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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Rage against the system: The Wayseer

 Rebels need causes: but what lies beneath the act of rebellion?

Here's something I found through a contact on Facebook (ah, social media!). It's worth watching for the pure raw energy if nothing else. It's also worth watching because it is a good example of the mixture of some apparently noble intentions with a less noble agenda, albeit a subtle and unconscious one.

As I look at the consciousness behind the video, there are a few issues which emerge. There is an intention towards power and control, an elevation of the ego into grandiosity. The message is "I'm the one".

The biggest giveaway is the shot of Tiger Woods. Sexual addiction, we are told, is a misunderstanding, or (apparently) an attempt to repress my worthy desires! Unfortunately not all desire is an expression of a noble higher impulse. Much desire, especially lustful and addictive desire, points to deeper psychological and spiritual issues within.

The video suggests that the frontal cortex of the brain is a fascist dictator. In fact the frontal cortex and the left hemisphere of the brain are vitally important. It is true that they can impede access to transcendent wisdom and information, but the left brain is required to discipline the sometimes chaotic and destructive urges of the mind. 

The obvious energy of the video is that of angry youth, the rebel. The rebel energy, his deep-seated rage at repression and denial of his desires, can be very useful if harnessed correctly. For example the youth of Hong Kong (where I live) are in dire need of accessing the rebel energy, as restriction via the system is a prime feature of the wonderful but deeply manipulated youth here. The key is to be able to express the anger creatively in a way that taps into the inherent wisdom of the universe. Anger can be transmuted into love, if the individual knows how to channel it correctly.

Nonetheless, the rebel energy can be destructive if it is allowed to get out of control. It can turn dark if the ego takes over, and the lust for power and control overrides the wisdom and compassion of spirit. The ego can quickly become inflated. My sense is that this latter kind of energy underpins the Wayseer video.

All of the unfoldings of life and action in this world reflect a legitimate expression of spirit. However as part of the creative process, we individuals need to be aware of the consciousness which lies behind actions, and behind words. We need to align with consciousness fields where "light" draws us forward on our journey. There are consciousness fields that can suck us down into a "darker" place, however.

As you watch the video you might note that anger  is being channeled against the system. There is a very real enemy, and they want to stop us because we are a threat. It's us versus them. This is basically calling for a fight.

There is a subtle distinction which has to be noted when for anger to be expressed legitimately and with responsibility. It is better to strive for a positive outcome which is not yet extant, than to fight against a perceived extant negative. One action is the energy of creation, the other the energy of destruction. Since all intentions bring forward equivalent consciousness fields, negative intentions are likely to result in violence and destruction, while creative intentions are more likely to bring about peaceful and joyful futures.

Take a look at the video yourself. See what you think. With any information produced by human bings, it is possible to tap into the consciousness field, the intention, which lies behind that information. 

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  1. uh-oh. I can see your intuitive take on this will be right one. Have got this one marked for more leisurely viewing tomorrow!

  2. Very interesting - it seems to be a totally non-ideological and individualistic revolution. The focus is on the 'exceptional one in ten' (feeding the ego, as you say) rising above the stuffy, out-of-date rules which the rest of the 'sheeple' agree to live by.

    There's no compassion in this vision, no love for humanity, no sense of the web of interdependence among ourselves and every living thing on the planet. You know who it reminds me of? Essentially, it's a kind of 21st-century Ayn Rand? Ugh - no thanks!