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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Peering Into the Heart of the Creator

Years ago I read Wayne Dyer’s Book You’ll See it When You Believe It. I found the book very exciting, because it basically argued that you can create the life of your dreams if you just believe it enough. I read it several times and began to apply many of its principles to my life. I tried really hard. Honest! But much of what I applied simply did not work. Clearly, there was something in the philosophy, or my approach to it, that was not right.

The basic theme of Dyer’s book is no doubt familiar to many who read this blog. The same law of attraction philosophy is the premise of many New Age texts, the most famous recent addition being The Secret.

There are many other self-help books out there from all range of genera, many selling ideas and philosophies that seem appealing, fascinating or incredible. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to look inside the mind of the writer to see whether he or she was being honest, or alternatively dishonest or simply deluded. What if the writer was being deceived by his own greed, wishful thinking or misunderstanding? What if he was unconsciously being influenced by shadow spiritual forces? Wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to see these things even as you examined the material?

Well, it is actually possible to know this information. Anyone who has learned to channel conscious energy can do it. I can do it. I am not claiming omniscience. It’s an imperfect process. But it is relatively simple to read the consciousness field of other human beings once you have developed your spiritual intuition, or your integrated intelligence.  I will not detail the process here, but those with a desire to learn the skills yourself can find the relevant details in my book Discover Your Soul Template.

The post which follows this one (about Whitley Streiber’s book The Key), is going to be my first intuitive review. In these reviews I am going to go beyond the standard review of a book, movie or other creative work. Standard reviews outline the contents and themes, analyse the contents and evaluate the project in general. With my intuitive reviews, I will add my intuitive insight into the project and the creator’s psyche. Almost all creative work has implicit information contained within its “energy”. What I am going to do is make the hidden “messages” clear.

Let me be more specific about the implicit information. It contains two aspects:

The implicit field of information: The first facet that influences those of us reading, watching/looking at or listening to a project (book, movie, documentary, song, piece of art etc.) is the implicit information level. You can think of this information as the unconscious mind of the creator imprinting itself upon the work. The implicit field has a potential to influence your mind and psyche. You can connect with it and “channel” it, even though you don’t realise it.

The creator’s psyche: The second vitally important aspect of the text (and the intuitive review) is the mind of the creator. Every mind has unconscious forces affecting it. This includes not just the subconscious beliefs and attitudes of the creator’s individual min, but also incorporates the consciousness fields which are affecting that person at the time of creation, and even after the time of creation (because a person examining the work later may tap into the consciousness field surrounding the person as it exists in the present).

For me there is an ethical dilemma when doing an intuitive review. The standard content and analysis part of the intuitive review is relatively straight forward. But when I get to the part where I communicate information about the deeper mind of the writer or creator, there is the problem of how much I should “reveal.” It is somewhat of a violation of a person’s privacy to be “exposing” them on a public forum. What should I make public, and what should I keep “secret”? My decision in each case will be based on my motive for doing these intuitive reviews, which is primarily to make explicit the consciousness of the work and its value to those examining it and wishing to apply its knowledge and understandings. I have no desire to judge or condemn anyone. We all have a shadow side, including me.

There is always a danger that people of a lesser level of spiritual maturity will use information like this to attack and condemn the creator (however this is true even with a standard critical review). Let me give you a real life example. About a decade ago when I first began using the internet, I joined an online group called Spiritual Teachers. It was a forum for spiritual practitioners to share their insights and knowledge. At one point I wrote about the how important it is for spiritual practitioners to acknowledge their shadow side: the darkness within, and to assume responsibility for it. To clarify my point, I wrote a post where I demonstrated how to channel one’s shadow energy, wherein I channeled my shadow projections towards women. Basically, I just wrote a stream of consciousness post where I let all the judgments and projections towards women out. I did this with the intention of simply showing people it was not necessary to be afraid of the psyche. It has no power over you if you just let it have a voice and befriend it. Can you guess the reaction I got? Well, one female spiritual teacher launched into a major attack, beginning, “Now that we know that you hate women…” One other male spiritual teacher, who said he had been a spiritual teacher for 30 years, wrote a public plea to other forum members and moderators, requesting that I be banned from the site. He said that I was mentally ill, and needed psychiatric help! (I received a savage psychic walloping from him, as his psychic projections were fierce).

My point is that a significant portion of the current human population are simply not spiritually mature enough to gaze upon the shadow without going into drama and projection. They do this because they are afraid to acknowledge their own shadow, deny it, and attack those who threaten to expose them. Given this, I shall be selective in what I write about the authors and creators in my intuitive reviews, sticking mostly to what is strictly necessary, and what is “safe”. Of course, I may relax this rule for the odd scumbag who I believe needs a good public humiliation! Fortunately that is not required in the case of Whitley Streiber. Although an imperfect medium, he is a man with a decent human conscience, as you shall see in my next blog.



  1. I would be interested in your intuitive take any Wayne Dyer book, something that goes deeper than the context of the book itself. Well, I guess I'm really asking for your intuitive take on Dyer.

  2. Hi Rob,

    Can't promise anything at the moment, but I'll consider it. Did you read this post, which covers quite a bit about Dyer?

  3. And for a truly chilling account of what unchecked ego can do allied to this kind of magical thinking, read the story of James Ray:

  4. Okay, I see your implications now. If I'm reading it correctly, you are on the mark, I believe.