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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Video: What is Your Bliss?

I recorded this little video a couple of months ago in Thailand. Here I talk about what it means to live your Bliss, and how to follow your excitement.


  1. "You're meant to be in this world" - thank you for saying that! Big, important, much-needed reminder for the 'spiritual' community in general.

    Would you agree that that's an underlying message of any synchronicity, just because it talks to you here and now, revealing how connected you are?

  2. Interesting that you pulled out that point, Hilary. My teacher Leonard Jacobson once told me that there is no spiritual journey, just a deepening into presence. There is nowhere to go: that is just another trick of the ego. Much of what we seek on a spiritual path is an unconscious attempt to escape from the present. This is a self-sabotaging process, as the higher stages of consciousness only occur here and now, and even then they are an act of grace - you cannot desire or demand them.

    Every synchronicity has a different message. I can't pretend to understand how it all works. I do know that the universe "wants" us to wake up, and a deeper part of ourselves is working together with the cosmos to help bring that about. Quite clearly though, you don't have to be fully "enlightened" or present to experience synchronicity. Sometimes they occur when we are beating our heads against a brick wall! Still, as I've said, being present is the ideal state to perceive them and understand their meaning.

    Today i was reading an article about how Facebook was set up, and I was thinking about what I could learn from that as I continue to work in my own area. Then a song came into my head, ever so quiet, such that I could barely hear it - "Everybody wants to rule the world", by Tears for Fears. I realised then and there that I was being dragged into the wold of ego, and its desire for attention, fame, control and power. I'm grateful that I was present enough to hear to that voice, and appreciate its message. I released the agenda that was building in my mind.


  3. Great message, Marcus. I really enjoyed meeting your face! I also really responded to your thought that we need to face and heal parts of ourselves. Having lost my mother at age six to breast cancer, I know on an intuitive level that there is lots of "stuff" to heal there.

    I also liked the view from your hotel. My daughter just returned from a month in Thailand, some time spent on islands in the gulf. What a pretty place.

  4. Yes, Thailand is fantastic. Both my wife and I really love it - it's just three hours from Hong Kong, where I live. It's a pity about the political problems there at present.