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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Short Stories by Marcus T. Anthony

The God Moment
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What would happen if all information that had ever been placed on the internet - including social network entries and 'anonymous' postings on chat rooms - could be accessed by anyone, and traced back to the person who had written it? It is Judgment Day, but now there are eight billion, all knowing Gods. Hugh Anderson's life is about to be destroyed, even as he watches civilisation collapse.

Killing Einstein's Brain:
Einstein's mind is about to be reanimated by Professor Franz Doppler. Unfortunately Chaos is about to move from theory to practice!

Insufficient Data:
Two humanoid lifeforms land upon a desolate world. They have a duty to seek evidence of life on other planets. But where precisely are they, and can they 'see' what lies before them, before it sees them?

A Lucid Mind:
Dr Dave Ku has been assigned a special study at the Centre for Anomalous Research. Can his experiment really tap into the mind of student Veronica Lee. Unbeknown, something dark awaits them both.

Journey to Yan Ji
The year was 2002, and I was working at a Beijing university when I got a surprise invitation to travel to the remote town of Yan Ji, near the North Korean border. This turned out to be quite an adventure. This one is a true story...

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