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Sunday, November 28, 2010

And another thing...

I'm back! 

After a rather long lay off due to other commitments, it's time for a post or two. In the last month I was very busy helping to organise the Shifting Hong Kong retreat with Ervin Laszlo, and also presented several workshops and talks at the Hong Kong Consciousness Festival. All of them went really well. The retreat went as well as could possibly be expected. We met at the  lovely Kadoorie Institute, Shek Kong in the New Territories, a remote rural area of Hong Kong. We spent two days talking about the shift in the consciousness of HK and the world.

At the end of it all, we formed the Shifting Hong Kong Wisdom Council, whose job it will be to organise the 2011 festival, as well as to promote activities associated with the development of mind body and spirit in Hong Kong. You might hear a thing or two about that here in the near future.

Another notable development is that I have started The Power of Integrated Intelligence page on Facebook.

Feel free to pop on over and join us!

Finally, here's a pic of me from the Wisdom of Wonder day, part of the festival. I was doing some private consultation sessions, promoting my books (as you can see), and I also gave a workshop on using Integrated Intelligence. This was taken at the end of the lunch break, which is why the other presenters are absent.

More soon!


Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Bliss of Jake Shimabukuro

Jake Shimabukuro
I've often talked about people who intuitively follow their Bliss. A perfect embodiment of the principle is young ukulele player Jake Shimabukuro. His passion and enthusiasm are infectious. 

The ukulele is not generally considered a serious musical instrument, but Jake has changed that perception permanently! So don't let anyone tell your your preferred instrument of Bliss isn't legitimate! 

Jake does some incredible interpretations of the most unlikely songs including classics like Over the Rainbow, and even Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody. Below you can see him playing the Beatles' song While my Guitar Gently Weeps.
The best thing is that Jake will be playing at the Shifting Hong Kong retreat here in Hong Kong on the 22/23 November. 
So, without further ado, here's Jake...

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Why I Don't Dislike Stuart Wilde

Stuart Wilde

 Marcus T Anthony's new web site and blog can be found at:

Thought I might just share a little something I wrote on another website today. The thread is called "Why I don't like Stuart Wilde." Stuart Wilde is a long-time spiritual teacher and mystics, and he wrote such classics as The Force and Miracles. Some people think Stuart is a spiritual genius, others think he's a scammer extraordinaire. The discussion is quite enlightening, because many of the posters writing on the thread fall into the trap that they accuse Stuart Wilde of. It's worth perusing, not so much for facts about Stuart Wilde, but for the enlightening nature of the comments there. But don't buy the judgments - or you'll be playing the game too!
Here's the link, to page 8 of the 'discussion', where I wrote under the name Nowbeing. I also cut and paste my contribution below.

Yes, there are 'issues' with Stuart Wilde. But you don't need spirit guides or masters to tell you that. It's important that you develop the capacity to 'see' this for yourself. In the end the psychic world is a spiritual trap. It can be a bit of assistance, but it has to be left behind for the real world - what is here and now. Just as no teacher can enlighten you, no spirit guides or visions can either. If you rely on spirit guides to tell you what's going down, you are giving your power away, and you are probably addicted to the psychic.
Having said this, there is much truth to what Stuart says about the darkness, ghouls, mobile phones, computers etc. All electrical devices can affect the human consciousness field negatively, and expose you to dark energy. You need to minimise exposure to electro-magnetic fields. I’m just writing this for the benefit of the person who said they’d decided to ‘leave’ all talk of negative entities behind. They do exist, but generally speaking if you ground your energy in the present, develop the right relationship with your ego (including judgments), and deal with the wounds of the inner child, they have little power over you.

By allowing the shadow to speak (going to 'hell') you can lessen the power of the darkness over you. Ultimately all such low density consciousness fields are connected to the ego's lust for control and power, so the key is to channel the ego and its connection to the darkness. Although I can’t explain that here, this really isn't that difficult. It will teach you more than a million visions from the aluna, the morph or whatever you want to call it.
I'm very psychic myself, but have learned to tone it down and live in presence. As soon as you go into the psychic, it is all too easy get lost in the mind and ego.
My final take on all this. What ultimately drags us into the darkness and ego - whether it be Stuart Wilde's darkness, my darkness, or anyone else's - is judgment. So, the chap who said Stuart Wild's darkness is our darkness is correct, in a sense. As soon as we try to elevate ourselves above him via moralisation and ego judgment (rather than neutral discernment which has no emotional attachment), we are in ego.
Ultimately all judgment is an attempt to annihilate and destroy the object of judgment.
There’s an easy way to know if your ‘negative’ perception of Stuart Wild is a judgment or a discernment. As you bring your perception or image of Stuart to mind, how to you feel? If you feel a kind of anger, contempt, or derision, its judgment. If the perception feels neutral, as if the negative perceptions have no intrinsic emotionality, then it is discernment.

Given this, almost all of what is written on this thread is ego-based.

Of course I have no judgment about that. ;-)


Monday, November 1, 2010

The Practice of Spiritual Business

In my last blog post I argued that using spiritual perception – what I call Integrated Intelligence – in business and professional situations is perfectly acceptable. The development of Integrated Intelligence will tend to shift a person’s worldview to a more spiritual and ethical one, and shift the way they look at doing business in the world. After all, there is nothing intrinsically “unspiritual” about doing business or making money. They are neutral pursuits in themselves. An adventurous, creative and self-reflective approach to business can have benefits all-round. Indeed, both success and failure can lead to self-growth and wisdom. Business can be a spiritual exercise!

But what about the practical applications?

As you will recall from my previous post, there are seven practical core mental skills that Integrated Intelligence provides. These are: 
·        Integrated Location. The capacity to sense where things are, without having prior information.
·        Integrated Diagnosis. The ability to intuitively find the cause of problems.
·        Integrated Recognition is being able to immediately know some­body or something without ever being told about them or it.
·        Foresense. When you sense what is going to happen in the future.
·        Integrated Evaluation. Intuitively determining the wisdom or value of different options and choices.
·        Integrated Inspiration. Creative knowledge and ideas that come to you from spiritual sources, not your conscious mind.
·        Integrated Perception. The ability to sense the connections between and amongst things.

What I am talking about here is classical sixth sense. I am merely being specific about what you can do with it. Yet at a practical level, even if you are adept at employing Integrated Intelligence, it does not make you infallible. Intuition is imperfect, and has to be employed with some degree of respect for human fallibility. Just one small issue is the potential to confuse intuition with other inner voices and feelings, such as conditioning, expectation, wishful thinking, greed and the ego in general. In a connected universe, even the thoughts and intentions of others can affect your subconscious, as I outlined in Sage of Synchronicity and Extraordinary Mind.

Recently I received a call from Gino Yu at Hong Kong Polytechnic University. He invited me to help organise the Shifting Hong Kong retreat/conference with well-renowned systems theorist Ervin Laszlo. Gino is extremely busy, so needed someone to take responsibility for the two-day event. I will outline the creative process that unfolded, because it demonstrates the practical application of INI and some of its core mental skills.

When we sat down to dinner, Gino told me that he was unsure how to focus the event, or how to decide its central theme. I told him how I would approach such a problem, and to his credit, Gino listened.