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Sunday, May 9, 2010

True Purpose (workshop)

Please note that this workshop has been canceled, and will be replaced by other workshops in the future. Contact me with any queries: mindfutures at yahoo dot com

True Purpose 
A workshop in beautiful Discovery Bay 

Imagine being part of an exciting and transformative day spent by the ocean, where you get to participate in an exciting workshop with futurist Marcus T. Anthony and other extraordinary individuals! (and only 23 minutes from Central by ferry!) In the True Purpose workshop you will explore your ideal personal future, while at the same time enjoying the warmth of sunshine, the sound of the surf, and the pleasure of a relaxing meal! This is the first of the three True Purpose workshops. The second and third levels, are optional for those who wish to explore the ideas at a deeper level.

True Purpose, which is being organised through Reflections Bookshop in Causeway Bay and Hemingways Restaurant in Discovery Bay, is about coming to a genuine understanding about who you really are, and the way you relate to the world. Your True Purpose is not merely about career and finance, but is the experience of being “prosperous”, happy and grateful for life while you are doing what you love, and loving what you do.

Based on Marcus’ book Sage of Synchronicity: The Power of Integrated Intelligence, True Purpose is an invitation to develop and experience the naturally occurring wisdom that exists within you, and which connects you to a boundless stream of information. True Purpose is not so much a workshop, as a day-long experience of passionate engagement with the greater and wiser Sage within yourself.
This True Purpose workshop has simple yet profound aims:

• To help you clarify your life purpose
• To experience and develop Integrated Intelligence, the natural intuitive guidance system which will help to find your True Purpose
• To develop deeper understanding about how your upbringing, education and culture have taken you far away from who you really are at a deeper spiritual level - and how to break free of this illusion
• To develop a concrete action plan to actualise your True Purpose, and to begin implementing it
• To distinguish amongst the many inner voices, and identify the true voice of intuitive guidance
*Note:  The precise contents of the workshop will vary according to the needs of the group, which, in part, will be identified intuitively my Marcus Anthony).

The day is held at beautiful Discovery Bay on Lantau Island, the perfect setting! You will arrive at ten a.m. and engage in a morning workshop, where you will discover the profound secrets of Integrated Intelligence. At 1 p.m. you will adjourn with your new found friends to enjoy a relaxing barbecue lunch by the scenic Discovery Bay waterfront (vegetarian option). The afternoon session then begins at 2.00 p.m., and this is when you will put together a vision of your True Purpose, using your new found Integrated Intelligence. Finally, (weather permitting) the group will take a short and leisurely walk to a beautiful spot on the mountain above Discovery Bay, where you will be taught a meditative process to help implant your True Purpose deep within your mind (so be sure to wear suitable shoes!). If the weather is unsuitable, then an alternative final activity will be arranged.

Arranged in conjunction with Ruby Ong’s Reflections book shop ( and Hemingway’s by the Bay (, the True Purpose workshop promises to be profound, exciting, and enjoyable experience for anyone seeking to create the life they were meant to live!

True Purpose workshop details 

Place: Hemingways by the Bay: Shop G09, G/F, Block A, DB Plaza, Discovery Bay, Hong Kong– see location at

There are very regular ferry and bus services to Discovery Bay. Ferries take 23 mins from Central, leaving from Central Pier 3, $27 each way. (Show your bill from Hemingway's at the Customer Service booth near the ferry terminal and get a free ticket back to Central). Once off the ferry, head right to the beach..... Hemingways is the restaurant closest to it.

Time: Saturday May 22nd, 10.00 a.m. till 5.00 p.m. (leave Hemingways for walk at 3pm).

Cost: HK$1000 per person. (includes lunch, coffee/tea/refreshment breaks, free return ferry ride to Central). Note: 20% discount for members of the True Purpose online group -               (it's free to join).

Contact: Marcus on (852) 6674 5977, email: 
Those on Ruby Ong's Reflections email list can also contact her,  

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  1. Heartily recommended to anyone living in Hong Kong; I wish I was there to attend it myself.