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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Intuitive Profile #1: Barack Obama

Obama: What lies beneath?

This is the first of my intuitive profiles, where I peer into the soul of world shakers and movers to see what lies deep within. How do I do that? It’s a channeling process. My ability to do this is partly a gift, and partly developed. I have done extensive training as a spiritual counselor and learned how to read the consciousness fields of human beings, both individuals and collectives of people (such as races, nations, the entire human race etc.). I am not going to attempt to explain or justify this here. For those who are interested in learning more about how such skills can be developed, read my book Discover Your Soul Template.

When I channel the psyche of a person I am connecting with their Soul Template - the encoded information that exists within and around them. The Soul Template contains Soul Memories of this life and past lives. It contains information about the life purpose of the individual. It also tells ‘the truth’ about the person. All people wear a mask, in order to present a face to the world which they think the world will approve of. People even hide parts of themselves from themselves, and this becomes their ‘shadow’. The shadow is powerful and ‘dark’. It can control people at an unconscious level. But you cannot hide from Spirit, and once you stand before someone who can see Spirit you are basically completely transparent. I am not claiming special powers. Integrated Intelligence is a natural, innate capacity of the human mind. All of us can develop it to some degree.

Also, I am not interested in political parties, nor taking sides and opposing an opposition in binary conflict. This approach dominates modern politics, and exacerbates the function of ego; especially its tendency towards confirmation bias. Once the ego has attached itself to an idea, it accumulates data to reinforce the validity of that idea.

My intuitive profiles examine the psyches of relevant  individuals, and are not about their political, ideological or philosophical persuasions. The Soul Template is very important. It basically determines what kind of psychic ‘energy’ the person is putting out into the world. Leaders can become channels for consciousness fields. If they repress ‘dark’ aspects of their own psyches – shame, fear, anger, prejudice etc. – they can act as a conduit via which these things expand amongst the collective of the general population. Further, when a leader is saying one thing, but his ‘energy’ is saying another, observers pick it up; although usually unconsciously. For example, if the psyche of the president is saying “I hate foreigners”, this can trigger unconscious responses in the people listening to him. This might be the channeling a hatred of foreigners; or alternatively, a stirring up anger in immigrants and expats in his country.

The consciousness field of the leader is very important, but this does not mean that the other levels of the entire socio-political system are not vital also. The political system, government policies, education systems, the media, interest groups, and activists are all very important in their own ways.

Barack Obama
For some time I have been ‘keeping an eye’ on Obama’s energy, and in that time I have seen some repeated themes emerging about him as a human being. I do not know much about him on a personal level. I have never read a book about him, and know little about his personal life.

Barack Obama is one of the ‘lighter’ leaders on the world stage. He does not have a pronounced shadow side. This means he does not project a lot of anger and blame. He is not after power and control for their own ends. He has very strong ideals. The sometimes idealistic rhetoric of his speeches is strongly correlated with the reality of Obama the man.

Obama has a strong conscience. He wants to do the right thing. There is a sense of balanced responsibility, and his expression of guilt is mostly healthy. Guilt can be pathological, especially when it is turned into self-loathing; but this is not the case with Obama. The values that were instilled in him as a child are forgiveness, racial tolerance, and equality.

Obama’s psyche has been shaped heavily by women. When I ‘look’ at his childhood, I see an absence of patriarchal energy. The father energy is largely absent. In particular, his mother and his maternal grandmother are very powerful influences. This gives him a softer and more ‘feminine’ energy than many world leaders. This does not mean that he is weak. One of his great strengths is his bullish self-belief.

It is worth mentioning Obama’s grandmother (I personally know nothing about her, only that she died not that long ago). He was very close to his grandmother, and there is still grief within Obama’s spirit for her. In part, his personal drive is a bid to win her approval. It’s as if there was a covenant between them at some level that Obama would go on and do great things. Obama’s great sense of the importance of morality and responsibility towards the entire human race largely comes from her. Obama’s grandmother saw that he could do great things. She saw the light in him. She believed in him.

Having mentioned this, there is a certain pain in Obama’s psyche because he was bullied for being ‘a wimp’. The projection is that he was not masculine or strong enough. This may have come from peers or siblings. I do not sense that this is a huge issue for him, but there is some energy around this idea. The result for Obama is that he needs to prove himself to be ‘a man’.

Obama’s energy tends to be ‘in the head’. His energy is not fully embodied. There were projections from females in his childhood that prevented his male energy from fully expressing itself. Energetically, this has to do with energy around the base chakra. He does tend to give his power away to women, and can be manipulated by them. When the base chakra does not function fully, we cannot truly stand in our power as a man, or a woman.

The other side of this is Obama’s tendency to think that men are untrustworthy, ‘bad’ and a threat. These are beliefs that he inherited from his female relatives as a child. Clearly, these beliefs affect the way he is able to relate to the male-dominated world of Congress and public life in general. Obama does have trust issues, and he has a tendency to build a wall around himself.

