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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Love and the Soul Workshop

Love and the Shadow
A  workshop with Dr Marcus T. Anthony

What does it truly mean to love someone spiritually?
Forgiveness, healing and the ability to love unconditionally lie at the heart of the spiritual journey. There is much talk about being loving in spiritual and New Age circles. Most people on a spiritual journey realise that giving and receiving love are central to their lives, and the futures of the human species. Many spiritual philosophies state that love is the central purpose of existence.

The problem in expressing this ideal is that much of the human mind lies in shadow, or unconsciousness. Despite our conscious attempts to love and be loved, the shadow rises up from within, and we can easily fall back intro fear, anger, blame and hurt. Further, because many spiritual philosophies put pressure on us to be “loving”, many spiritual seekers begin to live a subtle lie, and deny the “darkness” within themselves. This is a spiritual trap. Unless the shadow is allowed to surface with unconditional love, it is impossible to love ourselves, or others unconditionally. This then inevitably results in “drama” – conflict with others as the shadow projects itself out into the world, and onto others.

The other level of the problem is that there are few people who have the courage and commitment to love unconditionally. When those around us are unable to receive us in our vulnerable states, it is simply not safe to express ourselves fully, in all our human imperfection.

In the Love and the Shadow workshop, participants are introduced to ways to allow the deeper and unconscious parts of the mind and soul to emerge, with the love and support of others. It is particularly useful for individuals and couples who have recurring struggles and dramas in their relationships (intimate, family, friends, work), and want to move beyond the issues and into a state of greater “love”.

A key concept of the workshop is spiritual empowerment. Spiritual empowerment is being able to stand in your power as a man or woman. The requirement is that you learn how to assume greater levels of responsibility for your life and your mental projections in a world where most people relate to others by giving their power away, or by manipulating and dominating.

The key to reclaiming the shadow’s power over your life is to embrace the wounded child. This is the deeply hurt part of us which has “split” off from the consciousness mind, and lies trapped in a world of pain, fear, and anger. It is the wounded child which lies behind the ego, and so many of the problems in our relationships.

Love and the Shadow is a deeply moving and inspirational workshop for those wishing to truly commit to a greater spiritual consciousness. In doing so, you will become part of a greater groundswell of humanity moving us towards the greater spiritual evolution of our world.

What will you learn in the Love and the Shadow workshop?
  • How to reclaim your inner child.
  • How to recognise the way you give your power away to others, or attempt to control and disempower them; and how to break this pattern.
  • How to recognise the way you create the disempowering “dramas” that you have developed since early childhood, and from previous lives; and how to reduce or eliminate them.
  • How to love your partner, family and friends with a deeper level of love, for the greater good of all.
  • How to connect with your deep emotional energy and assume responsibility for it. This includes reclaiming and healing your inner child.
  • How to develop your intuitive intelligence at a very profound level.
  • How to read the thoughts and emotional energies of others.
  • Identifying your true intentions in relationships, and those of others.
Love and the Shadow requires a high degree of personal commitment, and intention. All participants who are new to Marcus Anthony’s workshops are first required to have a personal one-to-one spiritual consultation session with Marcus. This is to determine whether the workshop is really suitable for you. In this personal session you will receive a soul reading and learn of the essential soul issues which you have incarnated to deal with in your current lifetime (this session will cost 50% of the standard fee for a personal consultation with Marcus).
The next Love and the Shadow workshop will be held on:
Date: Saturday September 18th, 2010.

Time: 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Place: The New Age Shop, Hong Kong (map:

Cost: $HK800 for workshop, $HK500 for personal spiritual session with Marcus (includes free copy of Marcus book Sage of Synchronicity).

Note: There is a limit of 12 people for the workshop.

About Marcus T. Anthony
Beginning from the mid 1990s, Dr. Anthony began to explore visionary worlds through contemplation, deep meditation, and emotional healing. He traveled to many parts of the world, seeking the wisdom and guidance of gifted spiritual teachers. While living in New Zealand from 1996-1999, he engaged in an intensive programme of spiritual exploration with a group of committed spiritual seekers. By the time he had left New Zealand for Taiwan, he had developed an ability to perceive and understand human consciousness at an extraordinarily deep level. This included the capacity to sense the thoughts and emotional energies of others, and to communicate with spiritual realms. Subsequently, he set about formally studying the frontiers of human intelligence, enrolling in a doctoral programme at the University of the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia. During his doctoral candidature, he applied his natural intuitive gifts to develop a unique method of study, Integrated Inquiry (described in The Professor’s Other Brain, Benjamin Franklin Press, late 2010). Integrated inquiry combines traditional research tools with intuitive ways of knowing to locate, analyse and communicate knowledge.

In recent years Dr. Anthony has become a prolific writer. He has published the academic book Integrated Intelligence (Sense Publishers, 2008), the more layman-friendly Sage of Synchronicity (Inner Traditions, 2011), scores of academic articles, and numerous internet features. He lives and works in Hong Kong.

Marcus blog:

“Marcus T. Anthony calls you forward to embrace… change. What is most exciting is that he shows how to choose a life of Bliss, aligned with your spirit and the greater good of the human species.” Dr. Ervin Laszlo, Nobel Peace Prize nominee and author of Science and the Akashic Field.


  1. I wish i could be there on that date. I've been busy these days and maybe will continue til next month. I wanted to have a good vacation including a retreat or a class like that. But it looks like i won't make it in 4th of Sept. If there are other dates than Sept. 4, 2010 please post it.

  2. Hi Marcus,
    What are the infinite possibilities of making a recording of it on DVD or downloadable mp4 format?
    Have fun,

  3. Spiritual journey,

    These workshops are ongoing, but often with a different focus. This upcoming one is about relationships, esp. men/women. Others might focus on, say, healing differences between people from the East and West, or overcoming shyness. So keep your eye out.


  4. Hi Karl,

    Your idea might work for other kinds of workshops, but probably not this one - these are very personal, and brings up a lot of intimate information about people. Of course, I could do a talk about the issues and record it.

    Thanks for your input though. It is always thought-provoking.



  5. A recording sounds good, Marcus :-)

    Sunday smiles,