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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

How can I heal?

Marcus T Anthony's new web site and blog can be found at:
How can you heal deep psychological trauma – what I would call soul scars? Here I am talking about deep-seated emotional pain: the hurt, anger, rage, fear and blame that emerge from being abused and beaten by others, or by life itself. These are the scars of betrayal.

Examples include being badly neglected by a parent, physical abuse, sexual abuse, or just failing badly at something that you deemed very important. Another kind of less obvious form of pain emerges from psychological manipulation by irresponsible and spiritually immature parents and caregivers. For example, a mother who has severe abandonment issues may be unable to establish the appropriate psycho-social distance/boundaries from her child. The child may then grow up unable to establish healthy, intimate relationships with others. At a spiritual level there arises the strong possibility of “possession”, where the parent’s psychic energy swamps the child, typically right throughout the lifespan. There is no escape even after the parent has died, as the spirit of the parent will continue to interact with the child’s consciousness field in precisely the same way from its afterlife. (For those who believe that life ends with the death of the physical body, you will be disappointed. There is no escape from consciousness).

Many people will give you a different answer to the question of what appropriate healing to seek. They will come from the biases of particular field of expertise and preferred methodological approach, and I am no different. I have worked much in alternative healing, and especially using inner child work and emotional depth healing.

The healing method used needs to match the problem that is experienced. There is no point going to the butcher if you want a loaf of bread, and there is no point going to the wrong kind of healer for psychological and spiritual problems.    

Here I am going to employ an intuitive reading of differing approaches to healing and mental health. I shall give each approach a percentage reading in terms of effectiveness. Afterward, I am going to outline what I believe is a very powerful approach which can facilitate the deep healing of psychological/spiritual trauma.

Drug-based psychiatry. 0%. Although this may alleviate the symptoms of emotional problems, and may establish a working state of consciousness which permits the individual to at least manage their own behaviours, it cannot “heal” in itself. In severe cases of emotional disorders, drug therapy may establish the base from which other and more genuine healing can be explored.

Psychological counseling (talk therapy). 1%. This approach may enable the personal to better manage their emotional states, and learn appropriate strategies for dealing with their pain, but it will in no way heal that pain. The problem is that conventional talk therapy remains intellectualised and ‘in the head’. It does not connect with the emotional body to the necessary degree.      

Affirmation and creative visualisation. 1%. In themselves, these are highly ineffective as tools for healing, as they do not connect one with the emotional body. In fact, many applications of these methods, as with NLP, are unconscious attempts to avoid the confrontation with the psyche. Visualisation and affirmation can, however, be very useful when applied with deeper emotional healing.

Hypnosis. 1%. Suffers from the same limitations as above. The consciousness field of the hypnotist is crucial. The unconscious transference of psychic projections during the session may be extremely damaging to the spiritual well-being of the person being hypnotised.

Meditation. 1%. Standard meditation practices do not deal with the emotional body, and merely quiet the mind.  In fact, meditation can retard healing, as it may ‘freeze’ the psyche if the person uses it to shut out the unconscious. However, meditation can help facilitate healing where the person relaxes, brings the mind to presence, and allows the deeper emotions to bubble to the surface and find expression. Note that this is rarely the case with most popular meditation practices. Meditation can therefore be spiritually regressive.

Hands-on healing (Reiki, Quantum Healing, etc.). 1%. While these processes can be useful in dealing with certain physical and energetic imbalances in the human consciousness field, they generally do not permit connection with the inner child or emotional energies which have split off from the conscious mind. Of course, some practitioners do go into the emotional level, making the process far more effective for deep healing purposes.

Intercessory Prayer (praying for a third party). 3%. Intention can assist shifts in the consciousness field, and may also invoke help from spiritual sources. The problem is that there is a general ‘law’ of spirit which states that each person is responsible for his own life, consciousness and healing. Spirit will not normally step in to heal you. There are, however, exceptions, where Spirit deems the healing to be for the highest good of all parties.

Regression therapy. 4%. This involves regressing to the point where the emotional pain was created, thus allowing the emotions to surface. This can be useful in initiating shifts. The problem is that it often offers no way to maintain the connection – the wounded child tends to split off again.

Inner Child work (e.g. John Bradshaw). 5%. This emotional work can be powerful, and may connect with the energetic splits within the psyche. However, it suffers from the same problems as the previous category. Still, there is generally a stronger understanding of the need for gentle ongoing connection.

