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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Intuitive Review of Strieber's "The Key" (3) Darkness & Light

This is the third part of my extended intuitive review of Whitley Strieber’s The Key. Click here for Part 1, click here for Part 2. I will cover quite a few different ideas in this blog post, and the next, which will be the final one in the series.

Although this is my first official intuitive review, I have previously done many intuitive readings of people’s Soul Issues and karma - mostly face to face, but many others by long distance. It’s part of what I do as an intuitive. Readers might be interested to know that I have previously done a similar intuitive reading of Julien Assange of Wikileaks fame, who came out looking slightly less rosy!

I realise readers might not want to read the discussion of every point, so below I have placed the points into subheadings for ease of reading.

There is no “supernatural”
The Master of the Key says that there is no such thing as the supernatural.

…only the natural world exists, some parts of which we understand and some parts of which we don’t. (location 256)

I believe that this is spot on. The labels “supernatural” and “paranormal’ simply highlight the misunderstandings of contemporary science and the limitations of current scientific culture and method. They are a reflection of the limitations of the mechanistic paradigm which dominates not only mainstream science but the way ordinary people in modern cultures have been programmed to see the world.

Consciousness is electromagnetic
One significant claim by the Strieber’s Master of the Key is that conscious energy is essentially electromagnetic in nature. This is interesting because there is the discrepancy that according to experimentation in parapsychology and much common human experience, psi (whatever it is) appears to be non-local, transversing space and time. Conversely, electromagnetism is confined to conventional space-time, as are all the four known forces of nature (gravity, and the strong and weak forces being the others).

Yet I have also seen from many of my own visions and direct intuitions that electromagnetic fields greatly affect the human energy field. For example, if I use a laptop and physically sit it on my lap, it has a significant effect on my energy field. This effect is extremely hard to communicate in writing, and I cannot explain it in scientifically sensible terminology, because such terminology does not exist. What I can say is that there is a kind of “charging” of the consciousness field which opens it up to non-local psychic influences. For me, this involves an increased sense of disembodiment, or consciousness beginning to split off from the physical body. This in turn makes one susceptible to the energy projections of other people’s minds, and from entities in other astral planes. This is why I avoid extended exposure (especially physical contact) to electrical devices.

I have also mentioned how, in out of body experiences, the etheric body is attracted to electricity. So there is definitely a strong connection between the human consciousness field and electromagnetic fields.

The importance of developing a relationship with the radiant body
The Master of the Key calls the soul the “radiant body”, and says it is “formed of conscious energy”. He says that it can be manipulated. The Master adds that that “a relationship must be formed with it if one is to really engage with it” (location 328). Again, this is consistent with my own understanding and work with the human energy field. Your energy field can be very easily manipulated by others via their unconscious projections (they do this unconsciously). Spiritual entities can do the same, and this includes “dead” relatives and friends. In fact this is happening all the time without most people knowing it, because the psyches of human beings are intimately entangled with the minds around and beyond them (mostly via emotional bonds and co-dependencies). Perhaps I should mention that you too are also manipulating the consciousness fields of others, again unconsciously. So you are not merely a victim!

The Master tells Strieber that “the undiscovered country can become your backyard”, and Strieber then adds that this will change “our world in very fundamental ways if it happened”. Strieber writes that for humanity it’s as if two halves of a single brain have been split. I must say that I absolutely concur with all of this. Humanity exists in a state of severe dissociation from the body and spirit, and in turn from the spiritual realms. Part of my work has been to try to get people to realise this, and empower them with processes which can help them connect with Spirit. I agree with The Master and Strieber’s belief that this process of spiritual reconnection is vital if humanity is to survive the present crisis in its cultural and spiritual evolution. I outline simple ways to this in my book Discover Your Soul Template.

