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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Entangled Minds

Nancy made an interesting comment about yesterday’s post (which discussed out-of-body experiences). This what she wrote:

Just one that I can remember. It happened about 2 or 3 months ago.

I was sleeping and felt myself out of my body and somewhere near my head. I could see my body sleeping. Someone was with me, but I couldn't see anyone. They were talking to me. There was a very loud buzzing and the "person" was telling me that this is what it felt like to be connected to the "whole." I felt very happy and relaxed but was worried about my body. I asked if they were sure that my body was okay, because I have had episodes of sleep apnea. But I noticed that my chest was rising and falling with my breath. I remember waking up and telling myself that I would never feel "alone" again. This euphoria lasted for several days, but eventually the feeling of connectedness went away.

Nancy’s experience seems to have been a spiritual as well as a metaphysical one (you can have one without the other -  the later helps you understand something or evolve/mature, whereas the first may not). The kind of out-of-body experiences which are actually unhelpful or harmful, are those where you just flip out of your body, and where there is no real spiritual function to it. These usually happen because you are not fully connected to the physical body, and especially the pain-body. This results is a desire to ‘escape’.

The experience of having someone near you while sleeping (even if there is no one there), is also relevant as far as some OBEs go. In Nancy’s case, the voice was probably that of a spirit guide. The easiest time for spirit guides to communicate with you is during sleep, or in trance states, because the clutter and noise of the conscious mind is shut down. Most people are just not present enough to be able to sense or hear spiritual guidance.

If you are committed to spiritual development, it is crucial to realise that you - and most people - have become hopelessly entangled in other people’s energy. 

The essential reason for entanglement is that people are not assuming full responsibility for their emotional energy. (The average level of energetic responsibility for human beings is around 4% at this time in human psycho-spiritual evolution.) Thus, this entanglement is akin to co-dependence. People take control of parts of each other’s emotional energy, especially the hurt parts from their respective childhoods. To put this another way, we give our power away to others at a metaphysical level. 

The most common players in these psychic “dramas” are our parents, siblings,  childhood friends, as well as past and present friends and lovers. Here is where we get into areas that are difficult to explain (and could get me into trouble, as this is a public blog!). Quite often the game being played out is very destructive, such as when we allow someone to manipulate our sexual energy, or where we sexually abuse someone else energetically. 

This is a domain that even most New Agers don’t care to explore, as it deals with the shadow side of the human psyche, the stuff that we hide away from because it is too scary.

Getting back to OBEs, psychic entanglement is one reason why we may end up with other etheric bodies sleeping in our beds (this may have a sexual aspect, but not not necessarily). Or perhaps I should write, “seemingly sleeping in our beds”, because the etheric body does not exist in the same localised space as the physical body – it is non-local, and distance is irrelevant. 

I have experienced other etheric bodies beside me (or other unmentionable juxtapositions!) when asleep, on numerous occasions myself. One time while I was sleeping, the etheric body of a baby attached itself to my lower back (I was sleeping face down). I reached around and touched it with my own etheric arms (something that can be done while in a trance state, or during the hypnogogic state when you are half asleep). I told the baby that I could not take responsibility for it, and it promptly left. I am not quite sure whose baby that was. It seemed to me to be the etheric body of an actual living baby, rather than a deceased one.

And this brings me to the final distinction as far as entanglement goes. Entanglement does not cease when one of the people involved in the drama dies. There is no death for the spirit. I still have ongoing and unresolved dramas with my deceased father and maternal grandmother, for example. When we connect (engage in "drama"), I take the time to examine the issues that remain unacknowledged within myself. With my father, there are several emotional bonds. One emerges out of my anger towards him for things that happened years ago (forgiveness is a process, not a statement). The second is the part of me that still longs for fraternal guidance, or a strong arm to comfort me when things are tough. Then there are the multiple energetic issues that centre around the beliefs and psychic energies that my father unconsciously dumped upon me when I came into this world. We all have such energetic connections with our parents and siblings. They are like threads which moved out from us, and connect us to the energy fields of others, both living and deceased.

Notice though, that I didn’t mention anything about my father’s unresolved spiritual issues. I can assure you that they are many, and he continues to project them onto family members nearly 13 years after his physical death. Those projections will continue to affect me (and other family members) until I deal fully with my part of the dramas that remain unresolved.

Though this sounds complicated (and it often is), the good news is that taking the time to develop the skills to look at these things is highly beneficial for your spiritual journey. Every "drama” that develops in your life (physically or metaphysically) is a tremendous growth opportunity – if only you will acknowledge the full truth behind it.

Once you develop integrated intelligence to a high degree (as I outlined in Sage of Synchronicity), you will know first hand that human beings exist in an ocean of entangled psychic energy. Many of the psychological and physical problems people have emerge from these psychic dramas.

But that is another post altogether.


  1. The idea of psychic entanglement is very interesting. Kind of scary, too. I'm not sure how I feel about being bombarded with other people's energy when I'm sleeping, especially. As for the event that happened to me a few months ago, what you say makes perfect sense. It was not frightening in any way, but it also was not a normal dream. It was much more than that. I like the idea it could have been one of my guides.

  2. You were fast to the post Nancy! I hope you don't mind my using your comment - since it was in public space, I assumed it was OK.

    The other possibility for that voice, of course, is that it was a part of your own mind. You are in the best position to feel what it was.

  3. You're right, Marcus, it is public space, fine to reprint. I just happen to be hanging around at the moment. :-)
    It didn't feel like it was me alone - it felt like there was someone else with me. I like the idea of a guide. It feels right to me.

  4. Marcus -

    This is a fascinating (and dark) subject. I read a few years ago that when two people have made love their auras remain entangled for many days, or weeks afterwards, suggesting that extreme sexual promiscuity has psychic consequences which most people aren't aware of. (It makes sense, when you remember how you feel after the first time with a new person.)

    Living with a partner, one's clearly constantly reinforcing this complex entanglement, which equally clearly isn't simply a matter of love and mutual respect - though hopefully that plays a big part.

    Many highly evolved people choose to live alone - perhaps partly for this reason. Unless you share a commitment to jointly following (the same) spiritual path, can living with a lover be more than a trade-off between one's emotional/sexual and spiritual needs - for those of us without children, at least?

  5. Simon, it is my perspective that many spiritually evolved individuals no longer require the engagement of others at the level that sustains most common relationships. Loneliness, for example, tends to occur most commonly when we are not fully present in the body. Leonard Jacobson has a lot to say about this in Journey Into Now. I can appreciate what he's saying, because in moments of silent presence, there is no longing. Much of entanglement would be impossible in complete presence - and complete presence is not possible while we are entangled. It's a bit of a Catch 22 situation.

    If the entangled mind was acknowledge by modern cognitive science, it would enhance human spiritual evolution immensely. Drugging people up or getting them to talk to a shrink is virtually useless in getting to the heart of psychic drama, and helping us disentangle.