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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Love Ideas

Sorry for the lack of posts of late - I've been a bit busy! I have recently returned to beautiful Discovery Bay on Lantau Island in Hong Kong. I am also back working my full-time job as a secondary school teacher, even while polishing up these futures projects.

  • I'm working with my editor on getting my book Sage of Synchronicity ready for its release with Inner Traditions next year.
  • I'm finalising the booklet Urban Enlightenment, and the programme associated with it. That programme will be run in Hong Kong, over four weeks in November. I'm quite excited by that one, as it is a potentially life-changing event for participants.
  • I am also working on developing a 'learning how to learn' programme for high school students in Hong Kong. Hong Kong kids are smart, but don't always have exposure to a wide array of learning skills. They can get caught up in the rote-style of learning that tends to dominate in schools, and this can have a disastrous effect of their developing the life-long learning habit that is so essential in the modern age.
  • There is at least one more programme I'm developing. Recently HK tycoon Li Ka Shing decided he didn't need HK$300 million anymore, and has developed a great way to get rid of it - the "love ideas/love Hong Kong" campaign - . I'm going to be submitting at least one programme, and I hope to be working with a few other wonderful people here in HK.

So you may not see so many long posts here in the immediate future, with my being so busy. However, I do promise to keep posting on a range of topics, although sometimes there may be only a little commentary, and a link to something worth noting.

Here's something that I found to be short, sweet, and fascinating. It's an easy-to-understand entry on Dean Radin's blog, and explains how one of the most famous experiments in parapsychology is undertaken. It's called the Ganzfeld, and involves a person being blindfolded and fed 'white noise'. Then the person has to try to guess what someone else is trying to send him/her via telepathy, from another location. It's worth checking out, for those who have always wanted to know how they do it - and perhaps why these kinds of experiments are criticised by skeptics. See if you can pick the correct card from the description!



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