There are many other kinds of healing processes of course. I cannot list them all.

What then is the best way to heal? Well, I’m not sure if my way is the best, but it is the best that I am aware of at this time. It involves the following processes. All of them are vital, as the process works at many levels. They will probably go in an order something like this, but there are no hard and fast rules.

1.       Develop an intention to heal.
2.      Bring the mind into presence (This is simple, but not necessarily easy, as I explain here).
3.      Allow the emotional energy to emerge. (this requires a facilitator for those not familiar with such processes)
4.      Connect with the voice of the wounded “child”, and identify what it is saying, and what it believes. It will tell you this, or maybe scream it, if you just let it!
5.      Re-parent the child. Address the wounded child’s limiting beliefs. Identify the life story which it is acting out, but do not believe it. Speak to the child, reassure it.
6.      Use affirmation and creative visualisation to implant positive ideas into the mind while it is in the fluid and vulnerable emotional state. These ideas should be specifically addressed towards the limiting beliefs identified in step 5.
7.      Bring the mind into the real world of the present moment, connect with the body, and keep your attention there via a commitment to presence as the key value in your life.
8.     Take action in the real world which helps correct the false beliefs of the wounded child. This last step is vital, and often overlooked. You can actually get an intuitive sense of the right actions to take after reconnecting with a lost and hurt part of yourself, by asking Spirit for guidance at the end of a connection session. You should identify at least one action, and then follow through and do it. By taking the right actions, you demonstrate to the wounded child that you have the courage and the beliefs to move forward.
9.      Make an ongoing commitment to honestly see the ego and the games it is playing. Let the ego know who is boss (your spirit).
10.  Let go, and let God. The relaxing of the ego is essential for final healing. The final say is not yours alone.
11. Celebrate! Enjoy the moment. Laugh, dance, sing! There is nothing so healing as to laugh and celebrate the gift of existence.

My reading is that this process resonates at about 60% in terms of effectiveness (I’ll come back and check this last reading at a later date, for confirmation). As you can see, many of the processes which have minimal impact on their own, become far more powerful when combined with other healing processes. 

Finally, there are a lot of skills required before anyone can hope to employ this process effectively. It also requires help. You cannot help to learn all these skills by yourself. You need to find the right teachers.       

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thinking Smarts

For the more intellectually adventurous, here is a link to a chapter from my book Integrated Intelligence. It's the sixth chapter of the book, "Debates and issues regarding the nature of intelligence". The chapter outlines several theories of intelligence, and analyzes them to see if they contain any reference to the idea of integrated intelligence, or INI (INI is a kind of spiritual intelligence -for those unfamiliar , with this concept, click here for a brief summary). I also make some general conclusions about mainstream intelligence theory in general. It's a good overview of intelligence theory for those interested in knowing more. 

Here's the chapter, on

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you Connected?

Here's another simple yet powerful transformation tool from my Urban Enlightenment programme. You'll see the obvious connection with my last post on 22C+.

