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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Whatever happened to that book you mentioned, Marcus...?

Over the past few months I've mentioned a few projects I've been doing. For those who are interested, here's an update. Basically, I will probably blog less for an indefinite period, and focus more on practical workshop-type training, mostly in China and Asia. I am definitely open to working outside of Asia, so if you and enough others in your region are interested in the practical side of what I write, feel free to email me. We may be able to arrange some talks or workshops in your part of the world.


This is a semi-autobiographical online novel about a young man who experiences a mystical awakening while at University. Much of the story is true. Some parts are fictional.. The essential difference between Greg Marks (the main character) and myself is that I have speeded up 20 years of personal insight and packed it into a much shorter time frame.The book is basically a how-to-wake-up guide, but in the guise of a novel. It details the joys and pitfalls of seeking mystical knowledge, and I hope it will help people learn from my own experiences, including my mistakes. I must say I really love writing the novel. It's great fun.

Update: As you will note if you regularly check out my blog, I am adding several chapters to the book each week. In the end there will probably be around 80-100 chapters. It should take about 3-4 months to finish the novel, but I can't be sure. Shortly there will be a web site where the chapters can be read. After completing the novel, I will then re-edit it to make sure of consistency and general flow. There will definitely be a hard copy available, either self-published, or via  mainstream publisher if all works out well.

Urban Enlightenment

 A 50 page booklet which features a 30 day self-discovery programme. The focus of the 30 activities is to bring the mind into greater presence during everyday activities in the city. For example, the Subway Enlightenment exercise is  mini-meditation which can be done on public transport . It brings the mind into peace and acceptance even amid the often impersonal and crowded spaces we travel each day. With that presence comes a greater peace and happiness. 

Update: Since the whole idea was rejected without explanation by the Love Ideas, Love Hong Kong campaign (organised by HK billionaire Li Ka Sing), I am going ahead with publishing and distributing the book myself. I will first create a Hong Kong version, and if it is well received i will also do a more general version which can be used in any city. Actually, the Hong Kong Urban Enlightenment booklet can be used anywhere too. It just  makes a few specific reference to Hong Kong. I hope the book will sell for around HK$50 (about US$7). There will also be an e-book, and a web site. To date I have not told my agent about this book, nor tried to contact publishers.

The Professor's Other Brain

This book details intuitive tools and processes that researchers can use to create a passionate and meaningful experience of conducting research. There are 5 main tools. The books contains excerpts from my Study Diary, which help to explain the processes from a first-hand experience. The book is suitable for anyone doing formal or informal research, such as doctoral and masters students, those writing non-fiction books, or writing articles for the broader media.

Update: I've been meaning to finish this book for ages. It is basically half done. Once Light and Urban Enlightenment are completed, I will have more time for this book. A possible publication date will be ahe end of the year.The book will be about 120-150 pages.

To date I have not told my agent about this book, nor tried to contact publishers.

The Power of Intuition: Intuition for Business (a bad running title)

This book details how to use Integrated Intelligence in business and work-related circumstances. The purpose is to bring greater awareness to those in the corporate world that they are connected to a greater stream of awareness than most realise, and that there are other ways of knowing which can be employed in decision making.

Update: I haven't done much work on this one. However, I will be delivering some workshops in Beijing and Shenzhen (South China) in July, so I will produce a small booklet for this purpose, and this will contain the essence of the later book. That booklet will have both English and Chinese (simplified) versions.

If I have forgotten anything, please mention it!



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