Obama is relatively free of prejudice. He does not hold great judgment of white people, for example. In part this is because he was raised by white people with good hearts. This is significant, because there are many people from racial minorities who are deeply prejudiced and hold racist attitudes towards majority races. One thing that living in Asia has taught me is that racism is racism, regardless of whether it exists in a white person, an Asian, or a black person. None of us is free of the potential for hatred.

After some time in office – around eighteen months – there was a shift in Obama’s energy. He became more shut off from the public. This is because he became overwhelmed by the hostility projected at him. This resulted in a mild depression, where he internalised the situation and tried to work out what he was doing wrong.  

 “Why are they doing this? I’m a good person! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

Part of him was (and still is) pleading with the public.

 “I have done everything I can? What else can I do?”

In the past year or so Obama has come out of this confused, persecuted phase. His attitude has changed. He basically said, “Fuck them, I’m doing this my way!” There is anger. There has been a hardening of his attitudes. There is also a certain despair at humanity, as he looks out over a sea of hostile, hate-filled critics. He has trouble trusting the people.

This has resulted in a certain implicit hostility within him, and a ‘distancing’ of himself from others, which in turn has exacerbated his aloofness. There is a certain coldness that has emerged, which is part of the reason for a decrease in his popularity (beyond the obvious economic issues in the USA).

In short, Obama’s iron will has a negative side: bloody-minded stubbornness. “I’m going to do this my way!” This results in his building a protective wall around himself, and then he does not listen and learn so well, even when criticism is constructive. His ego builds up.

Obama’s ‘test’ is to be able to acknowledge the projections of the public, but not allow it to turn him into a cynic. He has to listen, and to understand the limitations of the system of governance of the country he leads.

The public
In the end, leadership is not just about the leader, but about the relationship between the leader and the people he leads. Relationship requires work and focus from all parties involved. Ideally, we as the general public can encourage healthy leadership by acknowledging our personal role in the way we perceive the leader. This means taking responsibility for our projections.

The people of the USA have collective Soul Issues, and these are seminal in the way any leader is received, and in how he governs. There are issues with trust in authority, unhealed anger and rage at past injustices for blacks, native Americans, women, Muslims and so on. There are hardened attitudes amongst all parties (not just whites and Christians, the politically correct scapegoats). Then there is the issue of unbalanced  individualism, such that the ego has hijacked society at many levels. Further an issue exists with media and the internet, and the way these siphon off information to affirm pre-held, fixed worldviews and personal prejudices. The issue of masculinity is also relevant, as mentioned. Obama exhibits a masculinity that is ‘softer’ than the archetypical American Big Man; the testosterone fueled hero who goes it alone to conquer the wild ‘west’.

Can people observe all this without judgment? If not why? These questions lie at the heart of the American public’s role in Obama’s leadership.

I don’t sense much energy on Obama’s being reelected for a second term. That will have much to do with the economy, of course. Nonetheless, Obama’s presidency has been an important one as in terms of his energy. He represents a shift in our dominant images of masculinity and responsibility.


  1. Thanks, Marcus! Your read on Obama is kind of what I suspected. I hate that he is demonized by the rightwing in America. In 2004, the speech he gave at the Democratic Convention made him famous and talked about as a future presidential candidate. He spoke of unity and going beyond the divisions of "liberal" versus "conservative." I really wish conservatives would have given him a chance, rather than demonize him from Day 1 of his administration.

    Interesting about women playing an influence in his life. His mother, grandmother, half-sister, wife, and daughters...yeah, I can believe that he feels more comfortable around women. I've read both of his books and was struck that he did not seem to have any close male friendships.

    In case you didn't know, his grandmother died either a few days before or on election day. She had to turn her ballot in early, to vote for her grandson as president. It was a bittersweet moment for him. His grandmother did not live to see him win the election or become president, and his mother had died in the 1990s.

    Can't wait to see what your intuitive read about Dick Cheney might be!

  2. I think you've zeroed in on the central issue around Obama, Marcus - and one which is rarely discussed. The challenge for the whole country is to remake itself as a more collaborative member of the world community, not the aggressive, shoot-em-up, invade first and ask questions afterwards state which it's traditionally been. (The Libya action is a case in point, where the Brits and French took the lead.) For the right it's unbearable to see the USA in this role, and they're constantly throwing sand in "Barry's" face (metaphorically speaking).

  3. Thanks for the comments Sansego and Simon.

    Sansego it is indeed a pity that the right hate Obama, but the leopard does not change its spots. Haters hate.

    Simon, that's a good point you make. Futurist Sohail Inayatullah made a similar point, that Obama is trying to turn the US into a 'normal' country, not a superpower. That requires more 'soft' collaboration, as you put it. The founding of the US involved a lot of macho, testosterone driven control and power. It would be nice of the 'feminine' American energy could express itself in a healthy way.

  4. Wow, Marcus, this is a terrific reading, very insightful, and deep. It resonates for me about Obama. I would love to repost this and tie it in with a reading Rob had back before 9-11 about the rise of feminine energy in the world.

  5. Glad you got something out of it, Trish. If you mean you'd like to put it on your blog or elsewhere, no problem at all.