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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Aeronaut

PERSONAL FUTURES. I am in Shenzhen, China at present. Shenzhen is the city of some twenty million people, right across the border from Hong Kong. Still, I am unable to access my blog from here, as the powers that be in the People’s Republic deem this kind of public expression to be a threat to social stability! I’d like to think that this last comment could get my blog blacklisted, but since it is already blocked, not much point worrying about that! This blog entry is being forwarded to my “virtual assistant”, who is posting it for me. Thanks, James!

So here is today’s brief but profound little post. Or should I say “video”. This is another of my favourite videos. It’s called The Aeronaut. The main character exhibits many of the qualities that we need to develop in order to live the lives we dream of in our personal futures. I really like his stubborn persistence (the only character, actually). There’s not really much for me to say, really, as The Aeronaut speaks for itself.