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Friday, May 18, 2012

Can We See the Future?

Recently I wrote an article for Suprconsciousness Magazine, answering the question of  whether we can see into the future. Below you can read the beginning of the article. To read the rest, click on the page link, above.


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When I tell people that I am a futurist, the first question people typically ask is, “What is going to happen in the future?” In fact, prediction is not really a key element of the academic discipline of Futures Studies, and most futurists stick to the position that the future is ultimately unknowable. Instead, most futurists like to engage in scenario work, where they attempt to contend with the issues and problems related to several possible paths which may unfold. Another process is horizon scanning, where futurists gather together as much data as they can about a particular issue, and then extrapolate the possible and probable futures which appear to be emerging. All this involves standard logical and rational ways of knowing, and the processes are conducted in normal states of consciousness. To do otherwise would invite the possibility of ridicule and the questioning of one’s professional credibility. Such is the nature of dominant culture in science and the professional/corporate world.

I am, thus, a little unusual for a futurist in that I am also a mystic. Besides writing and researching, and gaining the preferred academic qualifications (a PhD), I also spent many years working on the intuitive and emotional dimensions of mind. It’s not so easy to develop both the intellect and the psyche, as the cognitive skills required are completely different. Most academics have little or no understanding of the deeper mind, except at an intellectual level. This makes my attempts at communicating insights gleaned at a first-person experiential level quite difficult. Many in mainstream culture are quite hostile to the attempt.

Which brings me to the question, “Can we see the future?” To answer this, I am not going to refer to philosophical arguments or empirical evidence, but to personal insight. The answer is, “Yes, we can sense the future, although it may not be an inevitable future.” My understanding is that we can sense our possible futures.

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  1. It seems to me that we can sense the immediate future much easier that more distant times. For example, look at all the people who sensed 9-11 in the preceding days and hours. It's quite amazing how many people sensed that something enormous was about to impact them and everyone.

    Regarding the academics, maybe they need to spend more time quieting their minds in meditation. You can't think your way into higher awareness. Rob