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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Radio Out There

He's out there: Barry Eaton

After my lecture at the University of Southern Queensland four days ago, I had five days to burn before my next lecture at the University of the Sunshine Coast (tomorrow). So I decided to head south from Brisbane to spend a few days in Byron Bay, in northern New South Wales. I did so purely on the basis of intuition, and I had no idea what would happen when I got here (I'm in BB right now). Much to my delight, after arriving in BB, I discovered that Australia's major writer's gathering is coinciding with my visit. I have to say that it has been just fantastic to be able to be present here to listen to so many wonderful talks by some of Australia's best writer's, many of whom have a spiirtual perspective on life.

I attended quite a few talks yesterday and today. I wanted to buy so many books, but have been faced with the physical reality that I have a very loaded suit case, and just not enough space to add them to my luggage. Amongst numerous wonderful volumes on sale, I decided to buy just one book: Afterlife by veteran Australian broadcaster Barry Eaton. Barry Eaton is a very well known media figure in Australia, and I grew up watching and listening to him. Later in life Barry had a spiritual transformation, and actually became a practicing clairvoyant. I saw him speak yesterday in a panel with two other writers. It was on the basis of seeing him that I bought his book.

We walk on paths that are always turning, and the way those paths converge is often wonderful and seemingly inexplicable. When the paths cross in ways that seem highly coincidental, there is a name for it; synchronicity. 

Today I was walking past one of the many huge tents at the writer's festival, and decided to drop in for the talk that was proceeding. I honestly had no idea who was talking (there were five or six talks happening at any given time). I stood beside the tent and began to listen to the speakers. There were too many people there for me to actually get in, as all the seats were taken. So I just stood there and listened to the talk, not paying much attention to who was sitting near me. A few minutes later the woman beside me stood up and left, and I was tempted to take the seat. However I saw that there were a few elderly people standing near me, so I let an older women take the seat. But there was someting else I sure noticed as soon as the woman got up. When she vacated the seat, I was able to see that the person sitting two seats away from me was none other than Barry Eaton himself! To cut a long story short, after the talk I made a point to talk to Barry. I found him to be an extremely friendly and humble person. It is great to meet people like Barry who have been part of the mainstream media machine, but who are open to the voice of Spirit.

Barry told me that he now has an online radio programme, Radio Out There. Barry interviews extraordinary people doing extraordinary things in the world, especially those involved in the spiritual evolution of humanity. If you are interested in human spiirtual development, then I highly recommend Barry's show.

Those life paths keep on turning. Who knows where the path will take us next.


  1. Marcus that was one of the books I pulled out of my backpack to show you yesterday,I bought a copy on Friday and although Barry was there Friday,I didn't get the chance to meet him,but I knew I would have a chance to meet him Saturday (which I did).He hosted a chat with Helen Brown,Kim Falconer and Scott Alexander-King,called
    "Animals as healers and Totems in Literature"
    To me it was jaw-doping,the main thing we all had in common was a strong connection to black cats in our lives (although I can't remember if that applied to Barry)and I had this weird feeling like we were all familiar spirits even though our day to day lives were totally separate (not just the main speakers,I mean most of the audience,as well)...I can't put this feeling into words,but it was to me like a reunion of familiar souls.I never mentioned my cat stories to them,I just listened to theirs.More about that some other time,but I meet Barry afterward at the book signing tent and although I've heard his voice many times before,I have never seen him in person before,and I have to say I felt a great spiritual peace just talking to him,like I have never experienced in my life,it felt like a meeting of souls,more than a meeting between to strangers...that's the only way I can describe it in words.I don't know if he felt that way meeting me,but that's the feeling I got.I told him how I had started reading the first seven chapters of his book the night before,in my hotel room,and reading about his memories of a life in World War One and being killed in battle.Then asking him if he had met Brendan Cowell,the actor who was the star of "Beneath Hill 60",a movie about Aussie miners who had to dig shafts under the Germans in World War One.
    I heard a talk Brendan gave about acting in that movie and he said he tried get the dialog of the time (1916) right by listening to Australian Cricket radio commentators calling cricket matches over the airwaves at that time.Brendan is a mad keen Cronulla Sharks supporter like myself,and even signed my book with "Go the Sharkies".I couldn't get over all of these little common links between total strangers that would just tell me something only to find out how much we had in common,it was surreal to say the least.

  2. I forgot to mention the talk I saw you at on Saturday afternoon called "The Final Journey,and the World Beyond" with Barry Eaton,David Tracey,Zenith Virago and Maggie Hamilton.
    That was quite a good talk,too.And Barry opened up a fair bit of his spiritual side in that talk.A side of him you rarely hear about in public.I found it quite inspiring,and gutsy on his part.
    I was telling Trish maybe I could talk him into doing an interview with her and Rob about their synchro books.

  3. Daz, seems like you had a great time at the festival, just like me! I like cats too, but haven't had one since I was a kid. I did actually attend that talk "The Final Journey", and heard Barry speak there too. I really liked what Barry had to say, and I find it inspiring that he has the courage to come out and publicly talk about these things.