Connection Day
Today I allow myself to relax, and look for ways to connect with people in spirit. I now see myself to see myself as part of the greater groundswell of humanity.
The modern world is extremely competitive. Hong Kong (where I live) and China are particularly competitive. The education system is a dog-eat dog world of survival of the hardest working, most diligent and most intelligent young people. During their science classes, students are then taught the story of Darwin, and how he revolutionised our thinking, taking the God-centered worldview of medieval religion and supplanting it with the harsh reality of natural selection and survival of the fittest. It seems only natural then, that our educational and social structures perpetuate this ‘natural’ system and encourage the best and brightest to fight it out in the rat race. And there is little doubt that such structures do activate many people’s brilliance, and they enhance our society’s competitive edge. Like Olympic records, the quality of almost all human endeavors in the economic sphere  have improved manifold in the last century.
Despite all this, we do not need to buy into the idea of the rat race, nor buy the survival of the neo-Darwinnian worldview. At the very least, we should take "time out” from the game to restore our souls, and in particular to reactivate ways of knowing and being which are not valued within the modern system. We need to give time to connection, empathy and cooperation.
Human beings are more than mere biological machines fighting it out for reproductive rights. As former Princeton professor David Loye has shown, even Darwin himself believed that there are higher moral drives within the human species. The rat race locks us into a world of me versus them, where others are seen as competitors in the great biological crunching machine.
The world is not a giant machine. It is just that we have created our society in the image of the ego, the part of our minds which emerges from evolutionary survival needs. There is much more to us than this! The world is organic, pulsating, alive, passionate, intimate, playful, even loving. And so are you. Harmony, cooperation and empathy are all part of nature. Indeed they are the essence of the higher human spiritual drives that modern science rarely addresses, and has largely ignored.
Today, walk gently, and feel your connection to the people around you. Sit in a busy public space, and bring your mind fully into presence.  Invite God, Spirit, Love (whatever you call it) to be there with you. Next, imagine a stream of light emerging from your heart and connecting with those around you. Project a sense of love and compassion for them. Imagine also an energy field of love embracing all the people you see. As judgments and thoughts emerge from your mind, just notice them, and return your attention gently to your sense of connection with others. Do this for ten minutes or so.
Repeat this exercise for short periods of time whenever you have a spare moment in your day. You can even do it during meetings, classes, or community activities. Nobody will know, at least not consciously!
Go ahead, make your day! Connection – or love – is the prime drive of the human collective oversoul. It is part of our evolution.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Today on 22c+ I bring you a fascinating extract from Dr David Loye's new book, Darwin's Second Revolution. David Loye is a former Princeton and UCLA faculty of medicine academic and psychologist. For some years now he has been writing about "Darwin's lost theory of love". This is important and intriguing research which shows that Darwin clearly was not the dry mechanist that he is often purported to be in science text books of the modern era. Instead he a a man who believed that there were overriding agencies in life and nature which were above and beyond natural selection.

The following extract centers on the final years of the life of a man who knew Darwin intimately, George Romanes. The last days of Romanes life are shown to be somewhat tragic, but deeply informative, because he left record of his personal knowledge of Darwin the man. It's definitely worth the read. For more information about Darwin's second Revolution, see

Up from the yellowed pages, over the confusion and bloodshed of a whole century, long forgotten but now of urgent meaning for our time, still rises Romanes’ dying cry.
Rich, widely respected, known throughout the science of the time as Darwin’s disciple and a foremost British psychologist, George Romanes was the founder of the field he called comparative psychology. In keeping with Darwin’s own strong interest, considerable research and thought, Romanes’ goal for this new field was to probe the similarities between the minds of animals and humans.

 George Romanes

Typical among Romanes’ pioneering books were Mental Evolution Among Animals, and then Mental Evolution in Man. Of special interest today, however, is a book that quickly dropped out of science and history. In keeping with the mysterious disappearance of Darwin’s own completion of theory, following publication in 1897, Romanes’ Darwin and After Darwin virtually dropped out of print until picked up and published online in its entirety first by Project Gutenberg in 2008 and then more recently by Google Books. Almost wholly ignored for a century, today it looms as a prophecy of  haunting accuracy.
Why, Romanes wrote, “not only do the Neo-Darwinians strain the teachings of Darwin; they positively reverse those teachings— representing as anti-Darwinian the whole of one side of Darwin’s system ...”
Why, he asked, was one of the new Neo-Darwinians “unjustifiably throwing over his own opinions the authority of Darwin’s name.” More specifically, why “so greatly have some of the Neo-Darwinians misunderstood the teachings of Darwin, that they represent as ‘Darwinian heresy’ any suggestions in the way of factors ‘supplementary to,’ or ‘cooperative with’ natural selection.”
The great man himself, Romanes wrote with difficulty but determination as he lay there dying, “was always ready to entertain ‘additional suggestions’ regarding the causes of organic evolution—several of which, indeed, he himself supplied.” What was being done to Darwin was, for Romanes, like a knife being twisted in the fatal wound.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Ideas

Sorry for the lack of posts of late - I've been a bit busy! I have recently returned to beautiful Discovery Bay on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I am also back working my full-time job as a secondary school teacher, even while polishing up these futures projects.