Pivotal times
One message that Strieber and The Master consistently repeat is that these are absolutely pivotal times, and that there is a need for a change of vision. Strieber writes that the Master’s teachings:

…come at an opportune time, because the human world and human civilisation face a profound bankruptcy of vision that is sorely in need of renewal. We have done all we can with our ideas of reality as they exist now. If there is to be another step taken in the human journey, a step upward, new visions are essential. (17%)

The phrase that really hits home is “a profound bankruptcy of vision”. This is an accurate description of where we now sit in our history. In my daily life here in Hong Kong I move amongst people who are barely present in their bodies, let alone connected to Spirit. For Hong Kongers there is nothing, absolutely nothing in the twenty odd years of their public education (to university graduation level) that assists in their becoming conscious of any deeper world beyond work, distraction, entertainment and acquisition of wealth. This is a situation that we find throughout the modern world, and it is indeed a bankrupt system. Hong Kong is in many ways an exaggerated caricature of the modern developed world.

The most incredible thing is that people are so blinded by the illusion that they cannot see it. The world is in desperate need of teachers who can communicate spiritual knowledge. Even more, it is in need of cultures and societal systems which permit those teachers to be heard.

Soul blindness and the body
As the Master of the Key says:

There is a much larger world behind your backs. It is the world to which man is blind. Man is soul-blind and God-blind. (19%)

“To gain access to the powers of conscious energy, you must evolve a relationship with it.” (20%)

I couldn’t have put it better myself. However, it is very important that human beings understand that the way to connect with Spirit is not by discarding the body and focusing on something “beyond”. Instead we need to be still, be present, and to develop a strong connection with our bodies and, somewhat ironically, the five senses. The Master appears to understand this, when he tells Whitley Strieber that the way to connect with the radiant body is to pay attention to the immediate perceptual field, to sensory feedback. He refers to “the imprinting of essence with experience” (which requires) “effort and attention”, including “paying attention to physical sensation/energetic sensation.” (21%)

Being awake to oneself and one’s surroundings increases the intensity of the impressions so that they are present in the nervous system. In this context, being awake means being aware of one’s own self while at the same time absorbing impressions from the outside. (21%)

This is precisely true. By bringing attention to what one is in relationship with in the immediate environment and in the present moment, the mind is brought into still presence. The connection with Spirit follows.

It is these kinds of practical truths which lead me to conclude that the content of The Key is not simply creative fiction. The book either describes a genuine encounter with a wise entity, or at the very least represents a channeling of genuinely advanced spiritual consciousness.

Surrender to God within
At one point Strieber asks the Master “How can we change?”, to which the Master responds “Surrender to God.” Again this is true. Releasing the ego’s illusion of control is an absolutely vital part of spiritual awareness.

Strieber then asks the Master why people don’t surrender. He is told:

“Self-will, the illusion that you can act and must act on your own behalf, prevents you from entering the will of God. And the God of which I speak is not a distant being off in some heaven. You yourself are the distant being you seek. (24%)

This is also my understanding. The belief that God and enlightenment are distant in space or time prevents the actualisation of enlightenment.

The Master emphasises that we have a very small sense of ourselves, as the identity we carry in our everyday lives. This prevents us from seeing the full immensity of what we really are. Again, this I sense is true.

Finally in relation to the idea of surrender, the Master highlights one of the great paradoxes of the human journey.

If physical beings don’t struggle, you die. So you cannot surrender. If you continue to struggle against nature, you will die. But if you don’t struggle, you will die. This is tragedy of the word in physical form, and is the essential human problem. This is the problem you must solve, if you are to avoid going extinct. (47%)

This point is relevant for many people in the world who are trapped in dark spaces, physically or metaphysically. Despite the requirement of surrender, intelligent action and even the need to fight are required in certain circumstances. The key is knowing how to bring the right energy to the fight, so that one is not lost in the energy of conflict, rage and blame. In my own life I was born into immense darkness in my energetic environment. I have had to fight hard for my spiritual freedom, and I still have to fight. Learning that aforementioned right relationship with the warrior within is a key part of my journey. I know spiritual teachers who have told me to simply surrender, but their circumstances are quite different from mine. This is something I am still learning about.

The Master’s account of the death process precisely mirrors what I have perceived as an intuitive. The Master also says that the dead cling to the “immediate surroundings of their lives, clinging to what they can of their memories, attempting to preserve their lives…” (22%). This is precisely what I have perceived.

