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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Greatness and Grandiosity: The Intuitive Profiles

List of Profiles
Barack Obama 
About the intuitive profiles
For a while I have been toying with the idea of doing intuitive profiles on certain influential people. Now I am proceed ing with the project. So coming up shortly, and periodically thereafter, you will find posts here where I intuitively look into the consciousness fields of the influential, powerful and famous. I will share the information that I feel is right to communicate in a 'public' space like this.

I am intuitive, and one of the several hats I wear is that of spiritual counselor. This involves my intuitively connecting with the consciousness field of individuals and relating spiritual information to them. I learned how to do this from doing intensive and very demanding training when I lived in New Zealand over a decade ago, as I outlined in my book Discover Your Soul Template. There I worked with a spiritual group which had a prime goal of helping humanity evolve by directly working with consciousness. People who managed to stay in the group long enough (and it wasn't easy, as the requirements were incredibly tough) inevitably developed very powerful clairvoyant capacities. Actually, I already had a high degree of natural clairvoyant ability before entering the group, but my work in the group helped me develop a far higher degree of spiritual perception, as well as help me understand the way that consciousness works in and around us all.

The reason I tell you this is because it can be just as easy for me to read the energy field of, say, Barack Obama, as it is to read the energy field of a client I am sitting with. It all depends, though, on whether there is an intuitive connection. Sometimes the connection just isn't there. This is a sign that the 'reading' is not meant to be. This can happen with a client, or with someone distant. When there is no connection I don't try to force it. I just let it go, and if that means telling the person I'm with that "Sorry, this is not right", then that is what I do.

It is very important that people learn to develop their intuition, then trust it. It is vital for the future of the human species. In turn, it is crucial that people learn to distinguish amongst the many voices from within our minds that compete for conscious attention. This requires that you understand the nature of ego, and the games that it plays. Most of your suffering, and the suffering that has been perpetrated on this planet throughout the course of human history, has emerged from the projections of the human ego, and the power and control it attempts to impose on others and the world.

The following table is taken from Discover Your Soul Template. It delineates the fundamental distinctions between the voice of Spirit (the inner Sage), and the voice of ego. Sorry that the images from the book are slightly blurry, as I had to convert them from pdf files.

The ego/sage distinction is very important in terms of the intuitive profiles you will soon read on 22C+. Those in power who are more closely aligned with ego tend to bring delusion and suffering to the people, while those who are in touch with the Sage energy tend to bring humanity closer to spiritual truth, peace and love. 

The important point to note is that my intuitive profiles will ignore what any given leader says, and move directly into a reading of their energy; their Soul Template. The Soul Template is the information encoded within the consciousness field of an individual. 

Ego is a trickster, and often uses the language of the Sage to deceive.

All this relates very closely to the Soul Issues of the person being profiled. We all have Soul Issues, the habits of consciousness that we project out into the world. They are in large part a function of our biography - what has happened to us in our lives. I also believe they relate strongly to what happened to us in previous lives. We project out onto the world from the basis of our worldview. In turn our worldview is greatly shaped by our pain, and the conditioning which that trauma has created within our mind/body system. Ultimately the ego is a protective mechanism that is trying to ensure your survival. But the strategies that it employs can be destructive. The ego can stop us from healing, from evolving. And it can can damage others.

When the ego attempts to deceive and manipulate it creates shadow energy: hidden intention within the human mind. Like all intention, this has a 'force' of its own. I call it 'dark energy' or 'darkness' because intuitively it appears as being dark, without light. The language of dark energy is manipulation, control, power over others, shame, fear, and rape (literally, sometimes). Some leaders are very 'dark', while others are more 'light'. I will be very clear on this with the specific people I do intuitive profiles on.

Taking a step back, we can see that there are strong recurring motifs for we, the human species, in terms of soul issues. I refer to the collective expression of humanity's Soul Issues as "the prime issues of the Human Oversoul." They are listed in this diagram from Discover Your Soul Template.
The purpose of this post has been to outline some of the important information about what I am 'reading' when I do these intuitive profiles. What I am actually doing is describing the Soul Template of the person. The key for you is to develop a strong awareness of your own ego and Sage, become familiar with your Soul Template, and then be able to see others more clearly. Then you won't need to read my intuitive profiles, because you will be able to 'see' clearly into the hearts of those who are meant to serve us.



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