  • I'm working with my editor on getting my book Sage of Synchronicity ready for its release with Inner Traditions next year.
  • I'm finalising the booklet Urban Enlightenment, and the programme associated with it. That programme will be run in Hong Kong, over four weeks in November. I'm quite excited by that one, as it is a potentially life-changing event for participants.
  • I am also working on developing a 'learning how to learn' programme for high school students in Hong Kong. Hong Kong kids are smart, but don't always have exposure to a wide array of learning skills. They can get caught up in the rote-style of learning that tends to dominate in schools, and this can have a disastrous effect of their developing the life-long learning habit that is so essential in the modern age.
  • There is at least one more programme I'm developing. Recently HK tycoon Li Ka Shing decided he didn't need HK$300 million anymore, and has developed a great way to get rid of it - the "love ideas/love Hong Kong" campaign - . I'm going to be submitting at least one programme, and I hope to be working with a few other wonderful people here in HK.

So you may not see so many long posts here in the immediate future, with my being so busy. However, I do promise to keep posting on a range of topics, although sometimes there may be only a little commentary, and a link to something worth noting.

Here's something that I found to be short, sweet, and fascinating. It's an easy-to-understand entry on Dean Radin's blog, and explains how one of the most famous experiments in parapsychology is undertaken. It's called the Ganzfeld, and involves a person being blindfolded and fed 'white noise'. Then the person has to try to guess what someone else is trying to send him/her via telepathy, from another location. It's worth checking out, for those who have always wanted to know how they do it - and perhaps why these kinds of experiments are criticised by skeptics. See if you can pick the correct card from the description!



Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Is the Future is Calling You?

“The state of empirical psi research continues to advance while the state of skepticism continues to stagnate. It doesn't take precognition to guess who will eventually win that type of debate. How long ‘eventually’ will be depends on how many people are actively engaged in research.”

Dean Radin (reference)

Last Saturday evening I was walking past a bar in the Central district of Hong Kong, when I noted a game of rugby on the flat screen TV inside. Now I’m a bit of a rugby fan, being a former player, and since the game was between Australia and the New Zealand All Blacks, I ducked inside to check it out. To my great delight I saw that the game was already in the second half and that Australia was leading 22-9, with just 30 minutes to go. As an Aussie, this was too good to miss, so I sat down and ordered a glass of red wine as a pre-celebration drink for the impending great Aussie victory over the mighty All-blacks. A few minutes of viewing allowed me to see that Australia was dominating the game, and the All-blacks were being run all over the park. The NZ team looked like a complete rabble, like a ship without a captain. On the other hand Australia looked very sharp.  They looked certain winners, for to lose it would require a roughshod NZ team, who had been completely outplayed, to score two converted tries in the last 15 minutes.

At that point I did what I often do when watching sporting events. I measured the energy on the outcome using the Quick Check. I have found that this divination method is extremely reliable for picking the outcomes of sporting events (although if I am ‘following’ one of the teams, I sometimes get over-excited and get the reading wrong). I didn’t get the reading I expected or wanted. There was no ‘energy’ on Australia winning the game.

Allow me to backtrack a little.

The first time I realised that sporting events are actually determined before the opening whistle is even blown, was when I had a dream during the 1991 rugby world cup. One night during that time I had a dream where I saw the English captain Will Cahling being interviewed and thanking his supporters for the tremendous victory they’d had. The next day I learned that England were playing Australia, so I stayed up to watch the match with my flatmate. Even though at that time I had not really developed none of my ability in Integrated Intelligence, I felt strongly that the dream was a precognition. As the match progressed, Australia took the lead, and stayed there. In the final minute of the game, Australia was leading by one or two points, and they had the ball in hand (which means England would not be able to score). I told my flatmate that Australia would lose the ball and England would win. Well, I was only half right. An Australian player decided to kick the ball, and England took possession. It was literally the final second of the game, and he was on the half way line, way out near the sideline. I watched bemused as he ran backwards (away from Australia’s tryline, where he was supposed to be running!), suddenly pivoted, turned round, dropped the ball onto his foot. The dropkick straight sailed over the goal posts from an impossible position. Never looked like missing.

The full-time siren sounded. England had won. There followed a few ads, then Will Cahling appeared and thanked the English supporters, just as I'd 'seen' the night before. (As an aside, my flatmate was a die-hard science graduate and skeptic, and refused to accept that my prediction had been anything more than good luck, after I told him how I ‘knew’. I was a skeptic too at that time – but an open-minded one).

