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Sunday, November 28, 2010

And another thing...

I'm back! 

After a rather long lay off due to other commitments, it's time for a post or two. In the last month I was very busy helping to organise the Shifting Hong Kong retreat with Ervin Laszlo, and also presented several workshops and talks at the Hong Kong Consciousness Festival. All of them went really well. The retreat went as well as could possibly be expected. We met at the  lovely Kadoorie Institute, Shek Kong in the New Territories, a remote rural area of Hong Kong. We spent two days talking about the shift in the consciousness of HK and the world.

At the end of it all, we formed the Shifting Hong Kong Wisdom Council, whose job it will be to organise the 2011 festival, as well as to promote activities associated with the development of mind body and spirit in Hong Kong. You might hear a thing or two about that here in the near future.

Another notable development is that I have started The Power of Integrated Intelligence page on Facebook.

Feel free to pop on over and join us!

Finally, here's a pic of me from the Wisdom of Wonder day, part of the festival. I was doing some private consultation sessions, promoting my books (as you can see), and I also gave a workshop on using Integrated Intelligence. This was taken at the end of the lunch break, which is why the other presenters are absent.

More soon!


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