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Thursday, August 11, 2011

A Skeptic Caught Out

Here's something well worth reading to cheer up those despairing that modern science has become hardened and closed minded. It's a preview of Rupert Sheldrake's new edition of his book The Presence of the Past. The preview is written by deputy editor of  New Scientist magazine, Graham Lawton, on that magazine's web site. Lawton dismisses Sheldrake's work with snide sarcasm, but the comments that follow the preview are an eye-opener. Most are deeply critical of the the hardened skepticism shown by the reviewer, and rightly so. To be genuine, science must be an open-minded investigation of the universe we live in, not a narrow-minded dismissal of ideas that do not fit neatly into our worldview. The fundamentalist-like approach to rigid, mechanistic science has a name: scientism.


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  1. I like Sheldrake,he's doing some good work.
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