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Sunday, May 29, 2011

First Causes and the Council of Light

I’m a little busy this week preparing for an important job interview in Australia later in the week, so I won’t be writing too much here for a while. I’ll get back to writing more of Light after that date.

But here’s an interesting thought for the day. It is mentioned by Eldon Taylor in his book Mind Programming. It is this;

First causes are not provable.

A first cause is a foundational concept, principle or structure that one believes to be the basis of reality. 

Taylor is right, if you think about it. Mainstream dominant science begins with the first cause that matter is the basis of the universe, and that it began from nothing via the Big Bang (although this theory is being hotly debated at present). But how would one actually prove that matter is the founding basis of reality? What experiment would one conduct? The answer is that there is none. Thus the “matter is foundational” principle of science is actually metaphysics. 

In the Eastern idealist tradition, consciousness is believed to be the foundation of the cosmos, with matter being an emanation of cosmic mind. This is also metaphysics, in that no experiment that I know if could prove it.

One might then logically question how any foundational principle might be considered more correct or superior to another. What if I said Uri Geller created the universe while in a particularly bad mood. There’s no way to prove or disprove that.

With the scientiifc method, peer review essentially determines what “facts” are real or not real. It’s the best system we have, given the current typical level of human consciousness evolution. However I believe that in time scientific peer review will evolve in to Wisdom Council review which incorporates other ways of knowing, including direct spiritual perception or Integrated Intelligence. This claim I make is in itself based on personal perception, and from direct experience working with people with advanced levels of consciousness. I have seen how decisions can be made via a collective employment of Integrated Intelligence. 

The Wisdom Council will eventually happen, once the veneer of scientific materialism is stripped away, and begins to evolve into a more deeply conscious understanding of the universe and the humanity’s role within that universe.

This Wisdom Council process will most likely go through various phases of evolution, as initial attempts to work with such consciousness will inevitably be contaminated by the ego projections of its members, and interference from external consciousness fields (individuals with malevolent intentions, collective consciousness fields, alien and discarnate influences. In my working with groups I have seen the way that the consciousness fields of the individuals involved can become entangled. This is because there is almost nobody – least of all me – who is beyond some degree of influence from the power and control agenda of the ego. This agenda is what gets people ensnared in other people’s energy fields.

I suspect that in time, whatever Wisdom councils forms will learn from the mistakes that are made, and in turn will deepen in consciousness. Ultimately the “drama” will be minimised, and eventually completely eradicated. It will then become a true Council of Light. The Council will be able to form a kind of "peer review", helping humanity decide the what realities and truths to pay heed to. By that point human beings will be far more "transparent" than they are now, and people will be able to sense lies and deception more readily. So the chances of people giving their power away to the Council will be minimal. Still, it has to be admitted that the current "self-made man" culture of some modern western nations will find this idea an affront to their dignity. Yes, it will involve a surrender to something greater than the self. This will be perceived as a loss of power by the ego, despite the fact that it is actually the opposite.

All that however, is a long, long way off. I can’t prove any of it, and won’t try. You might like to consider all this a provocation – something to stir the imagination.



  1. A fantastic idea - though perhaps only one of the possible future to emerge out of our troubled present. It's inspiring to focus on such a positive vision, and probably one of the best ways of helping to steer us in this direction.

    It will take a lot of personal evolution and development before humanity is ready to embrace such a solution.

  2. Yes, Simon.It's too far distant to make much sense on the present ment to most people. However at a smaller scale some spiritually inclined organizations can experiment with the idea. I doubt many will succeed given the predilections of ego, but there will be learning in it.

  3. I read somewhere where a "channeled" entity said it would take "one to two centuries" before mankind accepted, as concrete science, the reality of the soul. And that it will appear as though it is a scientific discovery, when in actuality it is an amalgum of very small changes that occur over time. Having an evolutionary view, as you do, makes sense. Nothing changes overnight. It needs some space for trial and error - all of which adds to our knowledge base.

  4. Marcus - this intrigues me. It echoes Seth - who said, in one of the books he channeled thru Jane Roberts, that it all begins in dreams (with consciousness). The dream governments seth talked about sound a lot like your wisdom council. I think you and seth are way ahead of the times, at the cutting edge of where we'll be...well, at some point in the future.