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Monday, August 30, 2010

From Where Does Inspiration Come?


Caravaggio's The Inspiration of  Saint Matthew


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From where does inspiration come? I have long believed that at least some of my own creative insights and ideas come from external sources. Let me be blunt. I see, hear and feel information which comes from external sources of consciousness. 

The idea of divine guidance is thousands of year old, of course, so I claim no credit for it. I prefer to call these helpers them spirit guides. When I am meditating, sleeping, or half asleep I often get ideas flowing through me. I even get poems and songs coming through that I have never heard of. I sometimes wish I’d put more time into learning to play a musical instrument, because some of these songs sound pretty good to me! Other times I see book covers, page numbers, tv channels, specific magazines and so on. When that happens, I almost always go and read the page, the book, the magazine or turn on the tv channel. This is an almost daily occurrence to me. 

Two nights ago, just as the idea for my last blog post about social narratives and hatred, the number “71” appeared before my eye very clearly. I turned on the light, picked up the book by my bed, and read a short passage by David R. Hawkins. It said that below a certain level of consciousness development, spiritual ideas are incomprehensible. These lower levels of mind are dominated by animalistic drives, including the need to survive. I realised straight away that it was senseless blaming hyper-nationalist for their hatred. They are simply operating at a level of mind which makes their worldview inherently xenophobic. I felt more compassion for them after this realisation.

I don't think we can attribute all creative impulses to external sources, but I believe that  some definitely can be.

Enough from me. Let’s listen to someone else talk about the same subject area. Writer Elizabeth Gilbert spent a year of her life travelling through Italy, India and Indonesia, and in the process managed to write the best selling book Eat, Pray, Love. I have not read the book, but it is, I am told, a book of self-discovery.

It’s interesting that I found this video today, because I have been contemplating doing something quite similar – taking a year off, and travelling while writing and videoing. My idea though is to completely give the process over to intuitive guidance. That is, merely having a general idea to write a book called (maybe), A Year of Inspiration, but applying Integrated Intelligence to every step of the journey.
Presently, it’s just an idea – but whose idea?

Let's listen to Elizabeth. 


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  1. The book is terrific, although somewhat self-indulgent in the beginning. It speaks on an archetypal level to women who feel powerless - and learn, through the course of the book - that powerlessness is an illusion. That's my take. But I think it speaks to a larger audience in a very real sense - she followed the calling of her muse, that inner voice that sometimes whispers, sometimes shouts, but which is always present, somewhere, inside each of us.
    - Trish