Another precognitive vision of a sporting event which I had was symbolic (in fact many precognitive dreams occur in symbolic form). It occurred just before the 2004 cricket world cup. Australia went into that competition as the reigning champions, but had lost a lot of games, including a warm-up game against a low-ranked team, and many people wrote them off. However, I had a dream which convinced me they were going to ‘wipe the floor’ in that competition. As I was half asleep thinking about the competition one night, a vision came to me of a giant wild boar, running towards the tryline on a rugby field. The image was of an unstoppable force (imagine being a rugby player and trying to tackle a great boar charging towards you!). I just knew that the boar represented the energy of the Australian team, and that it symbolised their path through the upcoming competition. The vision was true. Australia smashed all other nations and went through the competition undefeated.

I have also had many premonitions involving my participation in sports events. One Saturday morning about 15 years ago, when I was to play a game of rugby, I awoke and heard the song “You go and save the best till last” being blasted into my head (I often hear these songs to this day).  I felt strongly that it was to do with the game I was going to play. When I got to the playing field I was very disappointed to find I had been put on the reserves bench. I was a bit pissed off to tell you the truth, but remembering the song I had heard that morning, I decided to be patient and kept my mouth shut. I waited, and waited... Half time came and went, and the game was drawing to a close. Then with just two minutes left the coach threw me onto the field on the wing (which is where I played anyway). I had barely run on, when our half back made a short break in our own half. Bypassing my two inside centres, he sent a long cutout pass to me, perfectly timed, such that I was into open space. I ran the thirty metres or so to the line without a hand placed on me, and scored. There was no time for a restart, and the game was over. The best had indeed come at the last moment.

After I was taught the Quick Check, I became able to predict the outcome of most games before they even began. Or even during games. I remember that during the 2005 soccer world cup, I rang my wife, and she said she couldn’t talk because she was watching a game, and they were having a quick penalty shoot-out at the end. I did a Quick Check and told her Korea would win the shoot-out, and that she needn’t bother watching. I was right.

So, last Saturday as I watched the Australia/New Zealand game, I was somewhat shocked to ‘read’ that there was no energy on Australia winning the game, despite their dominant position with the minutes counting down. Sure enough though, New Zealand scored two late converted tries, and completely against the run of the game, ‘got out of jail’. They won by one point, 23-22.

I now know that most, if not all sporting events are determined before a ball is kicked, hit or touched down.

Even the specifics of individual plays are largely determined. One morning when I was to play a game of cricket, I awoke, and the number ‘26’ appeared in my mind’s eye. 

Monday, September 13, 2010

The Media Fast: Go Hungry Today

In his highly thought-provoking book The 4-hour Work Week, professional young vagabond Timothy Ferris recommends taking a complete media fast (see my review of Ferriss' book here). That is, he suggests stopping watching, listening to and surfing the news media in all its forms - indefinitely. Ferriss recommends a total fast, but that is probably more than many people would prefer. I would include myself in that category. I prefer to be selective in what I read and watch in the media. Nonetheless, I believe that it is highly beneficial to detach for periods of time from the mass media.

It is Ferriss' idea of the media fast that inspired me to include a media fast day in my Urban Enlightenment booklet and workshop. Again, this is an easy-to-do process that anyone can apply - if they are prepared for a little discomfort as their daily routine changes. For greater effect, try turning off the media for longer periods, say 1-3 days, or even a week. 

The Media Fast is meant to be part of a 30-day programme, and will work best as it builds upon the attention-shifting processes outlined in Urban Enlightenment. (A one-off day is is less likely to be as deeply transformational). 

Here's the process in it's entirety. Give it a try!

The Media Fast

Newsflash: the media world isn’t real. That’s right. By ‘real’, I mean it does not project an impartial view of the world. Remember the first law of consciousness: what you focus upon expands, and the media focuses upon that which sells newspapers, airspace and that which gets viewers glued to the TV screen. By definition, the media brings to attention that which is loudest and that which captivates the attention. The problem is that your senses are a vestige of more ‘primitive’ human urges and needs. Your brain is ‘designed’ to be alert to the dangerous and the threatening; and to scan for possible procreation prospects! This is the way our minds and bodies have developed through millions of years of evolution.

The popular media exploits your primitive biological impulses, and locks you into a world of fright, flight, and another unmentionable ‘f’! Everything is distorted through the lens of the Darwinian mind. A plane may have crashed in Africa today, but another 100 000 planes took off and landed without a hitch – but that didn’t make the news. Nor did my stopping on the way to work on Tuesday to check if an old guy sleeping on the stairs downtown in Hong Kong was OK (he was just drunk).

