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Monday, May 14, 2012

The Moon of Changes

How have you been going lately? It's a common enough question, but how you have been going is not entirely of your own choice, is it? There are a whole host of factors which influence your mind, right from its immediate conscious expression, through to your neuro-physiology and the effect of the world you interact with. This is not disputed in most modern science. However, as a regular meditator and mystic, what I have seen is that there are other forces which impact the way we experience life. I have often written and talked about consciousness fields, and how these impact us. Each of us has a mind embedded in entangled multiple layers of projections and psychic forces beyond our immediate control.

One factor which I have now come to accept influences consciousness is that of cosmology - the way that the relative 'movements' of the moon, sun, stars and so on impact our lives. Although once I laughed at this idea, I now firmly believe that it is true.

A week or so ago we had a super moon. Apparently it was about sixteen per cent bigger than average. Because the moon's orbit is elliptical - not circular - it is bigger at some times than others. A "super moon" is the point at which the moon is closest to the earth, and thus at its visible biggest 'size'.

To generalise, this recent super moon heralds a time of letting go. It may mean the end of relationships, or jobs or things we identify with. It is all about change. There may be a period of sadness and mourning as the old passes, and the new replaces it. For spiritually inclined, you may need to be aware of the forces which hold you back from making those shifts. While they will all reflect internal issues within yourself, they may also express themselves in those around you unconsciously trying to stop you from moving on - or to put it more accurately, from deepening into truth (you are not really going anywhere).

I live right beside some tall hills, on Lantau Island, Hong Kong. During the night of the super moon, the moon rose over those hills, and flooded my bedroom with bright moonlight as I slept. My curtain does not fully cover the window area, so for a period in the early morning there was a huge Mr Moon staring at me through the gap! The images and dreams that I had strongly suggested to me the insights about change I suggested in the previous paragraph. 

All the images you see on this post were taken through that gap in the curtain using my iPhone. They are a bit blurry, distorted, but in some ways that blurriness mirrors the fuzzying effect the moon has on the human psyche. You can see the dark shadow of the hills just below the moon as it is setting.

One dream was quite disturbing (and disturbing dreams are 'good', for if you integrate the consciousness of them, you will learn something at a deep level). I found myself in a kind of computer hardware store. the ceilings were quite high, and the most remarkable thing was that the walls and ceiling were all made of glass. It was night time, but I sensed that there were some scattered trees outside, like as if it were on an open plain area. Suddenly there was a huge wind, and lightning, and the place began to shudder and shake. There was a huge storm or typhoon coming. Since the building was made of glass, it seemed terribly fragile to me, and I was scared it would all be blown away.


The guy behind the counter told me I'd better put off entering the competition as it wasn't a good time. Next, I was trying to hide, but it was no use. The whole place disintegrated and I was being blown away into the sky (at this point it became third-person, me watching another person). "I" became David Warner, who is a very talented young cricket player who plays for Australia. As Warner was blown away I was thinking "What a waste: all that talent gone because he's dead."

The dream is reasonably clear. The computer store is actually my mind, which is becoming more transparent (to me) as time goes by. This represents a deepening into presence, which leaves a person more 'honest', and the working of the mind/ego are more readily acknowledged. Wind, especially strong winds, often represent the forces of change which are out of control, and the fear of being swept away into the chaos - the fear of loss of control.

The 'competition' mentioned by the salesman in the dream is, of course, the ego's way of dealing with life - setting itself up in a marketplace to 'sell' - i.e. to manipulate and control circumstances to get what it wants. I suspect in this case it has to do with my book Discover Your Soul Template, which I am 'selling' via promotion. And I hope you noted some irony in that last sentence, as I got a plug in for the book! (the point remains valid, though)

In this case, the cricketer David Warner represents my own 'abilities and talents', which my ego fears will be wasted if I let go and shift into a different way of being. It suggests I am attached to my work as a writer and speaker, and as a "seer". My identity is caught up in those roles. This is something that people who set themselves up as spiritual teachers will encounter to some degree. We see ourselves as the teachers, the wise ones, the purveyors of knowledge. But at a deeper level we are all just here in a state of being. We are all teachers and students.

Change is inevitable. If you set out on a spiritual journey, you are inviting change. That is the 'price' you pay. The key then, regardless of what actions you may decide to take in light of changes occuring around you, is to relax and experince the shift without judgment. Integration then occurs without resistance.



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