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Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Consciousness of Skepticism

Behind die-hard skepticism lies a fear of loss of control, of the feminine, of annihilation and ultimately rage at the universe itself. Extreme skepticism is thus a projection.In this video I use a channeling process to connect with the consciousness of skepticism as a collective mind. Behind much of human behaviour, and lying embedded within all written, visual and verbal information there are consciousness fields which can influence perception. They are typically invisible and unconsciousness, but influence both the information being conveyed, and the way the perceiver receives that information. 

"Connecting with the field" is a process I learned from working with spiritual teachers in years gone by. You can learn more about it in my book Sage of Synchronicity.



  1. Well done, Marcus. I've seen that article and agree. However, as you channeled the skeptic-debunker mind, I couldn't help think what the skeptic would say. 'He's not channeling anything. He's just expressing his thoughts through his intellect.' Some people will never be convinced that anything intuitive or psychic exists.

    I recall Dean Radin writing of a skeptic who responded to research results on telepathy by saying something to the effect of 'Even if there is evidence that telepathy exists, I don't believe it.'
    wv: Syclion - Cyclone!

  2. Hi Rob,

    I like Timothy Ferris' advice - "Don't waste time trying to please people you don't like or respect." I would be the first person to say that channeling is an imperfect process. Inevitably, personal feelings and concepts influence the process. However, I have worked with others enough to know that it is possible to become very good at connecting with consciousness fields. Some people are naturally better at it than others, but everyone can do it to some degree.

  3. Very interesting post, as usual, Marcus. I think the "God anger" also has a parental dimension, as you suggest when you talk about disappointment. The clinging to rigid structures (which get labeled 'rational' for no very good reason) is also a classic symptom of fear and bewilderment - and denial, to endorse once again what you say, of the infinite mutability and creativity of the Universe.