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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More About Extraordinary Mind

To order your copy of Extraordinary Mind, email Marcus today,, for a personally autographed copy. You will also receive the eBook absolutely free! Total cost including postage, US$19.95.

It is my hope that Extraordinary Mind will broaden readers’ awareness, and encourage them to think more deeply about the future and the way our minds function. The book details much about Integrated Intelligence, the way it functions, and even how to develop and apply it. The context for this is Deep Futures – futures that are profoundly meaningful; which honour universal human values such as compassion, connection and spirituality; and which permit the expression of a full range of ways of knowing. To this end, I have included what I consider to be the most interesting and informative material for the book. There are many personal stories included.

Extraordinary Mind: Integrated Intelligence and the Future will be published by Benjamin Franklin Press Asia, which of course, is my own little publishing venture. It will be available here directly through, and through the normal online book retailers, such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Quite possibly though, at a later date I will share it with my agent and seek a broader publication.

Extraordinary Mind book is a compilation of some of my best writings, specifically about Integrated Intelligence, and its potential impact on the future. You’ll note that many of my articles and blog posts are quite long and detailed. Some are 2000-3000 words long. The re has been a considerable amount of research,  time and effort that’s gone into my articles and posts, and now I would like to make them available to a wider audience. Lots of people don’t  surf the net anyway; and of those that do, the exact time they spend at any given  site or blog is probably just a few minutes. Most people agree that reading a book is far more conducive to holding one’s attention.



Table of Contents

Extraordinary Mind:
Integrated Intelligence and the Future

Introduction: What Does It Mean to Have an
Extraordinary Mind?
Section 1: About Integrated Intelligence
What Is Integrated Intelligence?
Where Integrated Intelligence Comes From
Is the Psychic Real?
Should We Pursue Psychic Development?
Transcending the Rational Mind
The Greatest Gift
Section 2: Tales of Integrated Intelligence
Bright Lights in the Sky
The Aboriginal Shaman Woman
The Amazing Power of Synchronicity
An Extraordinary Woman, an Extraordinary Time
Entangled Minds
The Terror and the People
Out of Body, Out of Mind?
The Long Journey into Now
Go West!
Section 3: Applying Integrated Intelligence
The INI Tools
Can Psychic Ability Be Developed?
Can We See into the Future?
Making Wise Decisions Using Integrated
Is Your Spirituality Delusional?
Can Intuition Be Distorted by Those Around You?
Reading Synchronicity
Are You Living Your Bliss?
The Idiot Opposite Me
The Great Fall of Sedona
You Attract What You Are, Not What You Want
The Not-So-Simple Law of Attraction
Section 4: Integrated Intelligence in the
Modern World
Deep Futures: Beyond the Machine
Sleepwalking Through the Extraordinary
The IT Trap
I See Dead People
How to Make Monday Disappear Forever
The Subway as a Path to Enlightenment
He Stoops to Belong
The Dead Heart of the Orient
Section 5: Integrated Intelligence and Education
The Machine of Modern Education
Piled Higher and Deeper
The Battlefields of the Mind
How Darwin Lost Half His Mind
When the Loonies Come Round
A Rejected Genius Who Dared Say “No!”
Section 6: Integrated Intelligence and Human
Consciousness Evolution
How Enlightened are You?
Can Consciousness Levels be Measured?
When Gaia Speaks
Obama: Saviour or Anti-Christ?
The Death of Michael Jackson
Love Is Blindness
China, Islam, the Love and the Anger
Section 7: Thinking About the Future
2012: The End of the World?
Digging Deeper for Oil
Entanglement: The Next Big Idea?
Entanglement and Deep Connection
Biophobia: Be Very Afraid!
Mechanical Mind, Mechanical Eye
Will You Fall in Love With Your Robot
Rise of the Machines, Ascent of the Spirit
Like Tears in the Rain
When the Aliens Come, What Will You Say?
They Come to Feast!
Conclusion: Integrated Intelligence and the Future
Glossary of Important Terms
Recommended Reading
About Marcus T. Anthony
Index To order your copy of Extraordinary Mind, email Marcus today,, for a personally autographed copy. You will also receive the eBook absolutely free! Total cost including postage, US $19.95.


  1. It looks very interesting, Marcus. I look forward to reading it.

  2. If you like, I'll send you a hard copy, Nancy. Just send your address to Of course that will be a couple of months away.