The Master states quite plainly that death does not immediately elevate one into glorious Heaven. He writes that “You die into your expectations” (23%), and that “sin” follows us into the afterlife. As I have written elsewhere on this blog, this is precisely in line with what I have witnessed about the dead. (42%)

Fascinatingly, the Master says about the deceased:

After a time, you will not need instruments to detect them, once you become attuned to their presence around you. But don’t expect them to offer you endless wisdom. Many of the dead who wait in the world have less than you do, by a very great deal. But not all. Some are exceedingly rich, and can report to you even about the true past and the logical future, and can share themselves with you in ways that you can hardly imagine now. (39%)

I concur with the essence of this. Just because one drops dead does not suddenly make one the fountain of all spiritual wisdom. So, for we embodied humans, the information received from “the other side” has to be assessed for its value.

Once what I call Integrated Intelligence is developed, you can become aware of the influence of the departed upon everyday consciousness. Teaching this innate human intuitive intelligence is a big part of what I do. It is possible to call upon the dead to communicate knowledge to them. I do this regularly with some of my own deceased relatives, usually to try to prevent their attempts to seek power and control over my own psyche, which is a game the dead love to play with the living. Communicating compassion and forgiveness is also very important.

The darkness and the light
Strieber asks the Master to name some of the demonic leaders of the world. His response is a wise one.

Find the demon in your own heart, then I will betray the demon rulers of your world to you. Remember that the devil also serves me. Without evil, you could not taste of the good. (45%)

Much of my own work has been with the shadow side of myself, and encouraging others to befriend their own dark side. There is no light without bringing forth the darkness. This does not mean to focus unnecessary attention on it. What we focus upon expands. But we do need to befriend the demon in ourselves, as The Master suggests.

Okay, that’s enough for today. Feel free to discuss any of these points below. I will answer any questions I feel qualified to answer.



  1. Very, very powerful Marcus - truly visionary stuff. One of the things that's most challenging even for the minority of 'seekers' among us is reconciling surrender with activism. Envisioning a better life for ourselves and other beings while surrendering to what is - avoiding the ego trip of the 'Secret'.

    This is what you call 'aligning with the Soul Template', isn't it? Does Streiber's Master have any light to throw on it?

  2. The part that really spoke to me is what you said here:

    "The world is in desperate need of teachers who can communicate spiritual knowledge. Even more, it is in need of cultures and societal systems which permit those teachers to be heard."

    This is exactly the kind of career that I want. A psychic told me a few months ago that I would never find job satisfaction until I became a teacher, but I never felt an interest in teaching anything from the current curriculum. I'm more interested in the kind of teaching you mentioned above. How does one go about "creating" such a career for oneself? Especially in a country like America, where many people are so materialistic minded or dogmatically religious that this kind of knowledge is considered to be a threat or dismissed as "nonsense" (as an atheist friend once said to me)? I really want to be a part of a group that helps bring about a spiritual culture in America, which truly needs that kind of transformation. The superficial values of our society has made me feel like a fish out of water my entire life.

  3. Hi Simon. Strieber's Master of the Key doesn't go into too many specifics about individual life choices, from what I can remember (someone correct me if I'm wrong). As I said, surrender is something I would not call myself an expert at! The Master was referring to physical survival (of the fittest) which is an evolutionary imperative at any rate, so we can't be blamed for wanting to survive and fight for our lives. The thing is, to use an extreme example, should that Austrian girl have just surrendered to her rapist father who locked her up in cage in the backyard for 20 years and sexually abused her? In my own case, as I learned to read and feel consciousness fields, I realised that my mind and soul were embedded in some very dark and destructive psychic relationships with certain relatives of mine. The only way to shift such entangled fields of consciousness - where one has unconsciously allowed one’s own consciousness field to be possessed and controlled by others - is to allow the energy of spiritual rage to surface from within, and to project it out. In my case, this involved pushing energy out through the base chakra - this chakra is central to my Soul Issues. The base chakra is involved with sexual expression and personal empowerment. You cannot really be empowered if this energy centre is dysfunctional. The recurring symbolic image I used to get from Spirit was of me sitting in a wheelchair as a paraplegic – quite literally having the lower power centres emasculated. My spiritual guidance was that I had to stand up and fight. I have done this, and continue to do this energetically. I don’t really see that I can just sit by and allow myself to be “possessed” by others who have an unconscious desire to disempower me. Many men have this issue in the modern age, and give their power away, especially to women. I cover this process in my book “Discover Your Soul template.” Marcus

