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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wisdom Cycle (video)

Wisdom is the accumulated correct knowledge which comes from experience. It is about being able to understand the world and your place in it. It is also about knowing how to make wise decisions.

Wisdom implies self-knowledge. The wise man or women knows him/herself and his/her place in the world. There is a kind of certainty that comes from wisdom. This is not the strong-minded will-power of the warrior, but the relaxed surrender of allowing a greater voice to speak through you. Wisdom is also about having the courage to allow paths to unfold as they come into your sight, and being able to let go of what is behind you.

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Wise people tend to be experienced people, which is probably why wise people are usually depicted as old. But you don’t have to wait until you are old enough to grow a white beard or rinse your hair purple to be wise. Here, in this video, I am going to talk about using a greater wisdom than your individual mind – that of Integrated Intelligence (INI). The context is in making important decisions in your life.

The key with using intuition is to use it and then to keep using it. If you ignore your intuition you will lose it. It’s that simple. 

The Wisdom Cycle is a great way to begin expanding your intuition because with any creative act it permits the ongoing use of INI. In other words, it offers lots of opportunity for practicing using intuition.

For a greater appreciation of the theory behind this little talk, click on "read more". It’s an extract from my book Sage of Synchronicity.

The Wisdom Cycle

Wisdom is one of the outcomes of successfully using Integrated Intelligence (INI). Wisdom is the deep knowing which comes from the accurate and useful knowledge, which you glean from your life, from your spiritual journey. It is a profound and relaxed knowing. It comes to us in the peace of presence, and we communicate it in the spirit of generosity.

The key is to develop a strong relationship with your inner Sage and with your Feeling Sense (your intuitive feelings), trust what you get and take action. Ultimately, it is the actions which will provide the best feedback about the intuitive readings you take. The actions also help to build a bridge between the conscious mind and Spirit. If you take readings and then go into fear and doubt and fail to take action, you will sever the link with Spirit. Unable to learn from the feedback the universe gives you, you will end up spinning round in a circle of confusion. You have to learn to go with it. Figure 9.1, shows the ideal process.

Read the energy
Read the energy on the intended action using the Quick Check, the Feeling Sense, a Light Trance, or Free-Form Writing. If you feel it is necessary, check the reading for interference from the ego by Connecting with the Ego. If you get a sense that the voice you connect with is not yours, whose do you feel it is? (parents, spouses, lovers, friends, competitors?) Later in this chapter you will learn how to deal with such interference.

Take Action
When you get a strong reading - very positive feelings and images, or above sixty percent energy on the Quick Check - take some action as soon as possible. Usually, this will be a small action, even as you wait for the situation to unfold in the coming days. With big decisions you may have to wait for the right time. There are times when there is a lot of energy on making a move, and there are times when there is little energy. Check the timing before you make major choices, again by using the Quick Check or the Feeling Sense, to see if it feels right.

Remember, your actions also help to shift energy. They can initiate a creative consciousness that becomes self-perpetuating. This is why in the previous chapter, I got you to write out actions that you can take to begin to actualise larger goals. A good strategy is that once you have decided upon a goal, to commit to taking at least one concrete action every day, moving you towards your goal.

When Chicken Soup for the Soul authors Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen decided that they would create and market their book, they committed to taking five actions every day. They encountered a lot of resistance, and endless rejections. At one point their agent, after a long and fruitless search for a publisher, told them the book was simply not publishable.
They did not give up. Eventually they got the book into print and turned it into one of the most successful marketing franchises in the history of publishing.

Release the outcome (but visualise)
Use Creative Imagination to regularly see and feel your intended goals accomplished in the present. Use affirmations for the same purpose. However, after the visualisation session is complete, release the Dream to God, relax and enjoy the journey.

Observe the result
This is perhaps the simplest part. Have you achieved your intended outcome? To what degree? A little honesty may be required. If something is not working, admit it.

Evaluate the process/listen to guidance
Here is where you place a value on what happened. How satisfactory was it? Is the result a perfect reflection of your Bliss in action? Or does the result suggest that there is something quite wrong with the whole process? What does your intuition tell you? If things are on track, move on to the next step.

However, there are usually things to deal with, and sometimes we miss the mark completely. The causes can include misreading the energy at the beginning, letting the ego interfere, and taking action that was unwise or at the wrong time. Perhaps your negative beliefs, self-doubt and fear are mitigating factors. Another issue could be influences at a physical or psychic level involving parties opposed to what you are doing.

However, the evaluation phase is not only about left-brained analysis. As you evaluate things, take note of the voice of Spirit - intuitions, dreams, visions, and synchronicities. Your intuition will provide you with a sense of why problems are occurring. At this point in the creative process you are playing a game of fine tuning; surfing that wave of high-vibration energy towards a more joyful reality, or conversely sinking into the muck of low-vibration energy of a murky future. At the evaluation stage it is therefore important not to invest negative energy into the results you have produced thus far. Remember the distinction between discernment and judgment? Discernment is a detached acknowledgement of the truth. Judgment is a rejection, and involves a destructive psychic energy. The reality you invest energy into will expand, and that means that if you give things a negative spin you will tend to perpetuate that. What you focus upon expands. The thought that “I’m frustrated and hate that my widget hasn’t sold a damn unit” is investing energy into the thing you don’t want, not the thing you want. Keep your focus in the present moment and on the vision. Keep listening to Spirit.

Integrate and learn
The spiritual journey is about integration, the merging of light and shadow, of the ego and the Spirit. It is at the final point of The Wisdom Cycle that this integration becomes clear. You are aligning yourself with a greater wisdom, a greater Spirit. You are learning to love. Integration is the process whereby awareness and deep understanding merge within your mind. It lies at the heart of the development of spiritual wisdom. Integration is a receptive process. It’s how you learn without fuss, without drama. It is mostly about letting go and allowing
the mind to process the experience and the self-work that you have done. You cannot force integration. It is about patience, about loving what God has given you, and it is about self-love. Give thanks for whatever you fi nd before you, for it is a perfect expression of Spirit.

You cannot force integration. It is about patience, about loving what God has given you, and it is about self-love. Sometimes you simply have to accept that you are not ready for a particular outcome, because you don’t have the power, the energy, to pull it off. Remember, that is perfectly OK. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot manifest the Dream. It may be that it is not the right time.

Start again (read the energy)
Here is where you decide whether to keep steering the same course, and at what speed. Perhaps it is time to release the goal, or put it aside till your energy is stronger. Perhaps it is time for some new goals, or simply a time to rest.

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