The other issue is that the media presents a consensus reality that effectively brainwashes us. As just one small example, ideas related to Integrated Intelligence, which I have written about extensively, almost never appear in the mass media, and when they do it is often done so in a derisive manner. Clearly, such cognitive constraints can prevent us from activating our full mental potential.

Today your task is to completely detach from the media, no matter what! Do not read any newspapers, media-based magazines, web media, nor view any TV news media  and so on Instead, place your attention elsewhere. Make sure that while you are out and about that you note the REAL world around you. You will probably notice that you are not about to die, and that not everyone wants to have sex with you! Relax and enjoy your safe life in the security of the present moment, the only most real world you can ever experience.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Working and Learning with Marcus T. Anthony

Marcus T Anthony's new web site and blog can be found at:
Spiritual Insight with Marcus T. Anthony (PhD)
Marcus' remarkable talent enables him to intuit the big issues in your life, the major challenges, your strengths and your weaknesses. He hit so many salient points it was as if he were peering into our souls. We followed his advice and the situation resolved itself.
Trish MacGreggor, co-author of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity

My main goal is to help people empower their lives and live their dreams. I use a powerful intuitive method, spiritual insight, to get right to the heart of problems, and help people find the right path to their ideal future. Spiritual insight can help heal the psychological and spiritual issues that may be holding you back. Twenty years ago I discovered I had natural clairvoyant abilities, and since that time I have developed those abilities further by working with advanced spiritual teachers. An important motivation for me is to teach people how to find their true calling using their own natural, intuitive gifts. You already have them. You just need to know how to use them. I conduct sessions in person in Hong Kong. For those outside of Hong Kong, sessions can be done by phone, Skype, or email. 

All those who do any of the personal sessions will also receive a free copy of my e-book Extraordinary Mind.

Soul Purpose Readings: This personal one-on-one process is for people looking to move forward, align their lives with the deeper needs of their spirit, and develop personal empowerment. Your 'Soul Purpose' is what you are here on Earth to learn. These readings will benefit people at turning points in their lives, or facing recurring professional, creative or emotional issues. The process will help you:
·        Identify your soul gifts and personal strengths.
·        Discover the best way to achieve success for you.
·        Identify and heal the Soul Issues which lie at the core of your life journey, and which may sabotage your hopes and dreams.
·        Clarify your soul needs, and learning how to actualise them.
·        Connect with and heal your inner child.
·        Learn to use your innate intuition to achieve success.

Fees: In person or Skype: HK$1000 (US$130) - usually 1 hour.

Soul Purpose Readings for couples: For couples wishing to create more loving and harmonious relationships. They are particularly useful for couples who have recurring problems which they cannot get to the bottom of. Couples sessions are for those wishing to continue their relationships and move them to a more blissful level. These personal sessions can also be done for friendships, parent-child relationships and other kinds of relationships. The process may center upon:

• Identify and acknowledge the strengths within your relationship. 
• Uncover the psychic projections which prevent harmonious relationships developing, and which lie behind many arguments and conflicts.
• Develop your intuitive skills, to help you and your partner take greater responsibility for emotional energy, with the goal of becoming more loving to one another.
• Uncover the trapped emotional energy from childhood and past lives which prevents truly loving relationships from developing.

Fees: In person or Skype, HK$1000 (US$130) - usually 1 hour.

Public Talks
Dr Anthony is highly entertaining and knowledgeable public speaker. He has conducted talks on a wide range of Futures-related issues. In particular his talks focus upon:

• Integrated Intelligence and human consciousness evolution
• Education and the teaching of intuitive and spiritual ways of knowing
• Integrated Inquiry (intuitive methods for researchers and re-discovering the passion of learning)
• Futures Studies
• The Futures of China and Asia
Fees: Variable according to location, venue and time.

