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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Are Your Gadgets Making You Sick?

One of the benefits of being a "sensitive" is that I can sense the harmful effects of certain environmental "hazards". This awareness often comes as an intuitive feeling, but it also comes in dreams and visions. Often when I am meditating or sleeping, small "movies" will play in my head, and they will convey some information about something.

One thing that I have seen repeatedly is the harmful effect of electrical fields on the human body and mind. In these visions I will suddenly see electricity shooting forth, sometimes electrifying my body. The times these visions occur are almost always after extended use of laptop computers. Let me say this as something that I am absolutely certain of. If you use a laptop computer on your lap, you are doing some real damage to your body and your consciousness field. 

Researcher and parapsychologist Michael Persinger showed quite clearly that there is a correlation between nightmares and the presence of electrical devices close to beds. In one instance, a girl reported being attacked by evil spirits. Persinger is a sceptic. When he investigated the case, the first thing he did was remove an alarm clock from a drawer near the girl's bed. The "psychic attacks" stopped. Persinger concluded that the electrical field of the clock disturbed the electrical activity of the girl's brain, making her have nightmares.

I would go a little further than Persinger. As someone who is very aware of the consciousness fields of other people and even of disembodied beings (call them spirits if you like), I have seen repeatedly that over-exposure to electrical fields opens the human aura to manipulation and even possession by low-density consciousness fields and entities. 

My intuitive reading also indicates that there is a correlation between over-exposure to electrical fields and depression. This depression follows from the degeneration of the person's energy field, and/or from the psychic interference.

What can you do about this? Here are some suggestions, and they are all common sense.
  1.  If you live next to a power plant, sell the house (preferably to someone who voted for GWB). If you can't sell it, give it away.
  2. Turn off all electrical devices if you are not using them, including at the power point.
  3. Minimise mobile phone calls.
  4. Never, ever, ever use a laptop on your lap. This is psychic suicide.
  5. Gong the gadgets! It really perturbs me to see the onset of the gadget culture. Even in their spare moments on the bus or subway, many people are glued to iPods, laptops and fancy mobile devices. Run! Run away!
  6. If you have your mobile around at night, keep it well away from your bed. Better still, turn it off.
  7. Avoid electric blankets.
  8. Keep note of what lies on the other side of the wall if your bed is up against the wall. If there is a TV, CD Player or electrical appliance on the other side of the wall, make sure you turn it off before you go to bed.
  9. If you use computers for a long time, take breaks where you get away from the machine. Get outside for a few minutes if you can, and preferably to a place where there is fresh air, grass, trees, or a body of running water. The natural ions in the air will help restore your energy field. Go bare foot if you can!
  10. A wooden table is probably best between the computer and you.
  11. Nominate at least one computer/gadget free day per week, if possible.
I can't prove any of this, but there is a body of research which provides some evidence (see the article by Stephen Goldate for Living Now magazine.   

 To live your Bliss, you need to find the right spark! However, the electric kind are not recommended!



  1. Thanks for this information. I know that light also inhibits sleep - bad if you have electrical appliances in your bedroom.

  2. Good info, Marcus.

    Here's what one can do about it:

    info on grounding:

    and here:

    i am using a shield for the iphone from
    and these headsets:

  3. Glad you found the info useful Nancy.

    And thanks very much Karl! You always provide very useful information and info sources. I haven't actually done much research on the subject. My knowledge comes from direct perception and common sense.


  4. you found the info useful Nancy.And thanks very much Karl! You always provide very useful information and info sources. I haven't actually done much research on the subject.

  5. It is always important how you deal with your gadgets. Thanks for this information Marcus.