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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go West!

 The peak behind Discovery Bay, Hong Kong, today
I live in a very beautiful part of Hong Kong – Discovery Bay, on Lantau Island. Lantau is the biggest island in the territory, apart from Hong Kong Island itself. It’s great to be able to come back here and relax after a long day of work (or blog writing!)
But I didn’t always live in this part of Hong Kong. I Hope that the story of how I came to live here will be instructive for anyone who wishes to follow their Integrated Intelligence to live their Bliss.
I have only lived in Discovery Bay for less than six months. Before then I was living on the 50th floor of a high-rise in the eastern side of Hong Kong. I found the experience less than blissful! Being so far from the earth was very ungrounding. At times I felt almost soulless. Still, the place was close to my workplace, so I endured it.
Then one night a song came to me as I was sleeping, as so often happens to me. It was a line from Elton John’s Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.
Goodbye yellow brick road
Where the dogs of society howl
You can't plant me in your penthouse
I'm going back to my plough

Back to the howling old owl in the woods

Hunting the horny back toad
Oh I've finally decided my future lies
Beyond the yellow brick road
I knew it was guidance telling me that this was not the right place for me to live and express my true purpose in this world. I needed to get back in touch with the earth. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. Hong Kong is a super-urbanised environment. Maybe I’d just have to wait till I got a job in another country.
Then some time later another song came to me during the night. It was the Petshop Boys’ Go West.
 (Go West) Life is peaceful there
(Go West) In the open air
(Go West) Baby you and me
(Go West) This is our destiny (Aah)

(Go West) Sun in wintertime

(Go West) We will do just fine
(Go West) Where the skies are blue
(Go West) this is what we're gonna do

There where the air is free

We'll be (We'll be) what we want to be (Aah aah aah aah)
Now if we make a stand (Aah)
We'll find (We'll find) our promised land (Aah)

(I know that) There are many ways

(To live there) In the sun or shade
(Together) We will find a place
(To settle) Where there's so much space
As you probably know, Go West is a gay anthem, so I considered the possibility that I was being asked to bat for the other team. But no, it wasn’t to be! I felt the guidance was about a literal move to the west part of Hong Kong. Somehow I just knew it was about Discovery Bay. I actually knew very little of the place, and had never been there, so let’s just call it a gut knowing. I didn’t even know where it was precisely, but when I took a look on the map, I found it was indeed on in the far western side of Hong Kong. So, when my wife returned to Hong Kong a few weeks later, I suggested we go to Discovery Bay for a look. We both liked it, and the rest is history!
I have to say I am much happier living here. The connection with nature, the water, the mountains and the wildlife is fantastic. It really restores the soul.
Listen to your guidance. We all have it.
Just to finish off, here’s a video record of a hike I took today, Sunday, to a mountain not far from where I live. Even though it was a bit cloudy today, these videos will show you quite a lot about this wonderful and picturesque place. My goal was to get to the summit of a small peak behind Discovery Bay.
When I started out on the hike (with my wife and a friend), I didn’t know whether it could actually be done. The last part is quite a steep climb, and I wasn’t even sure there if there is a track.

When I got to the steeper ascent near the peak, my wife and friend stayed behind, and I went it alone. Looks like quite a steep climb!

Here is a great view of Discovery Bay, near the top. Yes, I scambled up over the cliff you see before you. My wife now says I must get life insurance!

Discovery Bay, close to the top.

Finally, at the top.


  1. What a beautiful place! I can see why you are so happy living there. I think living near water is so peaceful. Interesting that living in a high rise made you realize how un-grounded you felt being so far from the earth. I have always thought I would like to live that way at some point in my life, but have been rethinking that lately.

    Thanks for taking us along on your hike. I now feel like I've had my exercise for the day! :-)

  2. Don't do the high-rise thing! I think it is really important to be as close to the earth as possible. I live on the 3rd floor of a 6 story apartment block, and that's as high up as I want to get!

    The hike was exhilarating! Great exercise. I cut up the mountain side, so it was almost vertical in places. But it's good to do something which is slightly risky. It gets you out of the comfort zone! My wife wasn't so happy though. She was furious, actually. Alas for her, the naughty boy is still in there somewhere!