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Monday, October 3, 2011

Listening to the Spirit

Are you listening?

As I have mentioned a few times in the past, I have a very musical brain, and one of the ways that my psyche and spiritual guidance comes through is via song lyrics and music which enter my head at random times, especially when I am very relaxed, or when almost asleep. Quite often I awaken from sleep with a song playing in my head. In fact it is very rare for me NOT to awaken from sleep with some music playing in my mind. As I explain in Discover Yopur Soul Template - which is all about developing intuiition and what I call Integrated Intelligence - I once had no idea that this information within me had any importance at all. I simply ignored it, because there was no cultural model from which to work to integrate the knowledge or to think of it in any way as being meaningful. I could have gone my entire life ignoring such information, except that nearly twenty years ago I had a psychic reading from an Aboriginal kadaisha woman (shamen) who told me to start paying attention to my guidance, especially the music that came to me. In fact, she relayed a stern message to me from her spirit guides which was a direct admonition for my failure to listen! 

So in the weeks and months that followed I did just what I was asked, and soon discovered that I was being guided through my life every day by spiritiual forces that I had never previously even considered possible, let alone acknowledged.
The reason I tell you this is because a few months ago a rather peculiar song kept coming to me.
 It is the tune "Golden Brown", by the Stranglers, which is all about getting a suntan and how wonderful that is. The first time I heard it I dismissed it, but the second time it came to me I knew I was being told something. Immediately I felt it was to do with my skin, and in particular a small red mark which had developed on my temple a few months before, and had not gone away. Still, the mark didn't look too serious, so I didn't do anything about it right away. Then, about three weeks ago I had a strong vision, where I saw my head from side on, and the area on my forehead was at the centre of the image. The area was red, and a voice said very clearly, "Cancer polyps." Two days later I was at the doctor' clinic. I told the female doctor that I had a red mark on my forehead, and that I felt it was a skin cancer. I didn't tell her why I thought that was the case. She took out a magnifying glass and inspected it for a few seconds, then announded.

"It doesn't look like a cancer. It seems to be some thickening of the skin from sun exposure."

I was rather surprised, because I have followed my guidance for years, and it is rarely wrong when the information is so explicit. The doctor said I could have the spot removed, and said that I could also have the skin tested if I liked. I was a little taken aback when she told me how expensive this all would be. 

Later I told my wife, and she was not at all happy that it was going to cost us a considerable amount of money. I told her that the doctor thought it wasn't cancer. This made her even more annoyed, and she told me flatly that I should explore other means of dealing with the problem, such as going on a waiting list at a public hospital. However I knew that this might might take many months before anything could be done. My wife is not very open to the idea of spiritual guidance, so I didn't tell her why I was not going to wait. She remained insistent that I was wasting our money. I simply heard her out and stuck to my guns.

A few days later the skin was removed, and taken away to the lab. Yesterday the lab report came back. But now the doctor had changed her tune.

"It's a basel cell carcinoma," she told me. 

It was indeed a skin cancer, although not as serious as melanoma. It is best to have such cancers removed, as they can cause problems down the line. 

All I can say is that I am glad that I listened to my guidance, and did not listen to the insistence of my wife, who doesn't understand these things. Each of us has an Integrated Intelligence, and it may express itself in different ways for different people. You have it too. It may not come in the form of music. It could express itself as words spoken by an invisible voice, strong feelings, images that pop into your mind, bodily sensations and so on. It is important to develop a trust in your intuition, and to heed its advice regardless of what skeptics around you might be saying. Sometimes it can be a matter of vital importance.


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