buy into it, your mind attracts that consciousness field. That field of collective minds is essentially negative. The emotional/energetic basis of nationalism as typically expressed around the globe today is as follows, according to my intuitive reading:

pride 18%                       fear 14%              guilt 8%          hate 14%          desire 13% grief 2%anger 13% reason 5% love 6% other 7%
It can be seen that nationalism is comprised largely of lower vibration emotional energy. It is a consciousness field which mirrors the illusions of the ego. In essence, nationalism reflects the ego’s worldview, projected onto the collective. Instead of “me versus them”, it is “us versus them”. “He/she is an evil person” becomes, “America/China/Russia is an evil country.” “I am special and superior” becomes “We are special and superior”. It is all the language of the ego.

And all an illusion.

Nationalism is a copout. Fear and anger are easily projected onto the collective, where the individual feels that its base, animalistic and emotive energy is legitimate, and therefore does not require accountability or responsibility. Nationalism emerges from the survival instincts of the group, and thus pushes us back into a neo-Darwinian confrontational and competitive mindset.

The negative aspects of nationalism can be avoided in the following way.

1)      Realise that it is all an illusion projected by the ego. This includes the concept of “nation”, which is a political construct.
2)     Fully acknowledge any emotional energy you have invested in nationalism, including attachments you have to the concept of your own country, and the judgments you hold towards other countries and races. This may well tie in with political and philosophical positions you hold (these are also mere approximations and illusions, sorry to report). This acknowledgement might require doing some “shadow” work, where you channel the contents of your psyche. In turn, you may discover a wannabe Nazi lurking in there somewhere. I know I have found one or two in my own mind.
3)     Bring the mind fully into the presence, into silence, into the real world; which exists beyond words and language. It is in this space that the ego loses its power, and with it, the negative projections subside. Nationalism cannot flourish in presence. It is that simple.

People who buy into nationalism are easily manipulated by mobs, political organisations and the government. They are readily sucked into low-density energy fields. In a sense, people with a low level of awareness have limited choice. They are all too easily coerced to join the nationalist rabble, because they don’t have the perception to see what is going on. They are blind.

As the world’s economic situation teeters on the brink of a possible major recession, governments will increasingly try to rouse the masses with the nationalist cry. Most governments do it, and the examples are too numerous to mention. I predict that both China and the USA, both facing difficult times, will draw the nationalism card big time, and sooner rather than later (Yes, despite surface observations, China too is going through a delicate transition phase, and the outcome is uncertain) Both nations are serial offenders in the nationalist game.

Ultimately, the greatest damage you do when you buy into nationalism is that you retard your own psycho-spiritual evolution. The low-density consciousness fields associated with nationalism, with their projected anger, same and hate, are simply not compatible with the higher levels of consciousness development. It’s also about our collective evolution as a species. In buying the lies of ego-inflated nationalism, you feed the monster at an energetic level, and make it just that little bit bigger and stronger.

There may be a period coming up where you will be asked to chose.


  1. Great post, Marcus - and, as you say, the dragon of nationalism is unfortunately on the rise at the moment. As I mentioned in a recent post on my own blog, even in Europe, where the suffering and devastation it causes are more seared into people's memories than anywhere else in the world, the tabloid newspapers in Germany (low vibration energy in printed form) have been telling "lazy and feckless Greeks" to "sell their islands" and "keep their hands off our euros".

    Unfortunately, kneejerk nationalism serves the interests of many powerful groups, from the Chinese Communist Party to right-wing German businessmen. As you say, we need to be very vigilant.

  2. The Germans know a thing or two about nationalism! As far as I'm aware, the lesson hasn't gone unnoticed. I do note that the Party in China have made no attempt to clean up the nationslist hate on China Daily BBS. I surfed over there the other day, and it is simply shocking. Even worse than it was a year or two ago, if that is at all possible. They have a lovely poll there "Who are the ugliest Europeans" (many responders, with results attractively graphed), and another endless thread (of many) is "Why the Anglos always cheat, lie and destroy." It is beyond me how the government can encourage this xenophobic, racist culture on their primary international English language discussion forum. It's a PR disaster, but they don't seem to care (and the government-employed moderators are the ones doing much of the posting, I sense).

  3. Bush cured me of any nationalistic pride. But you're right. I get constant hate-filled emails about all sorts of things from people I love. I'm finding myself more and more isolated from those that think this way.