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Friday, July 16, 2010

Flying Things

If you have been wondering why things have been a bit quiet around here lately, it's because I have been rather busy. Today I'm off to Europe for a one month holiday. There's a 14 hour plane trip, which I'm not really looking forward to, but the destination will make it worthwhile! I'll be in France for a few days, then Portugal, and maybe Spain after that. I'll be posting the odd thing here during that time, but not as much as usual.

Just to keep you thinking, here's a little more on the UFO incident, over Hangzhou, China. It's an interesting case. It doesn't really make sense for the military to come out and say it's a military operation. Since when have the Chinese military cared about what the public thinks? And why do this stuff over a major city? If its an experimental craft, it would make more sense to do it over a less populated area.

However I have to say it looks like a manmade vehicle to me, at least the one seen flying across the sky with a trail behind it. Compared to the UFOs I saw in Australia in the 1990s, it looks rather clumsy. The ball of light I saw had a much more etheric look and feeling to it, and looked to be  moving without propulsion. 

Here's a YouTube video of the China UFO story.



  1. I think the video looked cool. On huffington post, the images looks like something emerging from a giant flower. It seems the UFO stuff can be anything we perceive it to be.

    word verification is hysterical! latte
    a latte at starbucks is much different that a latte elsewhere. A cuban cafe con leche is like a latte. Cultural differences, individual differences.

    Have a wonderful holiday!

  2. It looked like a rocket of some sort - much different than the one you posted a while back.

    Have a wonderful time on holiday, Marcus.

  3. some more info can be found here:

    happy holidays and fun travels :-)

  4. Can anyone confirm this - my impression is that UFOs tend to be seen mostly around technically and especially militarily developed countries. Were there UFOs in China in the days of Mao, for instance? (I guess we'd never know) Another theory is that they favor certain countries (e.g. US, UK, and now maybe China. Are there as many UFO stories from Germany, or India?

  5. There seems to be more than one object, and one is daytime, the other night. The one with the long trail would seem to be some kind of jet, and probably man made - but if you look at the video closeup near the end of the YouTube clip it does look a bit like the one taken at night.

    As for Simon's query, UFO sightings are quite common in Mexico, and Brazil seems to get quite a few. In Australia the Aborigines used to talk of the min-min lights. Not sure what they were, though.

    It's a big universe out there, and there are multiple semi/nonphysical dimensions to it. Assuming that some of these sightings may not be of human origin, there could literally be millions of possible non-terrestrial sources (considering the billions of galaxies in the universe). I'm not too convinced by scientists saying that its impossible because distances are too vast. Many parapsychologists and free-thinking scientists believe that psi "signals" are effectively instant, and don't obey 4 dimensional space-time rules. Just speculating, but that may enable some kind of transcendence of the need to "travel" across space, if some alien civilisations knew how to harness it - or indeed lived in that other dimension, rather than the physical one (which is basically what John Mack was getting at) Non-piloted vehicles may also be able to be sent. Who knows?


  6. Thanks for that link, Karl. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some really sloppy reporting here, especially coming from China. The same goes double for YouTube generated clips.

    What is unusual is the China Daily running a story on it. The CD is a government mouthpiece. It would normally be super careful about this kind of thing, and if it was a military incident, I doubt they would bother to comment at all. This is a government which is not accountable to its people, and the military definitely does not see itself as accountable to the people.

    It remains a mystery at this point...

  7. And a little more on the story. Apparently I was right about the sloppy reporting. The key image in the previous post is distorted because of the time-lapse. The light effect is similarly distorted. See here:

    There was, however, an airport shut down and sightings.

  8. Something doesn't feel quite 'right' about the CD report.
    What's the real agenda, one wonders.
    Little do we know...