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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Urban Enlightenment

The following is linked to the Love Ideas, Love Hong Kong campaign. I have submitted my Urban Enlightenment programme to them for consideration. The winners are chosen by public vote, so I will make the odd reference to the programme here on 22C+ from time to time.

There was a time when people retreated to quiet caves in far-distant mountains or to simple huts beside the ocean to sooth their soul, rediscover their spirits, and to find enlightenment. The Buddha rejected earthly materialism and meditated under a banyan tree, while Chinese mystic lived a secluded life in rural, rustic China. The serene lives of mystics seems as far removed from the modern hustle and bustle of Hong Kong as you could possibly get. 
Given that most of us do not have the luxury of escaping to a secluded spiritual retreat for a year or two, the key question for you and I is whether there is a way to reconnect with the spirit and remain at peace, while being a part of the energy and vitality of Hong Kong? 
When I came to Hong Kong six years ago I had already spent more than a decade exploring the mind through meditation, spiritual practice and direct academic research. Initially, I found the fast paced urban environment of Hong Kong to be very challenging. So I set about developing ways to help myself stay connected to my soul, even as I went about commuting, working and socialising. 
Urban Enlightenment is the result of that quest. It is a 30 day programme to help you restore the soul, find peace of mind, and just relax more and enjoy life in the present moment. The great thing is that it helps people slow down and connect with others, and enjoy all the great things about Hong Kong. The truth is that there are literally thousands of opportunities every day to centre the mind and allow inner peace. 
Urban Enlightenment teaches people how to do this. The project will consist of the creation of a single web site which will feature the 30 daily activities. The activities will have written text of no more than 500 words, plus a short YouTube video explaining how to do it.  It will also have a list of all the great places to visit, and things to do in Hong Kong which can help people restore their spiritual vitality.
All activities have been created for people with a busy Hong Hong lifestyle, so they do not require much time. Many require only a minute or two. There is an option for doing a short 10 minute meditation each morning, if the person chooses.

Here are a few of the activities which will appear in the programme. Note that the actual text will be less than 500 words on the web site, and in the booklet.

Finally, here is The Introduction to the Urban Enlightenment Booklet and web site. 
Feel free to email me,, if you have any questions.

Peace (and enlightenment!),

Marcus T. Anthony (PhD)

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