What others are saying about Marcus

Marcus Anthony reads energy. This remarkable talent enables him to intuit the big issues in your life, the major challenges, your strengths and your weaknesses. After our computers were hacked, Marcus offered to do a reading on the situation, and my husband and I were blown away. He hit so many salient points it was as if he were peering into our souls. We followed his advice and the situation resolved itself.
Trish MacGreggor, co-author of The Seven Secrets of Synchronicity, USA

Marcus is an exceptionally gifted psychic who at the same time has his feet firmly on the ground - not to mention a great sense of humour. In a compassionate and non-judgmental way, he shows you and shares with you the deeper reality that underlies our everyday world: the feelings and influences that we're unaware of or try to keep hidden, even from ourselves. Highly recommended to anyone facing difficult choices or dogged by unhappiness in their personal or working lives.
Simon Buckland, Wall Street Institute, London

I have had the pleasure of attending a series of workshops and a private readings by Marcus, which I found both informative and inspiring. His insight and interpretation of the situation was remarkable to say the least. His knowledge and energy silenced any doubts within and begins to put you on your own spiritual path. Marcus truly come from a place of understanding and through his own experiences helping others explore their soul and innate intuition.
Dr Alick Lau, Brisbane, Australia 
Marcus did energy channeling for me and I was amazed at how accurate he was. He helped me to understand the situation that I was in and helped me to go through one of the most difficult times in my life. I also attended an intuition course which was conducted by Marcus. It was a very interesting course and Marcus was able to explain the intuition in a simple and easy to understand manner. Thanks Marcus.
Devi Syarif, Hong Kong

To book a personal session, workshop or talk, contact Dr Anthony: mindfutures at gmail dot com.

The Connector:

Here's another daily focus process from my booklet Urban Enlightenment. I confess the very simple programme outlined in the booklet was been written as much for me as anyone else. In an urban environment, it's so easy to forget the principles and attitudes that create connection with Spirit. Still, the fact is it's very easy to create a shift in consciousness with just a few simple processes. There's nothing earth-shattering here, just time-honoured spiritual processes that work. "The Connector" is one of my favourites. I have found it very powerful.

Have you ever noticed that in public spaces in many cities people rarely talk to strangers? In Hong Kong where I live, many people don’t even acknowledge the existence of service people in the supermarket or Seven-11, neither looking at them nor making eye contact as they complete their transaction. This has created an increasingly dehumanised urban environment.  Yet the truth is that it is the person who is refusing to connect with others who is creating his own alienation. Is it any wonder that most people look utterly miserable in urban public spaces! People need connection. It’s our bonds with others that sustain our lives. But don’t despair. The Connector is here (and it is you!).
Here's how it works. Today (or tomorrow, if it is late in the day) you will deliberately connect with FIVE people (count ‘em!) in public space. These will be strangers or people you do not know well (although it works just as well, even better maybe, with friends and loved ones). Service people are great "targets" - door men, policewomen, cashiers, bus drivers and so on. You will also find that if you are present, and keep your head up and eyes relaxed and on the people around you (without focusing upon anyone for too long), that opportunities will open up to greet those around you on lifts, on public transport or on the street.
The key to The Connector is that this is no simple "Good morning". This moment of connection will be done in presence. That means that your mind will be fully present to the person you are meeting and greeting. Just for those few seconds, you will leave all thoughts or worries about other things, and give your entire attention to the person before you. Let's get specific.
Firstly, just before you enter the personal space of the person, bring your attention to your breath, and feel yourself fully within your body. As you approach, look them in the eye and SMILE! (try it, it’s easy!). Greet them with a friendly hello or “How are you?” If you have a spare half-minute, and if the person is not too busy, make a small comment like ,“You must have a very busy job” (don’t make it a negative, like “How can you stand dealing with the general public?”, or "This country is going down the crapper"). Make sure you stay present with the person while you are there, even if they are performing some mundane activity like giving you your change. When you leave, look them in the eye and say goodbye or, “Have a nice day.” Most people will respond positively. With service people, they usually welcome customers who actually take a few seconds to connect with them. However, if the person behind the counter remains poker faced, don’t take it personally. Just move on. You can’t please everyone!
So that’s The Connector. It’s simple, and it’s a lot less confronting than the Free Hugs campaign! All you have to do is repeat the process at least five times during your day.  That is easy. There are no excuses! You can try it at work too, with colleagues you might not normally connect with. If you want to go further, extend the connection time with the person.
The Connector is simple and it really will make you feel better. It will make those whom you connect with feel good too! The other great benefit of The Connector is that it helps bring you into presence, and if done regularly, disciplines the mind to value "the now." And it is in the now that connection with Spirit is deepest.

Let me know how you go with it.