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Thursday, July 8, 2010

How Do You Feel a Book?

Marcus T Anthony's new web site and blog can be found at:

For the most comprehensive outline of how to use the intuitive mind during research, my ebook How to Channel a PhD will tell you everything you need to know.

How do you feel a book? It's not a dumb question. I managed to gain a doctorate by feeling a lot of books, and I even wrote a couple of books by feeling them.

The short answer is that you feel a book by using the intuitive mind, or what I call Integrated Intelligence, tapping into the extended mind, and accessing information through intuitive feelings. It's a process which combines accelerated learning, brain plasticity, and research into the frontiers of human intelligence. So, instead of spending ten hours reading a text book, I just stick it to my forehead and feel it. It sure saves a lot of time! 

OK, that was a slight exaggeration. But it does contain elements of the actual process. You can read more about it in tomorrow's post, "How to Feel a Book". Students and researchers will find it particularly useful.



  1. Absolutely love the idea. Feel a book. Feel your way into a book. Makes perfect sense to me. Long before I could read (2,3) I used to feel my way into books.

  2. I may need to listen to this again. Not sure this is resonating we me. My sceptic always rises when it comes to channeling. (Although I loved the Seth books.)

  3. This could be very interesting for learning new languages.

    Thanks for the Bashar clip, this particular one is on my favorites list,

  4. If it doesn't resonate, Nancy, then don't bother with it. After all, the message is follow your excitement - and if it doesn't resonate it isn't exciting!

  5. Karl, I'll be getting this up tomorrow. Been a bit busy lately! Not sure about the link to language learning (as you'll see when I make the post).