  4. Hi Sansego,

    Firstly, it is important to be able to assume responsibility for judgment, which robs you of taking simple joy out of everyday experience. Some mindfullness processes would be very beneficial for you. Once you do that, you will automatically become a spiritual teacher of sorts, though perhaps not by profession! You become a teacher because your simple joyful expression will touch all those around you. Judging society as bad and wrong puts out a certain negative vibe - I know, because I have had to deal with this issue myself! It's about compassion for and forgiveness of humanity.

    That will also give you a genuine foundation for working in some capacity as a spiritual teacher, if that is what you are called to do. At a practical level, what you will need to do is work out what gifts or services you have to offer. Do you know about the strengths finder book? It's available hard copy and kindle. It is a good way to get to grips with your strengths, which is where you should focus your intention if you are moving towards a change of career. It does require determination and persistance to realise any dream though. See the link below. Marcus

  5. Hi Marcus. I subscribe 2 unknown country bcos Strieber is so transparent with unique knowledge. I respect the man very highly for his rare honesty. I absolutely loved Communion and The Key as brilliant standouts. He has offered so much to humanity. So good 2 hav people like that in the world out there; -really inspires me to get out there and share wot little unique knowledge i hav also; -even if just by writing a book. Oddly, his number one strength in my eyes is audio storytelling about his own childhood. I am referring to an archive audio on his website in which he shares his shenanigan misadventure memories as a child. That's Whitley at his very best. I cannot think of a better storyteller, and of corse, it's bcos shenanigans is wen we r at our very best: -and he was mor shenanigans than the average child by far. and i gess the trick is 2 keep that as we get older, regardless of family etc. trying to crush it. wot better way 2 crush one's high energy connection to God than by the weapon of sexual frustration. that's y AIDS was deliberately introduced i understand.

    this is my first visit to yor website Marcus, and i already kno that i wil b signing up as a member. but mor than just that. this website particularly resonates 2 my frequency if u like. probably bcos of the Australian commonality, but mor than just that of corse; -u and Strieber both offer rare insights. these qualities cannot b underestimated. my soul is in truth celebrating this ocassion, bcos intuitive intelligence particularly has been my soul's cry. in the past it's mostly women, including within my own family who i hav best resonated 2, but i always knew that this was restrictiv, especially bcos of the fact that 4 me 2 function sexually threatened them (and I must take responsibility there also, bcos sex and ego go together; -it's a headache until we can finally graduate.)this website is like the door of that particular cage being opened quite truthfully. and boy has it been a struggle 2 reach this point; -particularly the last leg! one cannot underestimate the extent that human beings wil go to rather than face the fear of extra loss. of corse that 'extra loss' is a false message. much food 4 thort here. -Robert Goudy

  6. Does it not seem odd to anyone that all things amazing things happen to Streiber, who just happens to be a writer who can make money off of the experiences? Does it not seem odd that Strieber cannot offer one shred of evidence to back up these amazing stories? A marshall out west once told me "amazing claims require amazing evidence" -- especialy when they come from someone with a book to sell.

    1. It would seem very convenient were it not for the historical facts of Mr. Strieber's life as an authour. He was already very successful when Communion was written with some of his books made into movies. He took a huge personal risk with Communion which turned out to be a bestseller, but still exposed him to much ridicule which did not enhance his formerly conventional writing career. I guess the basic idea for you is, if you have not had any experience with the subject matter, no one can fault you for being cynical. However, once you proceed a little way down this path, it will start to make all the sense in the world. Ian.

  7. Personally speaking, there is a lot of accurate information in the book. So I have no trouble writing positive things about the book. I'm not sure why the Striebers stopped responding to my emails after they initially invited me to be a guest on their radio show. Perhaps they felt I was trying to cash in on their book. In fact I was simply responding positively to The Key.