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Monday, July 26, 2010

Can People Really Read Minds?

In some popular and science fiction movies there are people who can read minds. In What Women Want, for example, Mel Gibson is able to read the thoughts of those around him. In the movie this is an involuntary process. The thoughts just pop into his head. Personally, I think it would have been a far better movie if we could have just seen what Mel was thinking about. Judging by recent media stories, there’s some mighty interesting stuff in there.

In another version of mind reading, usually found in science fiction movies, we have “empaths’ who can get a sense of what people are thinking and feeling. They are a regular part of Star Trek narratives. Empaths can also sense the future, including danger. They may not read minds thought for thought, but they can pick up “the vibe”.

Is there any truth to these tales of mind reading? Can some people actually read minds? Will all people one day read minds, as part of human evolution?

The answers are yes, and maybe. I have worked with evolved souls in group settings where all or most participants could channel consciousness. Jessica was probably the best I have ever met in this regard, but there are countless others whom I could mention.

The kind of mind reading that I have worked with is closer to that of the Star Trek empath than the thought reader. Thoughts are fleeting, and have little “substance”. Another way of putting this, is that a specific thought has little emotional energy contained within it. By far the more powerful form of consciousness is that which exists within the psyche, or deeper mind. Much of this contains powerful emotional energy. It exudes an energy field which is much easier to pick up than a specific thought.

As part of the process in my workshops (esp. Champion of the Soul), I use a form of mind reading to facilitate the process. After participants have introduced themselves and told everyone why they decided to come along, I then usually go round the room and channel each person’s psyche, and read the consciousness on why they are really there. Sometimes there is marked difference between what I “read”, and what they have told the group. Later, when a little more trust has been established, I channel the inner child of some participants, and work with the energy of their biographical scars – the wounds which remain locked within them, mostly from childhood.

Channeling the psyche is an art, not a science. It is imperfect, and the channeller will get it wrong sometimes. However those who are good at it are quite accurate. It may be that in part, it is a gift. I was able to pick up channeling with relative ease. I have met others who were just very, very good at it. Reading minds is a bit like riding wave. You just let go and connect with the energy. My experience leads me to conclude that over 90 percent of human beings are capable of developing this capacity today. If they wanted to, that is.

The ability to read minds comes with a price, however. How much would you really like to know what the intentions of those around you are? To get an idea of the kinds of energies you would be dealing with, just take a look at your own thoughts and feelings. How many of them would you really like to share with the world. Indeed, how much would you really like to know about what lies within your mind’s shadow? 

Thus it is that the act of channeling someone’s psyche requires immense responsibility. The channeller has to handle the person being channeled with greater care. There is only so much truth that we can handle at any given time. When the person being chanelled is unable to “receive” the knowledge that is brought before him, his psyche will “blow out”, and very likely begin to psychically attack the channeller. This creates great problems for the channeller. Because I have something of a visionary gift, I have regularly experienced psychic attacks to the eyes – some people just don’t want me to “see them”.

Therefore a wise mind reader knows what he can tell the person, and what he should not. And most of all he must be very gentle when the truth involves sensitive issues. For example, when a female channeller sees that a man has a great rage towards women due to his personal history, she would be setting herself up for a real psychic hiding if she simply came out and threw the whole truth in his face.

In a sense, a channeller has no right to “tell it like it is”, unless the person has asked to be given the truth. Even then, the channeller has to be extremely discerning, as most people overestimate their capacity to be able to handle the truth. My own spiritual teachers only ever revealed to me what they thought I could handle. The stubborn side of me was sometimes outraged by this seeming audacity. Such is the nature of ego.

The following tale, taken from my book Sage of Synchronicity, exemplifies some of the issues I have outlined here.

How to lose friends and infuriate people
While in New Zealand (late 1990s), I had a friend who worked at the international school with me. Wayne was a bit of a hippie, although a rather hardworking one. I used to visit him and his wife often, dropping by after school for dinner and a yarn. We often talked about my experiences with my spiritual
group, and how we read energy and worked with the deep mind. Wayne
was fine with my perceptive ability, but I could see his wife Tina was
terrified of me.

It was not long till I began to have a few problems with her energy.
After my visits, Tina would give me a real psychic beating. This was
unconsciously done, of course, as are almost all psychic attacks. I got
bad headaches from the negative energy she projected at me, attacking
my third eye, which is the centre of clairvoyant ability. What’s more,
she was coming between Wayne and I. I don’t know what she actually
said when I wasn’t there, but at an energy level she was creating drama
between us, by psychically messaging Wayne, telling him that I was
some kind of devil and couldn’t be trusted. I saw this projection clearly
from the Connecting work I did on the drama in my own time.
I knew that Tina would destroy the friendship between Wayne and I unless
I did something about things. So the next time I went around to their place,
I mentioned the fact that she seemed scared of me.

“You are right!” she blurted out. “You can read minds! I don’t like you
looking at me!”

I told her that I couldn’t read her mind, just sense her emotions, attitudes
and psychic energy. Strangely, telling her that I could look into her soul
didn’t seem to placate her.

The situation didn’t improve, and I was eventually forced to let go of the
friendship with Wayne. It was a pity, as I really liked the guy. But I could
not allow myself to be subjected to the kinds of psychic attacks I was
experiencing from his wife. I felt genuinely sad about the whole thing, but
there was not much I could do about it.

It’s hard to say how I could have approached that situation much
differently. I was respectful of Wayne and Tina’s privacy, and didn’t try to
force consciousness upon them. And if I had not told Wayne about my
spiritual experiences, our friendship would not have developed in the first

The Wayne and Tina saga should tell you something. While you might think
that once you have developed a good level of perception the world will beat
a path to your door, the truth is that most people will be disinterested. And, of those who care to acknowledge your ability, some will be threatened by it.

The world is not yet ready for mind reading, at least not en masse. What sounds cool in a Hollywood movie is in actuality an extremely tricky eventuation. It is necessary that we members of the human species become must far more honest about who we are, and at a deep level. It is not until we are able to receive the truth that it will be given to us by Spirit. Money and Machines societies, which emphasise material development and the gadgets-for-everyone culture, take us further away from the truth, because the focus is almost entirely upon externals. The only way to see the truth is to look within; and to observe your world and honestly reflect upon what it is mirroring back to you about who you really are.



  1. If by reading minds you're referring to telepathy, then yes, I think it's possible and happens more frequently than we imagine. Love the comic illustration!

    word verification: perufe - proof?

  2. I think this post also illustrates the importance of trying to surround yourself with like-minded people who realize their thoughts are energy, and have effects on others.