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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Sins of the Father

For the last two decades or so, I have used dreams and visions as a guide to understanding the soul. This can be a great way to develop insight into your soul issues, and even those of others whom you are in relationship with. All minds are connected, so sometimes what you see in dreams and visions represents the energies within other people’s minds. Others’ psychological projections can also affect your own mind, and often this will come through in your dreams. When creating our personal futures, our dreams can be a powerful guide.

A vision is a short dream or image which reveals some information to you. They can occur during deep sleep, but they most commonly happen when you are in the drowsy state between sleep and wakefulness, such as just after you awaken, or when you are drifting off to sleep.

Last night I had an interesting vision regarding my wife, when I was not quite asleep. I saw an image of her, and there was an insect on her lower back, just at the base of the spine. She was asking me to help her get it off. I knew immediately that this dream related to an energy which was affecting the base chakra (the energy centre at the base of the spine which deals with sexual issues and empowerment, amongst others).

I then actively participated in the dream, and connected with the energy of that part of my wife’s consciousness system. I saw that i]there was an issue to do with her father. There then began a mini-dream, where I saw her father in a room. He was agitated, and wanted to sit down on a chair. “I want to be the king”. I could sense that he viewed the chair was a kind of throne, when in fact it was just a humble chair. Unfortunately there was a black woman’s handbag on that piece of furniture, so he was unable to sit on it. This caused him great frustration.

Next I channeled the energy of my wife’s father to my wife as a child. I saw that his soul issues were very much about being controlled by women. He has never fully come into his power as a man – or to put it another way, his tendency is to give his power away to women completely (he is still alive). As an adult he has never transcended this issue. When he first had children he related to them more as a child than as an adult. In fact he tried to make them responsible for his own inner child. That means that he dumped his stuff on them. “Here, I don’t want to deal with this. Please save me”, is what he said to his kids metaphysically.

The truth is that all adults have unresolved soul issues, and they project them onto their children. What is disowned forms the shadow of the mind. This is true not merely at a behavioral level (acknowledged by modern psychology), but this also occurs at an energetic level. The energy passes to the child while it is in the womb, at birth, during childhood, and typically right through the lifespan, even after the parent has passed away (there is no such thing as “death”, in the sense of the end of consciousness).

When we take the time to deal with our own issues, it is thus a gift for all those around us, and particularly our children. What you do not heal, you pass on your stuff down the line, not only to your future selves, but to your descendants.

When life seems difficult and we are required to look within and see and feel our own pain and darkness, it helps to remember that our healing work is a gift to ourselves, and to all of humanity. Healing oneself is truly an act of love.


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