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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Chapter links for Marcus T Anthony's novel, "Light"

Beyond the door of the physical world lies a powerful intelligence; a great light. Greg Marks discovers that power. But there are those who would prefer he remain quiet, and not all of them are from this world...

How much do you really want to know? How deep do you want to go? If you stuck a camera in someone’s eye that could record everything he said and did, how interested would you be in seeing what the camera reveals? What if that little device could also record the thoughts of that guy? Would that turn you on?

Or would you turn it off?

Imagine that you were able to peer right into the guy’s soul, into the dark country within him that even he has never dared venture?

I am the man who discovered the camera. I just didn't realise that it would cut right into the heart of the universe itself, and flay wide and broad the secrets of the cosmos. All those secrets.

Before you call me mad, I have a story to tell.


Light is the intriguing and profound new novel by futurist Marcus T. Anthony. Light is semi-autobiographical, detailing many events and experiences which actually happened to the author. 

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