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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When Gaia speaks

Most futurists like to stick to fairly mundane topics. It’s hard already enough gaining any credibility amongst the establishment (universities, the media, corporations and various interest groups) when you write and discuss the future. The discipline hasn’t really taken off. Part of the problem is that the future is inherently unpredictable (at least, I mainatain, at a certain level of consciousness), and the kinds of tools futurists use are often more suitable to indentify the flawed thinking of the present, than in making a big difference to the future. (I will invite a futurists to challenge that one soon!)

I can fully appreciate why the vast majority of futurists don’t touch the idea of intelligence and consciousness evolution. Here we get into some particularly difficult domains of enquiry.. A big part of the problem is that the introspective ways of knowing that are (from my experience) required to really understand consciousness, are completely absent in modern education, academia, research and science. There is a huge blind spot right before our eyes, but we (the dominant culture) are mostly unprepared to peer into the abyss of the unknown – the human psyche.

But not I. Due to an innate flaw...
I am predisposed to stubbornly pushing the boundaries of the known. I spent many years investigating consciousness at a first person level, and brought forward a body of knowledge and understanding that is, to put it bluntly, a bit “out there”. Anyone who has read my book Sage of Synchronicity will know what I am talking about. As a result I’ve never been able to gain an academic post, despite years of writing and teaching about these things (I have come extremely close, but my unwillingness to hide who I really am has cost me on several occasions).

Such is the price one sometimes pays for sticking to one’s truth. Nobody promised it was going to be easy.

Now, let’s turn to an event which has occurred in the past few days, one that has interesting and profound significance, especially for Australia and China (but actually for the entire world). A large Chinese ship carrying massive amounts of coal has run aground in Australia’s Great Barrier reef. The importance of this goes beyond being another a news story, and beyond igniting the rage of greenies as they protest the rape of the Earth.

For this event is intricately intertwined with the consciousness of Gaia, and in turn the collective mind of humanity (for we are part of Gaia). So much of what happens in the human world is reflective of much more deep and profound “issues” than the vast majority of humanity is aware of.

At the level of the human ego, an event suchas a ship full of fossil fuels running aground, may evoke outrage and blame. Look at what these companies are doing to the planet? The Chinese are raping the Earth, with their incessant lust for resources and their complete disregard for the planet!

These responses are psycho-spiritual projections. They are the machinations of an ego that is disconnected form the consciousness inherent within the event. The way to sense what is really happening here is to go within, and to feel the energy, or the consciousness of the event. There you will find a message.

For all the rage and accusations of China’s environmental irresponsibility by folks in developed nations, the fact is that this is not just about China. It is about all of us.

A week or so ago I made a post about pollution problems in Hong Kong. I posted a picture of the foul air here; which involves an atmosphere that has heavy particle levels 15 times higher than the W.H.O’s health guidelines.

Here’s the rub. Much of that air-borne crap comes from the coal mines of Australia. Australia’s economy has boomed as a result of the export of its natural resources to China. So we (Australians like me), are an intrinsic part of the problem. When this ship ran aground in Australia’s most famous natural wonderland, it was a message, imploring us to see our role in what is happening here.

Gaia speaks to us in ways that are often subtle, but sometimes in your face. Still, many don’t get it. They are too disconnected from the world we live in, and their deeper spiritual selves to be able to see it.

This is why the development of what I call Integrated Intelligence (developing the deep connection between the conscious mind and the human spirit) is so vital for all our futures.

I can’t prove any of this. Many will dismiss it was hocus pocus. But in the end, unless people do the inner work required, they will never really know. They will just be guessing.




  1. Great post, Marcus. We've got one up today about planetary empaths that seems related to what you're discussing here.

  2. tight post marcus...i do believe these things happen as a wake up call. hope people are listening.

  3. Too right you're right mate!

  4. As a fellow Australian, I couldn't agree more. I am actually from the Coal City!
    Not only about the coal, but also with the difficulty, of being true to who we are.

  5. Good to see the post evoked some response. Thanks to Nancy for the reference from her blog.

    I am assuming by "The Coal City", Natalie, you mean Newcastle, which is actually where I spent ten years! My undergraduate years at uni were spent there, and if you have read my book Sage of Synchronicity, my adventures as a vacuum cleaner salesman (which I wrote about), also occurred there! My younger years though, were spent in a rather tiny town called Taree, a couple of hours north of there.

  6. While not denying that there is much to be discovered by many about the link between physical and psychic selves/worlds, I don't see that this is the message behind this accident.
    On a quite obvious level, the circle of exploitation of raw materials to manufacturing to processed goods to consumer markets is recognizably damaging to the environment, and the efforts made by ecologists - both professionals who raise awareness and individuals who try to limit their own culpability - quite logically, have to do with the science of the thing.

    The Chinese freighter debacle will serve to raise yet another red flag, and perhaps there will be a positive result in some way. Who knows? It might be the tipping point. Probably not yet. Eventually that will come, but I don't see that our awareness of what we are doing to the planet is inextricably linked to physic or spiritual awareness. I don't say that they are unrelated, but one is not dependent on the other.
    Interesting post. (I came from Nancy)

  7. Hi Deborah,

    Good to see someone challenge the main idea of a post. It isn't necessary to agree with what I say to post here. And perhaps you are right.

    However as a person who has spent a couple of decades working with these deeper connections, it is my perception that they do exist. The interconnections occur at both personal and collective levels. One of the main reasons they are not considered possible in mainstream science is because they challenge the presuppositions of the western world's enlightenment worldview. While that insists (for the most part) on a universe that is "mechanical", there are dimensions of reality that exist beyond the physical, and these do not operate according to the same principles as the observable cosmos. The key is that these dimensions, or levels of reality, are not separate, but are intimately intertwined. A deeper understanding of the world will occur, I believe, when the limitations of contemporary science and physics finally accepted by a significant number of mainstream scientists, academics and educators (probably in that order). Again, I can't prove any of this, and I understand fully why many people don't accept it.

    There's an interesting anecdote in Stan Grof's "When the Extraordinary Happens", where he has a visionary experience and "sees" that the consciousness of micro-organisms is embedded in fossil fuels, and that that consciousness is as toxic as the physical compounds themselves, because it has not been permitted to properly reintegrate into the biosphere. In a sense, biofuels carry the consciousness of rebellion, for want of a better metaphor.

    One thing is for sure, certain events resonate deeply with the human individual or collective psyche. They mean something more than the event as a discrete, singular happening. Such occurrences include (to choose from countless examples) Obama's inauguration (love him or hate him), the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, and even (as I have argued elsewhere) the death of Michael Jackson. Maybe I'll write a bit more about this soon.


  8. I agree there are noticeable correlations but I hate to think of what would have to happen to make a large number of the people I know wake up.

  9. Hi Susan,

    The best that we can do is just work on ourselves. Shifts in consciousness happen little by little, and over long periods of time. Most people don't shift much over a lifetime, it's true.